Beautiful Mess – Episode 8 See all episodes here » Vancouver Sleep Clinic Someone To Stay Kismet I am so nervous, really, am really nervous, it’s as if he can feel my nervousness or maybe it’s just me talking. He pulls out a chair for me and I take mysit, he does the same thing across me. “Nice place” I comment, he nods. “Why is it so empty?” He doesn’t reply. “You don’t talk much do you?” He lifts his head and shakes his head at me. “I thought so” After a beat I comment. “You have to talk, it can’t be only me doing the talking okay?” “I will respond when you ask a question” He says. “That’s not enough” “It isn’t?” I shake my head. It’s as if he has split personality disorder, when he came to my door earlier this morning to ask me out on a date, he seemed different. A little nervous even, but right now, he looks in control, as if nothing can get to him. A thought occurs to me that makes my heart clench. “You don’t feel like am forcing you into this right?” I ask my fear and it won’t take the spirit of discernment to hear the worry in my voice. He pauses before lifting his head. “I don’t do things if I don’t want to Kismet, no one can force me into doing anything” “Am just scared..” “I am too” He admits and I melt a little that he can confess his insecurity to me. “You are?” He nods. “Am a bad man, I have done bad things, I don’t deserve you, but yet I still find my self clinging to you like a last resort. I don’t want to ruin you Kismet, you are pure, you are perfect, if for any reason I should stand up and exit this room because I don’t deserve to sit at the same table with you” He says finally and I feel tears prick my eyes. How lonely he must have been to make him think he doesn’t deserve to be with me. “I don’t care what you’ve done” “You won’t be saying that if you actually knew” He says. I smile, standing up and going to sit next to him, he tenses, I laugh before saying. “It’s fine Garrett, what ever you’ve done before me is none of my business, I don’t care, I forgive you so you can forgive your self” He blinks and I see the emotions written on his face. “You won’t be saying that if you kne…” He begins with a broken whisper and I shush him with a finger to his lip. “It’s none of my business” I reply with a whisper. “I don’t.. seriously don’t care, I have all of you now, I won’t let you share you with all of your guilt and demons, you are mine” He blinks “Who are you?” “Am Kismet” He looks at my eyes for a moment before saying. “You make me want to be better, you make me want to forget everything i have done, you feel like a clean slate” “I don’t want to be your clean slate, I want to be what keeps you clean Garrett” “You make me want to be clean” “Am glad baby” He kisses my head and I speak in his ear. “Listen up, you can’t feel guilt when you are with me, you have to smile more, you are owned by someone now, okay?” “Okay” “Good, then, please, commence with your smile” “What?” He asks in confusion. “You have to smile, I want to see you smile” “I don’t smile” “Everybody smiles” “I am not everybody” “I am aware” He tilts his head to study me. “You are serious” He says. “Serious as a heart attack, baby” “Well baby, I won’t smile” I almost smile at him making a joke but I don’t, I don’t want to draw any attention to him being a little carefree. “Then baby, I just have to make you” “I would like to see you try” He says. “Game on, you know you have to smile at how cute I am right?” He looks unimpressed. “Is that all you’ve got?” He asks. “Ok, I have to bring out the big guns” I say wriggling my fingers. “Don’t even think about it” He say. “What?” I ask innocently. “Don’t even try it” He says, leaning away from me. I raise my hand and he jumps up, laughing. “Swear to God, Kismet I will kiss your face off ” He says, laughing. I stop and i lean back. “Mission accomplished” He stops laughing abruptly before taking his sit. “Is something wrong” “You are too good to be true” He says. “You should know that, you shouldn’t ever try to leave me” “Umm” “Promise..” “Kismet. .” I don’t say anything more on the subject. “So could you please proceed to kiss my face off?” I ask and he smirks. “That I can do” He pulls my gently close and he kisses me for a long time. For a first kiss, it wasn’t so bad. ****** Garrett’s bodyguards watched the woman make their boss laugh. It was something they haven’t seen for a long long time. It felt good to see him enjoying himself after a long time of trying to achieve everything and trying to make everyone happy at his own expense. They knew this thing wouldn’t last long but at least he could enjoy himself for a while. He was too tainted to really live a normal life. They all understood that. They look away when he kisses the woman passionately, it was too beautiful for words. They could feel their respect for the woman growing, that she could give of her self without wanting more back. This were the thoughts running through their mind. Well at least one of them, the other one was just plain bored and scheming. Thinking malicious thoughts on how to use the girl in hurting the man. He clenches his fist. He must see to the end of this man, the man who thinks he owns the world. AN . Hullo. Hope you loooved this episode. You know what to do right? What do you think of Garrett’s character? Tell me what you think and also the songs, anyone download any? And also I kind of changed the POV for a while there. Hope you understand, we will be seeing this a lot in the future. Tell me what you think. Much love.

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