Beautiful Mess – Episode 21
“Am so nervous”
I roll my eyes.
“it’s not as if you are the one going on a date,
why are you nervous?”
“It’s the first time you are going on a date in a
while, I’ve got to be nervous”
“OK, keep on being nervous then”
I lean closer to the mirror to make sure my
mascara is not smeared.
“Did you make sure you didn’t eat any garlic
and onions?”
“Mimi, you literally made sure I ate nothing but
cereal all day”
I smear some lip stain to my lips and I pucker
them to tease her, she rolls her eyes.
“Did you wax?”
She asks and I roll my eyes for the thousandth
“No, I did not wax, I don’t plan on sleeping
with the guy on the first date”
She asks, clearly appalled.
“it’s, not as if you have anyone you are
bumping uglies with”
She says and I nod my head slowly.
“You are right, I don’t want to have sex with
any one, well yet”
“Ohh, you naughty, naughty girl”
She says and we laugh together.
“How do I look?”

I ask, twirling around to make sure she gets
the full effect of the gown.
I am wearing a gold dress with a plunging
back, it makes me feel like a A-list actress.
“You look like a A-list actress”
“Ha!, my thoughts exactly”
I say and we laugh.
Jasmin shows up at the bathroom door and I
turn again to smile at her.
“Wow, mom, you look like an actress”
See, great minds work together.
I bend to kiss her head and she giggles.
“Uncle Daniel is down stairs with Honey”
“He’s here?, when did he arrive?”
“Just now, come”
She says, pulling me by my hand and I almost
My baby does not know it’s a feat to run in 6
inches platform heels.
We get down stairs and there he is.
I seriously don’t know why I am going on a
date with the guy any way.
It’s not as if i like him, well I do like him, as I
would like a brother but well….
“You look nice Kismet”

He says when I get to him and I nod, I can see
Mimi watching us keenly and I make an effort
to smile at him.
The girl can detect a fake date from a mile
away, and seriously this is what this is, a big
fake date.
She doesn’t have to know that all we are going
to talk about is how he will move onto one of
lands my mom left me.
That he wants to move his practice to Nigeria
and that I offered up my land for sale just as a
gesture of gratitude.
She doesn’t have to know.
She should believe am moving on.
“Am going to wait up for you mom, with Honey”
I nod at Jasmin.
“Have a good time Kismet”
Honey says and I smile at her.
We begin to exit the room when Mimi speaks.
“Don’t do what i wouldn’t do”.
I throw her a look and she grins wickedly.
Daniel holds out a hand for me and I accept it,
he open his car door and I get in.
Wow, spacious.
I think as I look around the interior of the
“Is this a rental?”
I ask him and he nods.
“It’s nice”
I comment.
“Thank you, I have a thing for cars”
He says and I nod, we drive for a while so I
ask a question just to break the silence.
“Where are we going now?”
“I made reservations for us at an hotel, hope
you will like it.”
He says and I nod.
I can’t help but think that doctor Daniel is a
little bit boring.
We get to the hotel and we get valet parking.
He leads me to the entrance and immediately I
pass the threshold I feel a cold draft around
my body and I shiver.
My chest begins to ache and I come to a stand
What’s happening?
“Kismet? Are you coming?”
I see Daniel beckoning me from the hostess
stand and I force a smile before gesturing for
him to give me a minute.
I think…i think it’s gonna be a long night.
I throw Marcel a dark and if looks could kill he
would be on the floor writhing, his innards
“Gray, darling, did you plan to stand me up?”
Maman asks as she peruses the hotel’s wine
I left my house to this place to finalize a deal
and after I get done my mother shows up just
in time to stop from leaving.
“Never, Maman”

I say with my teeth clenched, I don’t have time
for this shit.
“Good, Marcel will be joining us for dinner”
She says before signaling for a waiter.
I sigh as I massage my temple when I feel an
headache coming on.
I look around as the waiter takes Maman’s and
Marcel’s order.
I feel a cold grip me and immediately my heart
starts to aches.
My hand creeps to it as I take a deep breath to
settle, a flash of gold comes into view.
I don’t know why it catches my eye but before I
can concentrate the waiter blocks my view.
I let it go as I give him my order.
Whisky, neat.
As the dinner progresses I find out what a
disaster it was to think I could spend a whole
hour with my mother and brother.
All she talks about is my step-dad and of
course how she needs more money.
I don’t respond, I just nod along and when she
finishes her first course I stand, placing some
bills on the table.
“Are you leaving Gray?”
“Yes, maman, let’s not do this ever again”
I say, throwing Marcel a look before walking
I didn’t even get to drink my whisky, that’s how
much I hate my brother.
My hand goes to the necklace around my neck
and I immediately feel better.
I go outside and wait for the valet to pull up my
I feel a couple come to stand beside me and I
pay them no attention.
“Are you sure you are okay? You look a little
The man asks and I glance at my wrist watch.
Where in hell Is the godforsaken valet?
“Am fine honey, it’s just a little cold, nothing a
warm cup of tea won’t clear”
The female replies in a voice I know as I know
mine and I freeze.
It can’t be. It really can’t.
I turn slowly but only catch a glimpse of her
before she gets into the car a valet just pulled
up in.
I immediately turn so she won’t get a look at
me and my brain begins to work.
Kismet, my Kismet is in Nigeria.
She is only a breath away.
Her car pulls away and mine pulls in and that
immediately sparks a thought in my mind.
Who is that she was with?
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