Beautiful Mess – Episode 29
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Am I Wrong
Nico & Vinz
I put her to bed and I lean to kiss her head
distractedly, she frowns at me before snuggling
deeper into the pillow.
“Aren’t you coming to bed yet?”
Kismet asks and it brings me back to the

My thoughts have been plagued by what might
be in the package delivered.
I shake my head at her earlier question and
she let’s me go.
I turn around to leave but her voice stops me.
“You will tell me if something is wrong, right
“Yes baby”
I say, the lie smoothly rolling off my tongue.
She nods and then closes her eyes before
I wait until I am sure she is deep in sleep
before slipping out of the room.
I walk to the dining and sit on one of the
chairs, I rip open the envelope with a letter
Inside are photos of Kismet and Jasmin, many
different photos.
I go through all of them as I feel fear course
through me, the photos are so clear that it is
obvious the person who took them was in a
close distance to them.
I clench my fist.
Something more could have happened, he
could have done something more.
For the thousandth time I feel hate at Marcel
course through me.
Inside the envelope there is a note.
If you want to keep your family picture perfect,
finish your job.
There is no signature, no other mark and I

We might not be as safe as I thought, I clench
my fist.
Where is that Osei brat hiding?
“I have no idea why you wanted us to end our
vacation early”
Kismet says as she buckles Jasmin in.
“I’m sorry baby, duty calls, promise to make it
up to you”
“Oh? Really?”
“Yeah, really”
I say and she goes on her toes to kiss me.
I return the kiss back, I just have this nasty
feeling in my stomach.
“Get in the car baby girl”
I say to her and she does so, I throw Jasmin a
wink and throws me a disgusted look.
She hates any form of PDA.
I get in the car and back out of the beach
house, we are on our way to the house Kismet
I need help in protecting them and I plan on
asking Mimi for said help.
Ha, how the mighty has fallen.
I have to know they are protected before I can
leave on finding the Osei vermin.
“When are we going to go back to the beach
house daddy?”
Jasmin asks from the back seat and I meet her
eyes in the rear view mirror.
“Very soon baby girl”
I respond.
“And we are going to go together? You,
mommy and I?”
“Yes baby”
“You promise?”
“With my heart soul and body”
“You are the best in the world daddy!”
“Don’t you forget that”
I look at Kismet and I see her smiling at us.
I clench my fist around the steering wheel, I
can’t get over how beautiful she looks.
She places her hand on my thigh and I rest my
hand on hers.
“I love you Garrett”
“I love you Kismet”
She smiles before looking out the window.
“So let me get this straight.., you are asking
me for my help?”
I answer plainly, it’s taking a lot of my restraint
to stand here and ask Miranda for help.
I will do anything for Kismet and my child,
loosing my pride is one of them.
“You want me to protect Kis and Jazz?”
“Yes again”
She asks dubiously.
“Please, just trust me? Yeah?”
“That’s a big request coming from you Garrett”
“Miranda, let’s set aside our differences and
ally now, we both want Kismet to be safe, let’s
do that, deal?”
She eyes me for a while before taking the hand
I have outstretched.
Footfalls on the stairs bring my head up and I
see a girl standing there with a mug.
She looks startled to see us there.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know any body was awake,
I just want some juice”
Mimi turns to her and asks.
“Can’t sleep Honey?”
“Yeah, insomnia is a vile thing”
She says, her eyes coming to me.
I watch her as she pours some juice and I try
to understand what about her looks so familiar.
“Well goodnight”.
She says, leaving Mimi and I standing there.
“What’s that look?”
Mimi asks and I shake my head.
“Where do you say the girl.. Honey is from
“Why? Why do you want to know?”
“She looks very familiar, s’all”
“Well am sure it’s because you’ve seen her
around the house, she is Kismet’s friend, a
very cool chick”
I nod my understanding and she rolls her
“Well goodnight”
She says, leaving me standing there.
I frown, trying to remember, I’m sure I have
never seen her before today.
And the look she gave me, what was that
I juggle my memory but nothing comes, I try to
forget by thinking about the Osei brat and
finally, finally I get it.
Oh shit.
I storm upstairs to her room.
I fling the door open and there she is, trying to
jump out the window.
I pull her back, staring into her eyes, the same
eyes I have seen in countless of different men
and women as they loose the life in them.
“Why are you here?”

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