Beautiful Mess – Episode 27
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Sean Paul
I wakeup to kisses trailing down my back, I
sigh and turn over.
“Good morning”
I sigh again into his mouth when he brings his
lips to mine.
We share a kiss and he nuzzles my neck, I
“Some one seems happy”
I say to him and he nods, pulling my front to
“Am very happy, I’m ecstatic, I have you, I
have our child, am more than happy”
When he says things like this, it makes me fall
deeper in love with me.
“You are a sweet talker you know that?”
“Only for you hazel eyes”
He says before kissing my shoulder then he
gets serious.
“How do you think she is handling it?”
“Handling what?”
I ask jokingly and he bites my shoulder and I
I settle back on his chest before getting
“I think she is perfectly okay with it, she loves
you, she loves me, she wants to make us
happy, so she is happy”
He asks, rubbing his stubble on my face and I
close my eyes before nodding.
We are quiet for a while before I say.
“You should really shave, you are giving me
beard burns”
“Uh uh, you want me to do it for you?”
“Can you?”
I turn to him.
“I can try”
He smiles and lifts me up, bedsheets and all to
the bathroom and I squeal.
He says before setting me on my feet and then
preparing the necessary things to shave.
He seats onto the jacuzzi and I stand between
his legs.
“My face is all yours”
He says and I poke my tongue at him.
I smear shaving cream on his face and I begin
to shave in the direction of his growing hair.
When am done I wipe his face with a warm
towel and he turns his face to look at the
“Wow, my baby got skills”
“I used by to watch papa shave every morning
when mom was still alive.”
I say and he tugs on my hair, bringing my lips
to his.

I kiss him hard before straddling him.
He lifts his head to bite my cheek and I close
my eyes.
“I love you”
He whispers in my ear and I smile.
“I know”
“Do you want to explore the new bed?”
He asks with a cheeky smile and I laugh.
“I thought you would never ask”
I say and he carries me back to the bed and
soon enough we begin our exploration.
“Where are you Garrett?”
“Is there a reason you are speaking to me
I ask the receiver on the other line and I hear
him take a deep breath.
“Gage you don’t understand, you are not done
with your job, how can you go incognito? The
Osei’s family will eat you alive”
“How is that your business Marcel?”
“You don’t get to do this Gage”
“You don’t get to tell me what to do and not to
do Marcellus”
He growls and I growl right back.
“Marcellus Grayson, so help me God if you do
not defer to me right now I will have your
He is silent for a while and a noise brings my
head up, Kismet is dancing with Jasmin by the
I lie back on the beach towel.
I feel peace run through me and I settle.
Marcel speaks again.
” You are with her aren’t you? ”
” Marcel… ”
” Gage, you fool, don’t do this”
I frown.
“Gage, let her go, her and her child, let them
go.. If you really want to protect them you have
to let them go”
I feel black come into my vision. I feel rage
course through me and I clench my fists.
“Marcel, you do not talk about child or my
woman, the next time you do, I will have your
I say to him before disconnecting.
I clench my fist more and I get the urge to hit
something but I lift my head and I see Kismet
waving and smiling at me.
I immediately fall back down.
I’m fine, I have my family, I am fine.
I say this to myself for a while and still I can’t
I know what I have to do, i know but I still deny
Kismet is walking towards me and she looks
marvelous in her sarong and bikini.
She is smiling when she sits between my legs
and kisses my chest.
“Hey babe”
She says and I kiss her temple and she settles
into my arm and we watch Jasmin build a
I Finally admit to my self that I know what I
have to do.
I have to complete my mission and then cut my
self off from that part of my life.
I have to do that to protect my family.
I have to be a monster again.

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