Beautiful Mess – Episode 2

Ariana Grande
Into You
“Calm down Mimi, you are making me nervous”
I say to my best friend as I listen to her pace
I feel her stop in front of me and I sigh.
Here comes the lecturing, and as always, she
doesn’t disappoint.
“Calm down? Did you just tell me to calm
down? Kismet we missed our flight, we missed
our bloody flight!”
“Am aware”
I say as calm as can be, that seems to set her
“You can’t be calm about this!!, We might miss
your surgery!”
“Am aware”
I repeat.
She begins to growl and I hold up a hand, she
“Mimi, I have been living with this condition for
20 years, am sure a one day delay on my
surgery won’t kill me”
I say, trying to reason with her, but alas, she
doesn’t want to be reasoned with.
“Your father will kill me if I don’t get you to
Ghana, Kis, he will kill me, Me!.”
And for what? Just because I couldn’t say no
to that a-hole Kevin.”
She says.
Oh, wait.
Did I forget to mention this is her fault?
That she totally forgot our scheduled time
because she was having a raunchy night with
her friend that she refuses to call a boyfriend?
“The situation will solve itself, just watch”
I say to her and she stops pacing the sitting
area of the airport to take a deep breath.
“You are right, I have to fix this, shouting won’t
I nod my head solemnly.
“You know what, am going to go see if there is
someone I can talk to that will help me sort
through this mess”
She says.
“I hope you will be okay alone”
“Am not a child Miranda, go”
“Stay here Kis, I will be back soon”
I almost roll my eyes, I would have if I thought
she would see it behind the giant sunglasses I
am wearing.
I feel her step away and I seat in silence, my
hand going to the necklace on my neck.
I trace the heart shaped necklace with my
hand as I wait.
It’s one of the only thing I have of my mom’s,
after she died, my Papa made it a mission to
get rid of everything that reminded him of my
I held on to the necklace.
I sigh as I wait.
I feel this is going to be a very long wait.
Mimi is everything but a diplomat .
I settle back on my seat.
“What do you mean we have to wait for the
plane to refuel?”
I growl at Will and Marcel.
They take a step back.
“I work with a bunch of idiots…”
I say out loud while scrubbing a hand down my
I look around the waiting area to see it
deserted, it’s almost empty except for a girl
sitting a little ways away.
It’s a small airport for local flights, so it’s
What I did not expect was for my boys to tell
me I have to wait.
“How long?”
I growl out.
“30 mins boss, an hour tops”
Marcel says and I feel my jaw pop.
A whole hour.
I give a sharp nod before I move to take my
When we get back from Ghana, I am going to
make it a priority to teach these two bozos
what they seem to have forgotten.
I take a seat near the girl who seem to have
dosed off and I wait.
I stay like that for about 5 minutes, checking
some updates on my phone before the silence
is broken by a…
I pause.
I take a look around.
Is she talking to me?
“You are not sleeping are you?”
She asks.
And yes, she seems to be talking to me.
“Okay, good”
She says before going silent again, I wait for
her to continue but she doesn’t, after a while I
go back to my phone .
“Where are you going to?”
She asks.
I reply shortly, am sure my tone has made it
clear that I am not in the mood for any form of
It’s either she doesn’t hear it or she choose to
ignore it.
“So, Ghana, that’s great, am going there too.”
She says and I nod, going back to my phone
for the millionth time.
“Business or pleasure?”
She asks.
“Are you going for business or pleasure?”
She asks again and I give up on trying to use
my phone.
“A little of both”
I say to her and she nods, I turn my full
attention to her and wait.
Even grown ass men find it hard to meet my
gaze head on.
She doesn’t flinch but instead continues, I
raise a brow.
“So what’s keeping you?”
She asks.
“Am waiting for my plane to refuel”
I say to her and her breath catches.
“You have a plane?”
She asks and I almost roll my eyes, typical
I could almost see the dollar signs on her big
ass sunglasses.
I don’t bother to respond but instead ask a
question of my own.
“What’s keeping you?”
“Oh, I and my friend missed our flight, she was
having a crisis so we forgot”
I nod.
She doesn’t seem to be bothered about
missing her flight.
“You must be angry at your friend then”
I say.
“Why should I be? it could have happened to
any one”
She says and I feel my brows raised.
The baffling thing is that she said that with all
sincerity and no pretense.
I feel my interest peaked.
I might have made a mistake on my earlier
“So where’s your friend?”
I ask, finally.
“She went to see if there is anything she can
“So, you are here alone?”.
I ask.
I don’t know why I am initiating conversation
with this girl but I am.
“I don’t think I should answer that, you might
be a serial killer”
She says and I feel my lips tilt, I chuckle softly
and I freeze.
When was the last time I laughed?
I see Marcel and Will look towards this way .
“Am not a serial killer darling, close but still too
far, I believe they are classless”
I say and she laughs softly.
It’s sounds like bells tinkling.
“You are funny”
She says and I feel something in my stomach,
I push it down .
“So, can we come with you on your plane?,
We have our passports”
She asks and I don’t know when I say yes.
I see Marcel stand straighter at my answer.
“Thank you very much, am Kismet by the way”
She say, stretching her hand forward.
I grab the soft hand before answering.
“Am Garrett”
It takes me a while to realize that I gave her
my real name, my name not my nickname.
“Hi, Garrett”
She says and I realize something else.
It’s totally worth it to hear her say my name
with her bells voice.


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