Beautiful Mess – Episode 15

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Kim Min Seung One day Kismet. I feel his body rise from the bed and I snuggle deeper into the sheets. I hear him go through his morning routine, he shaves, brushes his teeth and he bathes. Still I don’t rise from the bed. When he makes his way to me and kiss my head I finally ask. “Where are you going this early?” He ceases his kisses to my face to reply. “I have a meeting today” He says and my heart clenches. “You will be back right?” I ask and he nods before kissing me again. “Hurry back, remember I still have something to tell you” I say and he nods before exiting the room. I try to go back to sleep but I can’t, I lie there worried. I have no idea why I am though. I should get up and go to my apartment but I can’t. I want to be around his scent a little more. I hear the doorbell ring and I finally get up from the bed. I open the door after wearing one of Garrett’s sleeves. It’s Marcel. “Hi, Garrett already left” I tell him instantly and I almost cringe at how rude I must have sounded. “Oh” He says his shoulder falling. He must have really wanted to see his brother. “Do you want to come in for coffee?” I ask him and he perks up. “Can I?” “Sure” I open the door wider and he steps in, we walk to the kitchen and I immediately move to the coffee maker. As I get the coffee grounds I can’t help but notice that he looks nothing like my boyfriend. Where Garrett is dark and broody, Marcel looks all light and prince charmingish. I turn to the coffee maker and immediately I get a whiff of the strong smell my stomach roils. Oh gawd. It’s morning sickness. The doctor said I might get those. I clap a hand over my mouth as I run to the sink where I dry heave. “Kismet, are you ok?” I hear him walking towards me so I wave him away. I pull myself together and I turn to see him standing there looking at me speculatively. “How far along are you?” He asks suddenly and I blink. “What?” I ask. “For how long have you been pregnant?” He asks again. “3 months” “Does Garrett know?” “No, I plan to tell him this night” “You Can’t” He says and I freeze. “Excuse me?” “You can’t tell Garrett you are pregnant” He repeats and I scoff. “Is this a joke?” “No, it’s not, you can’t tell Gage, trust me” I almost tell him to get out and come back when Garrett returns but I find my self asking. . . “Why?” “Garrett Grayson is not who you think he is”. “What do you mean?” “Come with me and I will show you” He says, I shake my head but he pulls me to a wall, I struggle but he holds tight. He presses a button and the wall opens. The wall freaking opens. “What’s this?” I say as my eyes take in the scenes, there were guns everywhere, on every surface. What is this? Am I dreaming? Am I actually here or am i in a coma somewhere, dying?. “Do you want to know why you can’t tell him? Do you want to know what he does for a living?” I almost nod my head,I want to know, I really want to know. “Garrett is…” He begins but I hold a hand out for him to stop. “I trust Gage and he will tell me himself” I say as I rush out of the room. “Are you stupid?” Marcel yells, he continues. “Do you think he actually loves you?, You were a fling Kismet,just a distraction, it’s time for you to wake up, fucking wake the hell up” “I don’t believe you” I say as I feel my world shattering, my chest hurts. I clutch at it,it hurts so bad. “You are so naive Kismet, don’t know if you are really innocent or just plain stupid” He says but I don’t answer,i try to concentrate on breathing,on just surviving,on keeping my convictions. “I will tell you this,if when he arrives today he doesn’t offer you an explanation even when you ask, make sure you call me” He says and I frown,I slowly turn to him to ask . “Why?” “If you know what’s good for you, you will call me” He says before exiting the room. I slide down to the ground and I clutch at my chest. Why does it hurt so much? ***** Kismet. I hear the door to my apartment open and I tense,he comes into view and I watch him. I watch him drop his jacket as he walks towards me, I hold up a hand. He frowns. “Kismet?” I take a deep breath and start. “I saw your guns today” He freezes,I literally see all the veins in his body stand out. “Kismet?” He says again but this time with a little bit of tenderness. “Please explain Garrett” “Just let me hold you in my arms and I will explain, I promise” I nod and he sweeps me into his arms, he goes to kiss me but I move my face away. “Kismet please” “Explain to me Garrett” He shakes his head and I feel my heart break. “Garrett?” I ask as a question and he shakes his head again. I pull away from him standing up and he lets me go. “I can’t tell you Kismet, there are somethings about me I can’t say, not yet, it’s to protect you” “You are hurting me right now Garrett” “My love .

” “Tell me please” I say as I feel tears slip down my face. “Am sorry, Kismet, I. . . Read ” Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine ” by the same author ( Bebe Ernest ) . . Can’t” I take a deep breath and I almost faint, my hands go to my chest. I can’t believe I have to do this. “Garrett,….” I start, taking a trembling breath. “Do you know why I never called you Gage? Because I knew that’s a man with secrets, a man I couldn’t handle, a man I wanted but could not have,I came to terms with it, stupid me. Garrett, I wanted you, I wanted to spend my life with you and am sorry I have to do this but you have to choose, choose between me and your secrets” He stands, clenching his fist. “Don’t do this Kismet, please” “Choose Garrett” I repeat as I feel tears spilling down my cheeks. “Kismet . . . ” “Choose!” I say as I sob. I watch him and I see him make his decision and it’s not the one I wanted. Not the one I prayed for. “Am sorry, Kismet” He says again and I feel pain go through my body with it comes a calming cold. “You’ve lost me Garrett” I say in a cold voice and he stiffens, I see the fear in his eyes but I don’t care. “Kismet, come here” He says but I take a step back. “You’ve lost me, Gage” I repeat. He seems to hate that I called him that because he kicks my coffee table, upsetting the flower vase on top. It crashes to the ground and it breaks, water spilling everywhere. It soaks into the rug but I don’t take my eyes off Garrett’s face. “Kismet, hazel eyes. . . ” “Get out and never come back” I say to him . “Kismet. . . ” “Leave, get out” I say to him and he takes a deep breath. “I will be back, you just need some rest, we will talk about this tomorrow, I love you. You can’t leave me, we will talk tomorrow” He says and he waits for me to say something but I don’t, he waits some more but leaves after a while. When the door closes I slide to the ground and sob my heart out. Oh God. It hurts. **** Garrett. As soon as I clear the doorway to my apartment I begin to let the rage in me pour out. “FUCK!!!!” I kick at the door and the wall and any surface I get to. “Shit” Kismet can’t leave me, she just fucking can’t. Am going to kill anybody that stands in the way. I walk to my room to take a look at the camera footage. Am sure there is someone who has to die for spooking Kismet with my secret. AN. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to like rate and comment. I need feedback on how you think the book is going. If you were the one in Kismet’s character would you have forgiven Garrett? Let me know.

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