Beautiful Mess –
Episode 5

Magic Rude Kismet. “My poor baby” Miranda says as she massages my shoulder and I lean my head forward to take a sip of my beer. I grimace when the cold bitter liquid spills into my mouth. “How do you guys stomach this stuff?” I ask her and she takes her seat besides me. “You are part of us guys now” She says and I roll my eyes, she takes a bite of her suya before turning to me. “You should go out on a date” She says matter of factedly and I choke on my beer. “What?” “I said you should date, you heard me the first time” “Yeah, I did but am not ready to” “I know, that’s why I want you to experience the real world” I frown. “I would appreciate it if you stop talking like that, because I was blind doesn’t mean I wasn’t experiencing the real world” I say with a bit of bite to my voice, she just rolls her eyes. “I never said that..” “You insinuate it some times” “No, I don’t, what I mean is for you to remember you have your sight now and it’s ok to live a little, it’s fine to do things normal people do” I know she is right. I sigh, gulping down my beer, it’s tastes like ash now. I take a bite of my extra spicy chicken and I drink more beer. I can’t seem to stop thinking about Garrett, I know our meeting was brief but it felt like I met my soul mate. And now it feels like I have lost him. “You are thinking about him again, aren’t you?” Mimi asks and I nod. “How did you know?” “You sighed, and your hand went to your neck, it’s your tell” “I miss my necklace” “And you miss him too” I don’t respond. “You should stop doing that, you should stop holding on to him, for goodness sake you guys were only together for a total of about what? 4 hours?” “I just…” “You might never see him again, you should face that reality, it’s a big world, and even if you do, you might not even have a way of identifying him, although your necklace is rare, what makes you think he kept it?” She says and I feel tears threaten. “Oh baby, don’t cry” “I really liked him” I lament to my friend, she pulls me into a side hug, my head on her chest. “Am aware Kis” “We could have googled him but we don’t know his surname, you would have helped me find him right?” “With all my heart Kis” “I gave him my necklace so that just by chance if we meet I will be able to identify him” “Am also aware baby girl” “Why didn’t he call me? Am I not pretty?” I ask. My hand going to my chest, it hurts. “You are the fairest in the land baby girl” She says, making a joke and I laugh a little. I lie on the ground resting my head on her leg and she strokes my head. “I saw someone with my necklace today” “Oh really?” “Yes, he looked so handsome, he was walking with two guys” I feel her stiffen and I frown. “Did you speak to him?” “I didn’t get to, he left before I could” “Am sorry baby girl” “It probably wasn’t him” I say. “It probably wasn’t” She says still stroking my head. I sit up. “Our children have to get married to each other ” I say out of the blue and she sputters out a laughing.. “What?…” “We have to make our relationship solid by marrying into each other’s family” I say and ok, I might be a little bit drunk. “What ever you say Kismet.” “Let’s Pinky promise on it” I say, holding out a Pinky finger “Oh, the great pinky promise” She says with a smile before pressing hers to mine. That satisfies me. “You have to live a long long life so we can match make our kids together, okay?” She says and I nod, my head on her lap, I am getting sleepy. “Oh, my sweet girl, you know I love you right?” She asks. “I know” I say sleepily. “Good, that’s why you have to forget all about Gage” “Never” I whisper before sleeping off. I don’t see her shake her head in exasperation because I was sleeping. °°°°°°°°°°°° Kismet. The door bell ringing wakes me up slowly. I sit up from the ground and the Afghan on my body slips away. “It’s ok, I will get it, go back to sleep” Mimi says from the kitchen stove, flipping pancakes. “No it’s fine, I can get it” “You sure? Aren’t you hungover?” She asks. “Does that explain the pounding in my head? And does it also explain the bitterness in my throat?” “Oh, my baby is a grown woman” I poke my tongue out at her. She laughs. I scrub my face as I slip my legs into my flip flops as I walk to the door. Who is that by the way? It’s a weekend, can’t they sleep in? Oh lawd. My head hurts. I open the door and I come face to face with.. “It’s you!” I exclaim. “It’s really green” “What?” “Your eyes, they are really green” “Why are you surprised?” “They were covered the last time “The last time, we’ve only met once right?…” I ask my voice breaking. “Hello, Kismet” “It’s really actually you” He smiles and I couldn’t help but wonder how lucky I am. °°°° Garrett. I don’t know when I made the decision to actually live a little. But I did. I made Will find out everything about Kismet yesterday and he actually told me that she lives across the hallway from me. I thought about it all night and I want to experience what I see others experiencing. I came as early as I could because I can’t help my self. I actually feel something different for this girl. “I think I owe you an apology” I say and the next thing I feel a ball of clothe hit my chest. I grunt in exertion and a little pain. What ever made me think I could live away from this girl? “I waited” She says. “Am sorry it took so long” “Never make me wait again” “I promise” I raise my head to see Mimi standing there looking at me coldly. I don’t know how, but she knows. Am sure about it.

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