Beautiful Mess – Episode 31
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I watch her as she makes breakfast, she wipes
a hand over her brows and for the fifth time this
morning I catch a wince
“Are you okay mom?”
Jasmin asks and that gets everyone at the
breakfast table’s attention.
“Yes sweetheart, am.just feeling feverish, I will
take a pill and feel better”
Jasmin nods before turning to me.
“Are you going to be around when I get back
today daddy?”
“I don’t think so baby, I have things to attend
to, but I will be around for dinner”
“OK, get me Popsicles when you are coming”
“Sure thing baby girl”
I smile at her before turning my attention to

I see her waver.
“Maybe you should seat down love? Yeah?”
“I don’t know why am suddenly feeling like
this, I was okay until last night”
She says.
“Maybe it’s something you ate”
Mimi says and Kismet nods.
“Maybe, I’m gonna rest up for a bit”
She says and I turn my attention to Honey to
see her already looking at me.
I just know she knows what this is about.
I pull Kismet to me and she comes willingly.
“Take care of yourself baby, will take care of
you when I get back”
“Where are you going to?”
“Promise to tell you when I return”
I say and she nods, I vaguely see Mimi’s
attention fly to me but I don’t turn.
I kiss Kismet on the lips before bending to kiss
I exit the room but not before throwing a look at
She stars back in defiance and I feel my fist
I will take care of her when I get back, first
things first.
I drive to my former base and I get out of my
car, making sure to cross check the glock in my
waist band and the pistol in my jacket.
I take a look around, trying to make sure that I
am not caught unawares by any surprises.
When I find none I make my way inside.
Marcel greets me.
“About damn time you showed up”
He says by way of greeting and I punch him
when he gets close enough.
“What the hell Gage?!! Sh-t man, that hurts!”
“I turned a blind eye to everything you were
doing Marcel, I f-cking let you off the hook
every single time! Then you go on to threaten
my family?”
“What are you talking about Garrett?”
He says, cleaning the blood from his nose.
“You made Kismet leave me 7 years ago, you
made me loose precious time with my child
and still I let you off because of maman and
you still go on to betray me?”
“You will regret everything Marcel, you have
been disowned by me!”
He starts and I pull him by his collar to punch
and he takes it.
I scoff.
“Weak, you are so f-cking weak..”
I say and still he doesn’t say anything, I tire of
“Fight! Fight! Marcel, fight like a man!”
“I don’t want to fight you Garrett”
He shouts and I still, Marcel has never
sounded this venomous.
He begins to laugh, staggering back, laughing
like a maniac.
“You fool, you priceless, useless fool!”
He says and that’s twice in one day, I tire of it.
“You think you know it all, you think you are so
well protected, you think that and yet you don’t
see what’s right in front of you, glaring at you!”
“Shut up and listen!!! Shut the bloody hell up!!”
He says before continuing.
“I am your brother, I would never betray you, I
would never hurt you, I love you, I f-cking love
you with all my heart and I will remain loyal to
you until I die but Garrett… F-cking see what is
in front of you”
When he says this I feel a terrible feeling in my
stomach, I feel cold.
“What do you mean Marc?”
“I protected you when you were injured in SA, I
protected you when Will, bloody Will tried to
see you to the Osei’s, I tried to protect Kismet
from him too, your child I found out and scare
her away.
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. It was to make sure you weren’t hurt.
It was to make sure that you were OK… I tried
to tell you countless times but he held my girl
over me like a dark cloud.
Yes Garrett, I was in love too but gave it all up
for you.
Will is the traitor here, think about it.
He’s jealous of you, think about it, how’s he’s
always there when you don’t even know you
need him, how’s he’s always trying to piant me
in a bad light.
f-cking see the hand writing on the wall Garrett

I take a step back as he hits me with this
“He made a deal with the shaw’s, he was
going to make you their killing machine all that
he could take over your territory here in
Don’t you see it?!!”
He asks again but I don’t have time to
acquiesce when a voice calls from my back..
“He’s right Garrett.. And a good thing too, I am
soo tired of sucking up to you”
He says in a playful maniacal voice and I feel a
cold in my stomach.
How could I have been so stupid?
“So what will it be then? You first or your
brother dearest?”
He asks pointing his gun at me and I pull Marc
behind me.
“Well Will, I pick none of those options”

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