Beautiful Mess – Episode 20
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Conor Maynard Crash Garrett. My hand goes to my chest as I listen to will brief me on how the selling out of my business is going. “Don’t settle” I state and his head comes up startled. “Boss?” “I said don’t settle, he can afford another few million dollars” “But boss, this is a very good deal” He says and I raise a brow. “You better not fucking settle, he’s gonna accept the price we give, if you do, say good bye to both of your knees” I say and he nods, bowing his head a little. I wave him off and he exits the room, I make a mental note to keep my eye on the transactions, Will can be stupid at times. I rest my head on my chair as I feel a migraine coming on. Shit. I think back to the past few years, on how I have succeeded in cutting ties with the underworld. I am now a honest to God clean business man. I have done everything in preparation for when I get my girl back. Even after 6 years and 4 months her memory is still fresh in my head. I fist my chest when that darn pain starts again. It won’t be long now, I just have to find the last Osei’s brat and I will be done with this life. I will be free to get my girl. I take a deep breath and I smell triumph I the air. A knock sounds on the door. “Enter” My mom comes into view and I think. Oh fuck. “You really are wicked Garrett Grayson” “It’s good to see you too maman” “Phoo!” She exclaims, I sigh, this will be long. “You refuse to come see me, you are always too busy even for your mother” “Maman….” “I will kill myself if you don’t agree to come see me soon” “You won’t Maman, you love yourself too much” “You know me too well” She says with a sigh. “I miss you Gray, won’t you do something for your Maman? Even Marc comes home every now and then” The mention of his name sends my mood plunging and I sigh before nodding. “You will come to dinner with me then? At the house?” I nod again, when I cancel I will do it far away from the house. “Promise me you won’t cancel” She says and I nod again. “Good, see you later son, bye bye”

She says exiting in the same cloud of perfume as she came in. I just roll my eyes. Typical Maman, not once did she ask how I am doing. **-** The god leza looked down at the male and sneered. Typical human, thinking he rules the world. His fellow god watched him as he did so. “Don’t you think you are being too harsh? You know the Nigerian pantheon won’t take it likely, they protect their own” The god says and Leza sighs. “It has to be done, it’s the only way to atone my sins towards….” “You think so? Don’t you think you are actually confounding things by involving the Ghanaian and Nigerian pantheon?” “Don’t you think I have thought of that?” He asks in anger and being the sky god the tress they stood on trembled against the sudden wind. “Whatever you say Leza, just be careful, the Nigerian pantheon might eat you for breakfast” ….. Says before disappearing. Leza turns, now alone with his thoughts his pain returns. Why did he it have to hurt so much? After he fell in love with a human he couldn’t protect, his chest had hurt after her death. He beats on his chest as he vows to make this human who thought he was a god pay. This human will be a scapegoat for the animal that killed his Sewa. *** AN. You don’t understand? Please bear with me. Will explain in later episodes. *** Leza is the South African God of sky and creativity, (well according to Google) I have added a link below of an article I think will be of help. Apparently in the myth there was a woman who tried to climb to the heavens to ask Leza why she is going through so much sorrow as all her family members were killed. She wasn’t able to, she later fell to the earth and died of her sorrows. I have romanticized it and made it in a way that the woman, Sewa was actually Leza’s lover and he couldn’t protect her and her family. So his pantheon gods punished him to protect women forever. I hope this was helpful. Please bear with me. Muah.. Leza.html That is the link Don’t forget to tell me what you think. Like rate and comment. Much love. Pantheon:A temple dedicated to all the gods in a religion.

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