Beautiful Mess – Episode 28
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I Won’t Stop Chris Brown Garrett. “Faster daddy, faster!” Jasmin squeals at me as I run after Kismet. “She’s going to get away!” Jasmin laments. “Ha, you can’t catch me!” Kismet shouts at me and for the millionth time I wonder what brought me into this game of theirs. I throw more pillows at her and Kismet dodges every one of them. Tell me again please, which one of us is an assassin and is well versed in MMA? “Slow pokes, am gonna get upstairs and steal all the gems, muah ha ha ha” OK, she has the evil laugh down pat.. Apparently my daughter is rapunzel and Kismet is the evil witch, am trying to stop the witch from getting the gems that will free rapunzel from the tower. What am I supposed to be? Prince charming? “Kismet, hold on, just let me catch you” “It doesn’t work like that daddy, you have to catch her and slay her with your big shiny sword!” I have a big shiny sword? “Hahaha, you can never catch me.!” Kismet laughs evilly. I roll my eyes, fascinated albeit a little tired of this game. “Kismet baby…” “Who is this Kismet you are talking about?” Kismet asks me and I sigh, she continues.

“Show her to me so I can steal her beauty too, I’m the evil witch.. Haha haha” OK, that didn’t work. “Evil witch baby, come closer let the dashing prince give you a big shiny kiss” She falters and I know I have caught her. “Come on, you know you want it, come on” She takes a step close and I close the distance, kissing her deeply. “Eww, that’s gross, and secondly, Maman, you are a flake, and daddy! Am supposed to get the kiss!” “You want a kiss baby girl?” “Uh huh” She says nodding and I smile, letting go of Kismet to pick her up. I kiss her eyebrows first and then kiss her cheek and then her head before lastly pecking her lips. “Happy?” “I’m hungry” She says and I laugh. “Okay, come on, let’s have lunch, uh?” I ask and she nods again. I lead her and Kismet to the dinning where she already prepared lunch. “What’s for lunch?” It’s obvious that it’s beef stew and potatoes but my baby likes asking that? Apparently she watched a movie were the cat always asked, what’s for lunch? “It’s beef stew and potatoes baby, your favorite” “But I wanted noodles” Jasmin whines. “You can’t have noodles young lady, you had that this morning” Kismet responds. “But…” “That’s enough Jazz.” Kismet says again “Daddy!” “Eat your potatoes baby girl, we will have pizza for dinner okay?” “Really daddy?” “Yes baby” She stands up to kiss my cheek before whispering into my ear. “I love you more than mommy,” “I love you too” I whisper back and Kismet rolls her eyes. She heard. It’s something they do when they are angry at each other, they automatically stop loving each other more. We begin to eat and I slip forkfulls of beef into Jasmin’s mouth. When we are done Kismet produces ice-cream cakes and Jasmin squeals. “I love you mommy!” “I love you too baby girl” Kismet responds and jazz smiles, teeth stained with icing The door bell rings and I get up to get the door. “It’s alright, I will” Jasmin says before zooming away. I settle back into my chair and wait. She doesn’t show up for a while and I get a bad feeling. “Jazz dear, who is at the door?” Kismet shouts and no response comes, I feel dread run through me and I go to stand up. “It’s was just a man, he brought this” She says stepping into the dining, raising a package and I feel relief course through me. “It’s addressed to you daddy”. She says, climbing onto her chair before passing the envelope to me. I accept before turning to her. “On no account baby girl should you answer the door or open it to any stranger okay?” “Yes daddy” She says swinging her legs, licking her fork and I don’t think she gets it. “Do you understand me Jasmin?” “I understand you daddy” “Good” I lift my head to see Kismet watching me. “Who is the package from?”.. She asks and I just smile. “I’m sure it’s something from work, don’t bother your self” “You sure?” She asks and I nod. “OK baby” She says before dipping her fork into her cake and taking a bite. My eyes go to the package and I know, I just know it’s something bad.

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