Beautiful Mess – Episode 32
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Jason Derulo
“Are you sure you are okay?”
Mimi asks and I nod.
I feel a massive headache and I massage my
head, it’s been long I felt this way, I remember
feeling like this only when I was pregnant with
“I think I should lie down”
I say to no one exactly.
“Yeah, I think maybe you should”
Mimi says.
“No stay awake, you can’t sleep off a
Honey says and I nod, I rest my head on my
“Let me tell you a South African folk tale”
“How’s that going to help?”
Mimi asks shrewdly and I rest my hand on top
of hers.
“It’s fine Honey, I want to hear, please tell me,
anything to take my mind off this headache”
She nods and she begins.
“Once there was a god called Leza, he was the
god of creativity and air, he was a kind god
albeit stand offish, he took care of his people
and made perfect decisions and balance.
Everything was that way for a thousand years
until he fell in love.
You know how love can ruin perfect balances
That was the case between Leza and Sewa,
the problem was that when Sewa needed him
most he was unavailable.
He was at war, but Sewa didn’t know that, the
night before he left he had promised himself to
her as her husband, promising her that he
would always protect her and keep her happy.
You should know that the southafrican
pantheon gods take promises seriously, they
take them as vows.
So when the invaders killed all of Sewa’s family
and friends while she was away at a crossroad
waiting for leza, she bacame distraught. ”
I feel myself getting involved in the story and I
lean closer, she continues.
“She wanted to ask the gods why? Hadn’t she
paid her dues? When worshipped them, even,
she was promised to one of them, so in her
grief she started climbing to the sky, took her
weaving basket and weaved all day and night,
weaved so she could get to her Leza.
But the gods being the jealous beings that they
are could not abide that a human, a measly
human was gaining on them, was almost at
there door mat, so they pushed her back to
She fell but survived, she survived and waited
for Leza, waited all day and night, summer
passed, winter too and still no Leza, eventually
she died of her grief.
Leza, unknown to him was still at war, fighting
to protect his people, when he got back he saw
that the invaders had gotten to his people he
was distraught, almost ran mad when he saw
that his Sewa was no more.
He actually ran mad for 2 years and eventually
he was called back to come resume his duty.
When he got back, things were not as he
thought it would be, he wanted to lock himself
away and lick his wounds but mujaji, the
mother of rainfall and all women had another
thing for him.
Seeing as mujaji was the mother of women she
was really angered when Sewa died, so he
brought leza to the presence of the other gods,
she made him own up to the promise that he
made, the promise that he would always
protect his woman.
Leza being distraught and guilty with grief did
nothing to defend himself so he was saddled
with a job.
To always protect women of the bantu tribe, no
matter when they call on him, no matter the
danger to him self.
So if any south African woman who believes
enough makes a wish to be protected she
would, no matter what, it’s a curse and a
blessing, you have to be a devoted worshipper
and you just have to believe, I am a devoted
worshipper so I am always protected by Leza”
Mimi scoffs even as I feel my self facinated at
the concept.
“You really believe in that bull?”
Mimi asks and Honey throws her a weird smile
that I find disturbing.
“Trust me Mimi, very soon you will be made a
believer ”
She says and I thank her.
“Thank you for the story Honey, I feel a little
better ”
She nods and my mind wanders to the story,
how much grief Leza must have felt when he
lost his woman.
I send a silent prayer above.
Even if I am not south African and I am not
under your protection I know what you must
have gone through, I am sorry about that, no
one should ever go through that, even a god.
But please, protect me and my family, we are
human too”
I send the prayer above and the weirdest thing
I feel a warm breeze blow my neck and my
migraine abates.
I close my eyes for a second and when I open
my eyes I see Honey looking at me in an
intense way.
I throw her a look and she looks away.
Leza listens to the heartfelt prayer and he
The woman is pure, the woman sounded just
like his Sewa, just like his love.
He looked closely again and he smiles,
sending his healing wind from the west to her.
He understood now, he didn’t make a mistake
keeping her alive.

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