Beautiful Mess – Episode 9 See all episodes here » Bob Marley Redemption song Kismet. “So how is it?” I ask Garrett from over across the kitchen counter. “It’s taste like solid acid” He says truthfully, i pout, he seems to reconsider his answer. “It’stastes great, really awesome” He says and I frown. “You are such a little liar, I will go with your earlier assessment” I say as I dump the samosas in the sink. “You should give up trying to cook” He says, wiping his mouth and hand. “I think I will” I say and he pulls me into his lap as I walk towards him. I twine my hand across his neck and I speak. “You know, I don’t like giving up” “Am aware” “You are ?” “Am here, aren’t I?” I smile and he kisses my head. “How’s your shoulder?” I ask and he nods. “It’s better” “Want me to get a look at it?” I ask and he nods. “I need some TLC” He says and I laugh. “You are gonna get some” I say. I get up to get my first aid kit and I think how awesome the past two weeks have been. It hasn’t been a small feat getting him to loosen up and live a little, he’s so stuck in his ways. We’ve gone out on a couple of dates, and once to a public place, he wasn’t so comfortable there so we left. I have understood his need not to be in public or were there are lots of people, he doesn’t like it. So I kind of try to make sure we are always indoor. He has start to let me in, he makes jokes now, he laughs and smile. Although those are rare and far between, I will take them as they come. If I am told to explain why I feel this way towards him, all I can think about is completion. He completes me, he feels a need in me I didn’t think I had. I walk back to the sitting room to see him sitting on the floor by the couch, his attention on my ringing phone. “It’s your dad” He says . I tense. What does he want ? I walk to the coffee table and I mute my phone, I can call him later, it’s not as if he can’t wait. I don’t want him to ruin the mood I have going with Garrett right now. I set the kit down and I kneel besides him, I help him unbutton his shirt. I swallow at the smooth brown skin beneath the shirt, our eyes meet and o look away. Am not a fool, although I am completely innocent about what happens between couples, I won’t deceive myself to think that the tension between us is nothing but s-xual tension. My hand goes to stroke the skin but he grabs it. “Please Kismet, don’t start, am just a man” He says quietly. I gulp and nod, we take off his shirt and I lift the bandage. Again, I am not a fool, my time in the ER has been educating, I know a bullet wound when I see one. I don’t ask because I believe he will tell me when he is comfortable enough to do so. I unwrap the bandage and I dab a little at the red skin with some peroxide. I disinfect and clean. I begin to reapply the bandage as I say. “Does it hurt?” “No?” “Am sure it’s beyond painful” “You make it better” He says softly and I slowly raise my head to see him watching me . I smile and his eyes trace my smile. “I don’t ever want to loose you” He says out of the blue and I blink, although my heart melts a little because it seems he is starting to like me. It also clenches because him telling me he doesn’t want to loose me means there might be a situation in the future were he has to. “I don’t ever want to loose you too, I promise to wait, no matter how long, I will be waiting” “Promise?” He asks. “I promise, with my heart soul and body” “I promise to return to you, with my heart soul and body” I nod, I shift the kit as I kiss his head. He pulls me close, laying me in the ground, putting weight on his injured shoulder and chest. “Garr, your shoulder” I say, he doesn’t say anything, he just leans down and kisses me full on the lips. I begin to protest because of his shoulder but he tangles his hands in my hair and pulls me closer. Soon, I forget all about his chest and concentrate on how his kisses are making me feel. He begins to trail kisses from my face to my neck and I close my eyes, is this…? “Sorry for interrupting” A very bored and unapologetic voice says and my eyes fly open, Garrett slowly sits up, kissing me softly on my lips one last time. I must not have heard the door open because Miranda is standing there glaring at us like she is my mother and she caught me with a guy . “How long have you been standing there” I ask her, she doesn’t reply, her eyes on Garrett, glaring at him. ” Mimi, when did you arrive?” I ask her, putting all emphasis on my tone, silently asking her not to make a big deal of this. I don’t know why but Garrett and Miranda hate each other.. I am not exaggerating, they really do, they try to hide it from me but it’s hard not to see. “Miranda James, are you going to glare at my boyfriend all day?” “We have to talk, tell him to get out” She says and I am appalled “Miranda!” “Tell him to beat it, he has been here long enough” “What is wrong with you?” I ask her. “I don’t like your boyfriend, I haven’t actually hid it from you have I, he can leave now” Garrett stand up, pulling on his shirt. “See you later hazel yeah?” He asks and not even his nickname for me smooths things over. Miranda is acting like a little brat. “No, wait Garrett, I am coming with you, Miranda can stay here alone” I say to him and I exit the room to get my sweater. “You aren’t seriously going to leave me here and go with him will you?” She asks me as she follows me to the coat closet. “Watch me” “You can’t do that, I was your friend first before he became your boyfriend” She says and I almost laugh. “Will you just listen to yourself? Is this what this is about? Petty jealousy? About who knew me first? Are you going to ask me to choose next?” “No but..” She begins. “Am going on an evening stroll with my boyfriend Mimi, get used to it, prepare something while you are here and think about how much of a child you are acting like” I say to her, walking towards the sitting room to see Garrett exiting the door, I run after him and I catch him in the elevator. I enter with him and I intertwine our hands together, resting my head on his shoulder. He pulls me close, his hand going around my waist. I close my eyes and I inhale a deep breath . This man is my life. AN.. So, what did you think ? I need feedback people, what did you think about Miranda’s attitude just now? And how do you think the book is going? Facebook commenters are not left out, I promise to reply every comment. Expect an episode today. Domitilla, this is yours. Don’t forget to like rate and comment on your best characters. I am gonna attach a photo of The homecoming newest title. Tell me what you think. Mind you, it might not work or might not be what I expect because I haven’t tried to attach a photo to novels before. So fingers crossed. Much love.

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