Beautiful Mess – Episode 6
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Adekunle Gold
I watch him sitting at my kitchen table eating
pancakes and I can’t explain the giddy feeling
in my stomach.
Am so happy.
I am surprised that I could feel so much for
someone in such a little time, I wasn’t always a
believer in the insta-love thing.
But I really still can’t explain how I feel right
He lifts his head to look at me, our eyes holds,
I smile, he doesn’t.
I don’t care, it’s obvious he doesn’t have much
to smile about.
Am going to fix him, make him all mine.
“Do you work at the hospital?”
He asks and I shake my head.
“I just volunteer, I planned on being a nurse”
“I don’t want to any more, it’s hard work, and I
always feel like crying when i see someone in
I say truthfully.
A shadow passes through his eyes, I don’t ask
what wrong.
Instead I ask.
“What were you doing at the hospital?”
“I needed an injury to get checked, it seemed
I sit up.
“Is it better now?”
He nods.
He goes back to his breakfast and we stay like
that for a while.
I open my mouth to speak but he beats me to
“Am sorry I didn’t call”
I frown in surprise, one of the things you learn
when you are blind is to quickly learn how to
read tones, body language and body
After I got my sight i added reading facial
expressions to it.
Humans are so open with their thoughts, i
haven’t met a person I couldn’t read, even just
a little.
I haven’t met anyone except Garrett.
He’s hard to read, his eyes are too cold, his
manners too harsh.
He feels to me like someone who prizes self
discipline above all things.
When he apologized, I got the feeling that he
normally doesn’t.
But he did to me, it sends a warm tingle
through my system.
I beam and I can see his eyes trace my smile.
My eyes goes to his chest and I beam wider at
my necklace there.
“Am happy you kept it”
His eyes follows mine to his chest before lifting
to me.
“It was the best present i have ever received,
still is”
“It was my mom’s”
He pauses for a moment before speaking.
“Am honored”
I smile but lift my head when Mimi enters the
She left Garrett and I to have some privacy
while she bathes.
“Ohh, looking sharp”
I tease her,
She does a little twirl at the doorway and I
Her attention goes to Garrett and I don’t know
why I tense, I get the feeling that Mimi doesn’t
like Garrett.
But it’s stupid, it’s not as if they have ever met,
except when he took us on his plane.
“How come you have a plane and still live in an
apartment building?”
I ask out of the blue and I almost slap my
mouth, stupid me, always saying the first thing
that pops into my head.
He grimaces, as if uncomfortable.
“You don’t have to answer that”
I say quickly.
“No, I would like to hear his explanation, or
wait, did you lie to us? or did you go
Mimi asks and I shoot her a look .
Cool it down girl, I have been waiting for this
man all my life.
“You are right, the company I work for went
bankrupt, I had to move out of my town house”
He says and I feel my hear clench.
“Am so sorry about that, it must have been
painful to leave a place where you feel secure”
I say and he nods, Mimi snorts.
I throw her another look.
What’s up with her?
“Kismet, I left my red bag in your room, please
help me get it, some files I need for work are
Mimi says and I nod.
“Ok, get some breakfast, I will be back”
I move to my room, I hate to leave her with
Garrett but i also have to get her bag.
Mimi’s boss is a hard man to please, she
works as his Personal Assistant.
I exit the room.
Lying has always come easy to me, it’s one of
the things you have to learn when you work the
kind of job I do.
In all my life i have never regretted lying as
much as I did today.
It was so easy to tell her that I was bankrupt
while in essence i am as rich as the president
of my country.
When she gave me her sympathy, i felt like the
scum of the earth, no, I felt lower than that.
“You have to go, you have to stay away from
I turn to Mimi.
I won’t insult her by acting oblivious to her
“How did you know?”
I ask.
“After the surgery, she almost killed herself
waiting for you to call, i had to do something, I
investigated you, I didn’t find anything good”
“Did you tell her?”
“What do you think?, You think she will be
smiling at you the way she is if she knows?
You think she will be head over heels in love
with you if she finds out you kill for a living?”
I don’t respond.
“It must have been pretty darn good”
“The resources you used in investigating me, it
must have been pretty darn expensive”
“That’s not what I …”
“Mimi, let’s not do this, you know my
reputation, you know when I want something I
go out of my way to have it.
I want your friend, for the life of me I dont know
why, I just know that I want to make her happy.
You can’t get in the way of that, I will misplace
“How do you think she will feel knowing the
only family she has after her father works for
the NSS? {National Security Service} that you
constantly put your self in danger?
That one day you might go to work and not
come back? That you don’t actually work for a
PR firm as you make her believe?”
“Are you blackmailing me?”
I state.
When I asked Will to get me Intel on Kismet,
he got some on Miranda too, knowing I will be
interested to know that Miranda works for the
country’s secret service.
These people have been out to get me.
She chuckles dryly.
“You should be glad am not sending you in”
“You should be glad am not taking the gun you
have in your waist band and shooting you with
She sighs.
She speaks after a short pause.
“You can’t hurt her”
“I plan not to”
“I will kill you if you do”
I don’t respond.
She steps back when we hear Kismet coming
into the room .
“This is between us”
She says and I give a sharp nod.
“Am here, you messy human, what did you do
to my room?”
Kismet asks and Mimi kisses her cheek.
“See you later?”
Mimi says.
“You didn’t have breakfast”
Kismet notes.
“Am fine, take some drugs for your hang over
“Yes Mom”
Mimi nods before exiting the room,not even
once looking at me.

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