Beautiful Mess – Episode 18
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Ava Max Sweet but psycho Same day as the birth of baby Jasmin. Garrett. “I don’t understand what’s going on boss, we searched everywhere, we have done everything possible but we still can’t find the last member of the Osei’s family” Will says and I lift my head from dropping my boots. “Where can a measly little girl hide?” I ask Will and he takes a step back, he seems to get that I am beyond triggered. I have succeeded in almost paying up my debts, I would have gotten on my mission of finding my girl if the idiots I worked with didn’t do a sloppy job of reconnaissance . How hard was it to find out how many members of a family there was. It’s not as if you are the one doing the killing. “Boss,am . . .” “Just get out” I say and he exits the room with all haste. I pick up my wallet and I get the picture of Kismet I have In it out. In the picture she was smiling, it was the day she opened the flower shop,she was so happy that day. My hand goes to my chest when I feel a ache there. Why does it hurt? I go to stand up but I have suddenly lost all strength,I fall to the ground in the process upsetting everything on my desk. It falls on the ground with a crash. I hear my door open and I hear Marcel’s voice. “Boss?” “Get out” “But. All episodes of this story can be found here >> mess . . ” “Get the fuck out” I say to him and he exits. If there is anyone I do not want seeing me weak it is Marcel. That fucking backstabber. I try to stand but I can’t,I cry out when my chest gives a sudden ache. I laugh humourlessly, is this how heartbreak feels? Is this how one dies of heart ache? I roll on the ground and I curl up in a ball. How can I be so fucking weak. I almost die when I feel tears slip down my eyes. I think my eyes broke,my eyes are leaking. I sob into my hand. God,I miss her so much,I miss her so damn much. I sob harder and I pound on my chest. My chest is going to fall. I think something is wrong, something is really wrong. I think something is wrong with my Kismet.. Nothing can happen to her, nothing. I curl into a ball and I pray to any God that is listening. Please,protect her, please protect my Kismet. At that moment I realized I would do anything for her. Anything for my person. I would give my life for her,she can have it. I curl harder and I pray harder. **** At that moment, the man Garrett didn’t realize the levity of what he did. He didn’t realize the nature of sacrifice he made in keeping the girl Kismet alive. The greatest sacrifice of all. He gave up his life for his woman. ***** Six years later. Kismet. I step out of the plane ,I take off my sunglasses, searching, looking around for that special person. “Honey!” I lift my head at the voice and there she is. “Mimi!” I squeal before running down the ramp of the plane to her. She has balloons and everything with her and I jump into her arms,she commences to kiss my face. I laugh as we twirl around like little girls. When she stops she asks. “Where’s Jasmin?” I turn around and so does she,we watch as Jasmin walks to us ,he hands in Honey’s. “Oh my baby” Mimi squeals before kneeling down so that jasmin can run into her arms. My sweet girl doesn’t hesitate because she does just that . “Momma!!” She squeals and I almost roll my eyes,my daughter has two mothers,I and my best friend. “How’s my baby girl doing?” She asks and Jasmin nods. Mimi’s eyes goes to were Honey is standing beside me. “Who’s this?” She asks, straight to the point. “This is Honey” I say and she just lifts a brow, she is in protective mode. “Who is Honey?” She asks in a prickly manner and I roll my eyes. Ever since I died,yes died,she has been extra protective with a cherry on top. Apparently after I gave birth to Jasmin I died for 2 mins 34 seconds. Then I woke up,on my own,even after the doctor had announced the time of death. The doctors called it a miracle,a spontaneous remission. I think the sentence the nurse used was that it was as if my life was exchanged. Like I had the angel of life there , breathing life into me. I just believe that I wasn’t meant to die then, I still have my life in front of me. “Well, Honey is a friend I met in South Africa,she was coming to Nigeria and we decided to come together,we will be living together” I say and Mimi gapes at me. “Are you serious? How can you be so trusting?” She asks and I wince at her rudeness. I open my mouth to speak but Jasmin beats me to it. “I like her,she is nice and she gives me the best of chocolates” Mimi fakes a smile before she speaks. “Well, since my bunny can vouch for you I guess that makes it alright” She says and I laugh. “Let’s go” She says and we turn to go but not before she throws me a look that says it wasn’t over. Sheesh. She still is as cold as ever. AN. You were scared right? Hehehe. I know, I was scared too. Hope you have a great day today. Don’t forget to like rate and comment.

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