Beautiful Mess – Episode 30
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No song Today.
“Let me go you as-hole!”
She whisper yells at me and I can’t help but be
She was right in front of me all this while, here I
was searching for a girl that might as well
mean my salvation and she was here, bunking
with my wife.
“I won’t ask again, why are you here?”
“What do you think you buffoon? Yo killed my
family, don’t you think it’s right that I kill
I growl as my hand goes to her neck.
“It seems you didn’t get the memo, you girl are
going to die, sooner or later”
“Oh really? Do you think your darling naive
Kismet will be able to accept that the father of
her child is a murderer? An assassin? A
“You talk too much for a roadkill, girl”
“My name is not girl, my name is Stephanie”
“I don’t care, you are leaving this house here
and now”
“Trust me, you won’t want that”
She says with so much conviction that I frown.
“What’s that supposed to mean”
“A life for a life Grayson, a life for a life”
“You are mad”
I say as she spouts rubbish from her mouth.
“Am I? Am I really?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
I ask, the fear in my belly spreading.
I look into her eyes and I see nothing, no
emotion, no fear, no sadness, no remorse,
Normally when my victims find out who I am
they get scared, this… This girl is showing no
emotion, it’s.
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. its different.
“As much as I love your wife and her child, I
love my life just as much, I don’t want to die,
you are blind that you don’t see what is right
in front of you”
“You priceless fool.. You think you know it all,
you think you have everything in control but
you don’t, there are powers greater than you”
I’m tired of this rubbish, I don’t want to hear
I pull her hand to get her to move and finally I
see the panic in her eyes.
“Don’t you want to know?”
“Know what?”
“Know how you or Kismet is going to die”
I squeeze her hand and she cries out.
“Kismet has my protection, nothing is going to
happen to her”
“Then will nothing happen to you?”
“What are you on about, speak plainly”
“First of all, you have to find out the traitor in
your camp”
“What do you know about that?”
I don’t know why I am asking her so many
questions but….
“It’s a smoke and mirror’s life you are living,
taking a risk, living on a dare, what seems
right is not how it is ad what seems wrong
might very well be a treasure to you”
I am getting tired of this.
“Just find out Garrett, I won’t be living, I will be
here, smiling into your face when it comes
crashing down”
I watch the malice in her face and I take a step
“Tell me what you have done”
“Oh, it isn’t me, it’s my guardians, they are
watching over me”
I shake my head whamen I feel a fog cover my
I feel my chest clench in that painful way and I
“It’s starting”
“What’s starting??? Tell me you….”
I cry out again.
“What you wished for the most, it’s starting…”
I look into her eyes and I see sympathy there
and I feel cold, so cold.
I stumble out of her room into the hall way and
I make my way to Kismet’s room.
I see her curled on the bed, sleeping, I nearly
breath a sigh of relief but stop.
She is whimpering, curling into herself, curling
into a ball.
“It hurts Garrett”
She says, still not opening her eyes.
I climb into bed with her and I feel the pain
She immediately breaths a sigh of relief before
curling into me.
“Better baby?”
“Hmm hm”
She mumbles and I kiss her head.
She drifts off and I don’t, I stay up thinking
how what I am thinking is impossible.
How I am going to have to kill one of Kismet’s
I sigh as I curl into her after a while.
It’s a hard life I’m living.

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