Beautiful Mess – Episode 19
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Vincent The beauty inside Kismet. “It’s totally fine Mimi, chill” She looks appalled, she is still on my case with the Honey case. “Don’t tell me to chill, Kiki, just because you went on to SA to go on an energy cleansing trip in the mountains does not mean my energy is cleansed” I roll my eyes as I push the tub of ice-cream towards her. She woke me a while ago for this. “You should get your energy cleansed” I say to her. “You did not just say that you” She says to me and I shrug. “What’s with you?, it’s like you have no sense of self preservation, after all you went through, even the Garr…” She stops herself when my eyes fly to hers, she winced, that’s a forbidden name to mention in my presence and she knows it. Not after everything I went through in the name of love. She clears her throat and opens her mouth to continue but I just cut her short. “That’s fine Mimi, what ever happens will be mistake to bear” I say to her and she sighs. “It hurts me when you make these mistakes and get hurt Kismet, don’t be selfish, think about how I feel” She says and it becomes weird for me, I don’t know how to reply. Ever since the incident 6 years ago I find it hard to empathize with people. It’s like my feelings are bottled up or something, I even tried to talk to someone about it but it was useless. Just made me hurt more and it was going no where. I didn’t have to bother though because her phone rings. I raise my brows, who calls a lady at…,i glance at the clock. 3 in the morning? Wow. I take a bite of my ice-cream as I pretend not to listen to her conversation, although it’s one- sided. Mimi ;”What?” She asks the person on the other line, wow again, cold much? Mimk; “It’s 3 in the morning Jason, I told you my sister was coming to town didn’t I?” Jason? Was that the….. Oh, naughty girl. I smirk as I take another bite of my ice-cream. Mimi; “I can’t say that now Jason…” She listens some more before saying. “Fine, I love you, goodnight or morning or night” I choke on my spit and I cough so hard my eyes tear up. She ends the call and looks at me unimpressed. I get ahold of myself before saying. “I could have choked” “You were fine, you wouldn’t have choked” She says and am baffled. “You were lovey lovey awhile ago, how can you be so cold to me? Your best friend and sister?” “Just spit it out Kismet” She says in exasperation, massaging her temple. “That was your boss right?” I ask. “Give the woman a medal” She says sarcastically, I poke my tongue out at her. “You are dating your boss? Good for you” I say and she finally cracks a smile. “It’s been 2 years now” “What? You didn’t tell me” “You didn’t ask” I shake my head, I know why she didn’t tell me. “I would have been happy for you Mimi, I am fine now” I say and she nods, clearly not believing me. “Really, I am fine, I am even dating now” “You are?” She asks surprised and I nod. “I have a date in a week” “Are you serious? Are you going? With whom?” I roll my eyes before replying. “Yes, I am serious, yes I am going, why would you even ask that? And it’s with the good doctor who saved my life” “The good doctor is coming to Nigeria?” “it’s not as if ghana is that far” I say. “No,No, I mean a guy is coming from another country to take you on a date, that’s awesome, where would he stay?” “Right here” I say, trying to play it off, thinking she will be mad at me but she squeals. I raise surprised eyes to her,Mimi never squeals. “Why are you so happy?” “It’s awesome to see you finally moving on” I smile wanly at her and she squeals again. I smile for real this time and we go back to our ice cream. I don’t bother telling her I haven’t moved on at all, that sometimes when the pain is too much my chest hurts. That most days I cry myself to sleep and that I take pills just to make me sleep. That I have searched around for a replacement but it’s as if nothing works. She doesn’t have to know that, she should believe that I have moved on. My hand moves to my chest when I feel the familiar pain there. I clench my other fist around my spoon as I swallow the pain. This is nothing, most times I expect to see blood on my chest. My eyes goes to Mimi and she smiles at me, unaware. I smile back as I clench my fist tighter.

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