Beautiful Mess –
Episode 4
Hotel Transylvania
The zing song A year later. Garrett. “You have to stay under the radar for a while Gage” Marcel says to me and I nod. It was a risk even staying in Nigeria, I turn to him and he bows his head to me. “Thank you for everything Marcel” I say to him and he nods, I turn to Will. “Just one year and we are back, you guys think you can survive till then?” I ask with humour and he smirks. I shake my head. What ever made me think they would betray me?. These guys are my childhood friend and brother, Will is my best friend and it just is a good thing that he works for me and calls me boss. Although I run a tight ship, I still make them aware that they are a part of a team. My team. The Grayson Team. TGT. Jesus, I sound like a sappy fool, am sure the bullet wound has set me to my default. I wince. The thought of my bullet wound brings back the pain of lead piercing flesh. My hand goes to my chest. It has been a hectic year, after the operation in Ghana. A successful operation I should say, I have had more. The last one in South Africa was a bust. It seems as if I was purposefully lured there so I could be killed. I sustained an injury from a bullet wound after narrowly escaping death. The authorities were alerted and it was pure luck that Marcel was able to get me through them. On the brink of death, I didn’t know how I got to Nigeria but I owe it to Will and Marcel. One thing was obvious, I had people after me, my enemies want me gone. It’s up to me to live and kill every last f-cking one of them. And make no mistake, I will. I feel pain go through my head, stupid migraine. Apparently, Mom was worried sick when I arrived Nigeria with bullet wounds and now she wants me to take a year off. She believes I sustained my injuries by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t bother setting her straight on the facts. What ever makes her sleep better at night. Am just happy she isn’t on my case to get a wife anymore. My wound throbs and I feel my hand snake up to the necklace on my neck. I immediately feel better when my hand comes in contact with it. I stroke the heart outline and I think back to how I made Will and Marcel go through the airport trash just to get it back. I just couldn’t throw it away, I don’t know why but it has kept me company in the coldest of nights and the darkest of days. I feel my wound throb again and I openly wince. “You should get that checked out, it looks infected” Will says and I nod. “Tomorrow” I say. “What’s stopping you from going now?” Marcel asks and my first instinct was to tell him off but I remember that for the next year I won’t be much of his boss. Although he is still under me and still answers to me but he now makes decisions for himself without consulting me. Well for the next year any way. “I have a number for a good specialist we can go to, we have to treat this so as to make sure it heals properly” Marcel says and I nod. “Let’s go” I say “Now?” He asks as if surprised I agreed to go. “NO time like the present right?” He chuckles and we step out of the apartment but not before I grab a gun. Can’t go anywhere without my gun. ****** Kismet. “You should take a break, you are not a nurse yet, you are just volunteering” I listen to Mimi on the phone as I massage my feet on the roof of my hospital building. “Mimi, truth be told, I don’t think I am cut out for this” “Aww, my poor baby” “Am so tired” I lament “Welcome to the real world baby girl, it’s as hard as nails out here” “Sob sob” I say and she laughs. “You know you don’t have to be a nurse, right? You can see now, you can do anything you want” “I know, that’s why I am trying to give back to the society, I feel like I should” “Baby girl, you’ve been giving back to the society for close to one year now, you should really start to focus on yourself” ” But…” “No buts baby, I know you always wanted to be a florist, we will talk about it when I get there ok?” “Ya, but..” “How’s the new apartment?” That immediately takes my mind away from my job. “Oh , it’s divine” “I told you it will be, I choose it for you” “Yes, yes,we have already established that without you I can’t live, no need to rub it in” “Just thought it will do you good to remember once or twice” “Yes, but I have to go now, break is over” “Ok, love, see you this evening” She disconnects without saying bye and I slip my feet into my clogs as I walk downstairs. I really like my job, I really do but it’s hard work. I will have to think about opening my own flower shop. I know it won’t bring in much of an income but still I will love it. And besides, I have my inheritance from my mother. I don’t want to brag but am stinky rich. I grin at my thoughts. I collide into someone and i immediately pour out an apology. “Am sorry” I say as I lift my head from his chest where I can see some bandages peeking out. My eyes meets his and it holds. “So, it was green” He says . “What?” I say and he blinks, seeming to regain himself. “It’s nothing” “Am sorry again” “It’s fine” He says as he steps back , my eyes go to the guys behind him and they look to be surprised at something in particular. The guy in front of me begins to walk past and I walk towards my station. I can swear I haven’t see him before but I feel like I have. My eyes fly up from the file I am holding when I remember the necklace on his neck. I drop the folder and I zoom towards the hospital exit. It can’t be. Can it? I look around the lobby but there is no sign of him. The man I collided with. He was wearing my necklace, well a necklace like mine, I recognized it from the pictures of me I saw after I regained my sight. I feel disappointment crush at my shoulders. I don’t think I will be getting that kind of luck in seeing him anytime soon . Sigh.

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