Beautiful Mess – Episode 26
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Suran Wine. Kismet. I feel him rather than see him enter the kitchen with me and I try to make my self look busy as can be. Am so angry right now that I could kill… No wait.. Hurt.. On second thought, never mind. I turn to Garrett before lightning into him. Am as angry at him as I am at Mimi. “Do you let her talk to you like that?” “Baby…” “Ha… I am so speechless right now, I mean, I know she is my sister and all but you don’t let her walk all over you, no one gets to walk all over you Garrett” “Am guessing you only entered for the last part of her speech, trust me baby girl, no one can walk over me, even your sister. I and her might have our misunderstandings but it’s between us, it doesn’t have anything to do with you. You have to go talk to her ” “No am not going to, you don’t have to be kind or anything ” “Trust me darling, am not being kind, am just looking out for you, I know you, I know you would regret your rash decision in approximately 3 minutes” “I won’t regret it, I won’t feel bad” I say but I know it’s a lie, I am already feeling bad. He just raises a brow and looks at me intently. “OK, fine, I will apologize but not yet, I want her to suffer a bit” “Ha, good, my baby has a bad side to her now” “Your baby is Badass now” I say with a cheeky smile. He strokes my hair as he comments. “My baby has a potty mouth too, she now uses cuss words” “I picked up a thing or two over the last few years” “Can’t wait to discover them” He says and I rest my head on his chest and we stay like that for a while. “Garrett?” “Hmm?” “You can’t bring your brother and your friend close to my family again” He tenses and I wait for him to ask for and explanation but he just acquiesce.

“OK baby” He says and I want to ask why he doesn’t ask bug I don’t, I guess maybe he has his own suspicions too. “Garrett?” “Hmm?” “Am so glad to have you back” “Yeah baby” We stay like that for a while and he strokes my hair for a while too. ***** Garrett. “You can’t open your eyes, okay?” She nods with a disgruntled look on her face. Kismet giggkrs beside me before commenting. “Jazz hates surprises” “She will love this one” “Really Garrett?” “Yes baby girl” “Can I see it now?” “No darling, follow me” I say as I lead her towards the house. We’ve thought about this at length, getting a house for the two of us and finally we settled on the beach house. It’s every thing Kismet wants and Jasmin too. We want to start as a family, far away from my family and everything. I would be the one facing the unholy side of things, I don’t want my family leaving me again. We are going to be together, forever. Trust me. I can make that happen. I remove the blind fold from jazz’s and she blinks. “What are we doing here?” “It’s our house” I say to her. “Really? She asks with all the excitement in the world” “Yes darling” “Wow” She squeals before running inside and we laugh and follow. “No running jazz” Kismet says and I shake my head at her. “Let her be, it’s childproofed” She turns to me and smiles. “You thought of everything didn’t you?” “Yes baby, everything for you and jazz” “I’m gonna tell her today” “You sure?” I ask, am totally fine with jazz thinking I am her mom’s new boyfriend, no need to tip her life on a balance. “It’s fine, we gave birth to a strong girl” She says before standing on her tippy toes to kiss me. I kiss her back and things get hot pretty fast. I break the kiss before speaking in her ear. “We should probably find her and show her the music room” I say and we hear a squeal. “Uh? Seems she found it already” A flying body runs down the stairs and I catch it as it flies at me. “You are the best ever Garrett!!!” “Can I get a kiss for being the best?” She kisses me smack on the lips and I laugh at Kismet wide eyes. “You are the best Garrett”. She repeats and I kiss her hair, i reach a hand out for Kismet and she comes, we stand in front of the bay windows and look out at the sea. Am content. AN.

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