Beautiful Mess – Episode 25
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I knew it was only a matter of time before the
truth of Jasmin’s father came out.
I always thought that it would be Jasmin asking
the question not Garrett.
Freaking Garret.
He watches me now wearily as if bracing his
self for a heart wrenching news.
And heart wrenching it would be.
I start and he interrupts me.
“Were you married? Did you have a child? You
can tell me baby”
He says and I blink the sudden rush of tears
In hindsight I could see I was selfish, keeping
the truth of my pregnancy away from him but I
was young and naive.
I was scared, I had no one, and the thrill of
having a first boyfriend and then finding out he
might be a potential armed robber was just too
I shake my head no to his earlier question
before I speak.
“Garret, you have to understand that I was
scared, I had no one, I had thought that you
had left me”
“What are you talking about Kis?”
He looks closely at me, waiting for me to say
something but am scared, he seems to come
to a realization.
“Is… Is Jasmin mine?”
He asks in a broken whisper and I sob a little
before nodding.
He takes a step away from me and I rock a
little at the sudden pain in my chest, he stops.
“I had..
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. No.. I have a child?”
He asks and I nod.
He doesn’t reply, just opens the door and
walks to the sitting room.
This few moments of me waiting for his
reaction is killing me.
Am dying a slow death.
Jasmin looks up from the couch where she has
found a Rubik’s cube to keep her company.
“Are we going home now Maman? Am hungry,
there was nothing in his fridge”
She says, throwing an accusing look at
Garrett chuckles brokenly as If in awe and I
think how great a mistake it would have been if
this day didn’t happen.
“Can we go now?”
Jazz asks and I shake my head.
“I have something to tell you jazz girl”
I begin, preparing my self to shatter my
daughter’s world.
“No, it’s fine, she doesn’t have to know yet”
Garrett says, interrupting me.
“We can prepare lunch for you jazz, can I call
you Jazz?”
Garrett asks and my daughter.. No…our
daughter and she nods.
“Wait… Since am a guest can we order
She asks Garrett with a mischievous smile and
he smiles.
“You are a cheeky one aren’t you?… Sure,
let’s order pizza and cola, sounds great?”
Jazz nods and I beam, I send Garrett a
concerned look when he wavers.
His whole demeanor made me forget that he
was actually sick.
“Are you ok?”
I whisper to him
“We can go home and come back tomorrow”
He shakes his head.
“I missed seven years of you and my child, I
don’t want to miss a second more, I will be
He says and I nod.
He bends to kiss my lips when jazz turns away
and I am content.
It seems too easy right? Hold on, we are
getting to the good part, and also what do you
think of authors note like this? Seems like a
little bit of intermission, tell me what you think.
Also, hey zinny, when you eventually read this,
congratulations, I know you didn’t tell me but I
figured, saw the pics, have a wonderful
Much love sweetness.
The look on Mimi’s face was beyond comical, I
know she thought she had seen the last of me
but think again.
“What are you doing here?”
She immediately asks as I help Kismet bring in
her groceries the next morning.
Kismet had called her the previous night telling
her not to worry, that she was OK.
Am sure she never thought that Kismet would
be with me not to talk of show up with me
“Mimi, you know my new friend?”
Jazz asks and its looks a feat to see her
struggle to fake a smile.
“Yes baby, why don’t you go upstairs to honey
so that the both of you can get you ready for
piano lessons? Uh?”
I don’t take my eyes off her and Kismet begins
to look between us.
“You guys please, don’t start this nonsense
again guys, am too happy for you both to ruin
Kismet says and Mimi pulls up her fake smile,
Kismet nods before taking some groceries to
put away.
“Now tell me what the hell you are doing
“What? You didn’t miss me?”
“You broke my friend’s heart you f-cktard”
I smirk.
“Is that why you lied to her about contacting
“That’s besides the point,.. She was
heartbroken, she was going to move on… You
couldn’t come back and ruin it”
I feel rage settle on my skin like ice.
“Ruin it?”
I ask and she instinctively takes a step back,
good, am in a mood to break her f-cking neck.
“I would have been here to take care of my
woman if you didn’t f-cking lie to her, I would
have been with her through the many morning
sicknesses, through the labor, through the
baby shower and every other f-cking thing.
I missed my child’s birth, I missed her taking
her first step, I missed her saying her first
words, I missed her going to school for the first
time, she must have been bloody scared, I
missed her taking swim lessons, I missed her
taking piano lessons, I missed her first recital,
I missed her first laugh, her first smile, her first
tooth, I f-cking missed every thing so don’t you
stand there all high and mighty with your
judgemental bullsh-t and tell me how I ruined a
life, you Miranda, you ruined a life, you are the
most f-cking selfish b-tch I have bloody met, I
only leave you alive because my woman loves
you, don’t try to pull one over me again
because trust me I would kill you, I promise
you I will”
I say with all my pent up anger, it’s a miracle
that I am still speaking calmly.
“Don’t you f-cking try to tell me off Garrett
Gage Grayson, who do you think you effing
are? Are you mad? Do you think I know
nothing about your little spree in south Africa?
How bloody hypocritical can you be? You don’t
get to come here and act like you are dad of
the year, you are a killer Garrett, a f-cking
mercenary, you don’t deserve any of them, you
deserve to die alone ”
She says and I begin to understand how true
her words her.
I don’t deserve Kismet, but I will be damned if
I walk away from her again.
She has accepted me without even caring
about my secret and my flaws, I will be with her
if it’s the last thing I do.
“Get out”
I whip my head towards the kitchen and I see
kismet standing there.
Oh sh-t, how much of our conversation did she
I begin to take a step towards the exit when
she speaks.
“Not you Garr, Miranda, get the hell out”
“He deserves us, and he doesn’t deserve to
die alone so get out, am too angry to see you
right now”
She says before turning to walk back to the
I stand still.
But I can’t help being smug.
Garrett : 1 – Miranda ; 0

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