Beautiful Mess – Episode 7 See all episodes here » Imagine Dragons America Kismet. “Are you really sure about this?” Mimi asks me and I nod, helping her to stir the cupcake mixing. “You barely know the guy Kismet” “I can’t deny what I am feeling” I say as I like the batter from my fingers. “Feeling? Feeling? What exactly are you feeling? Kis, you barely know anything about the real world, you’ve been single all your life and now you think you are the relationship expert? Don’t you think you should actually look before you leap?” She says and I stop what I am doing to look at her. “It’s just one date Miranda, it’s not as If I told the guy I would be having his babies..” “You might as well have..” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “You hold your heart on a sleeve baby girl, you are too kind, it’s your type of vibe that make people want you and want to ruin you” “Ruin me?” I ask in confusion. “They are drawn like a moth to flame, you shine and they want to stay under your glow, when that isn’t enough they want to steal the light for themselves” “Miranda, Garrett isn’t like that..” “How do you know?!?!” “Is there something you know that you aren’t telling me?” “No” “Then what’s all this?” I ask. “Am just scared for you” “Why? You barely know Garrett, don’t you think your reaction is a little on the extreme?” That seems to get to her and she takes a deep breath before setting down the ladle. “What am just saying is that if in any way you feel indebted to him, you shouldn’t, we can even pay him for the ride on his plane. You don’t have to date him, we can start your dating life with someone else, someone secure” She says, pleadingly “But that will be boring” I reply truthfully. “Oh, wait, I get it, is this a bid to satisfy your insatiable taste for adventure? Do you think your life is a game?” “Mimi. All episodes of this story can be found here >> mess . . .” “You are acting like a child Kismet” “For the love of God Miranda!!” I shout and that seems to shut her up. She blinks at me, I never get angry but right now am pretty pissed. “I am not a child you should coddle Miranda, and also you are not my mother, I love you and everything but what I need now is a friend not a mother. If or when I make a mistake, it will be mine to make, if ever I get my heart broken, I would expect you to be there with lots of chocolates and ice cream. Please don’t kill what ever I have now just because you have some misgivings about the guy and you don’t want to tell me. Only heaven knows why that is! ” I take a deep breath and I watch her consciously make an attempt to drop the topic. I smile. Mimi is a control freak but she is still my friend and I love how protective she can be sometimes. She’s like an open book most times and other times like a sealed vault. I won’t have it any other way. “Ok, do your thing, i will be here waiting for you ” She says and I pull her into a hug. “I would appreciate if you don’t insinuate that the relationship I am starting will end soon” I say before pinching her butt. “Ouch that hurts”. “You deserve it for making me shout” “I just…” “It’s fine sweetie, it okay” “I love you too and everything” “What?” “You said you loved me and everything, am just replying” I shake my head. She’s so cute. ****** “Are you sure about it?” I ask Mimi later in the night when we have gorged ourselves on cupcake and milk. “Yes, it’s in one week” I sigh. Although I was blind due to abnormal birth defect that was rare but thankfully treatable, I had to get surgery. And now I have to constantly go for check-up out of the city every other month. It’s not as If I can see clearly but with the aid of glasses and contacts I manage. But straining my eyes to see far is a big no no. “What’s wrong?” Mimi asks when I sigh again. “I had thought Garrett will ask me out on a date next week” She chuckles before replying. “What’s stopping him from asking you out this week and also what’s stopping you from asking him out your self?” “Can I ?” I sit up eagerly before slumping back down again. “I can’t , am too scared” “All the girls do it nowadays” “Have you?” “Well no..” “See”. “It’s just because I don’t have time for dating now after Kevin” “That’s a lie, you have a crush on your boss” Her mouth hangs open and I smirk. “What kind of absurd statement is that?” “It’s so obvious” “Kismet..did you go through my bag?” “I didn’t but it’s really so obvious, when you talk about him you get them dreamy eyes and you twist your hair around your finger and you sigh like a love sick bird” “I don’t !” She exclaims “Keep kidding your self, you are pretty easy to read” She rolls her eyes. “It can’t happen between I and my boss, he’s too macho and you know how much I like my control” She says looking everywhere but at me, I frown before realizing. “Miranda! , Did you sleep with your boss?” “No! ” “Mimi..?” “Ok, fine, we kissed and after that he wanted me to move into his house, ha! As if!” I roll my eyes. “You have pretty much moved into mine” She throws a pillow at me and I dodged, poking my tongue out at her. “You know how much I love my little cottage”. “Am aware, you even named it” I say. “See? It can’t work between us” “I don’t see, the only thing I see is you trying to find every excuse not to be with a guy that clearly likes you enough to want to live in the same house with you” “When did you get so wise?” “When you were sleeping” She laughs and I see that she wants to drop the matter, I do. See? She’s pretty easy to read. I kiss her head before settling back into her arms. ***** Garrett “Boss you might want to see this” I raise my head from the file am reading when I see Mimi standing at the doorway. I stand and walk to her. “What?” “I want you to ask her out on a date this week” “Excuse me?” “She wants you to ask her out, make it this week” “I planned on doing just that” “Good, don’t take her to anywhere fancy, she doesn’t like it” I don’t respond and she begins to back away. I have to set things straight. “Miranda, let this be the last time you attempt to attach a command to a statement while you are talking to me” “You can kiss my ass Grayson” “Not for a million bucks” “You a-hole, don’t know what my friend sees in you” I don’t reply and she leaves. I turn to the boys. “Find me a restaurant that’s not too fancy but at the same time classy, rent the whole thing out for tomorrow evening” “Yes boss” Will answers and I go back to work, closing the door. AN. Happy Tuesday. Have a great day. Don’t forget to like rate and comment. What do you think about Kismet’s character? I would like to know. Thank you. Much love

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