Beautiful Mess – Episode 14

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The Vamps All Night 5 months later. Almost 1 year. Garrett. I feel a hand stroking my chest and I pull the body close. “When did you wake up?” I ask her and she moans into my chest . “I didn’t get any sleep” She says and I roll over to give her a critical look. “Why?, I noticed you’ve not been getting any sleep for sometime now” “You always notice everything” She says and I just raise a brow. She sighs. “I wanted to watch you sleep” I don’t call her out in her lie, I just kiss her lip. “Eww, you kissed my morning breath” She says and i kiss her again before saying. “You will tell me if something is wrong right?” She seems to get that I am serious because she nods. “I will be going out today, let’s have dinner when I return, I will pick you up at the flower shop, okay?” “Ok,” I kiss her head and she closes her eyes before whispering. “I have something to tell you when you return” She says and I nod. I think I have a very good idea of what she is going to tell me. I think she wants me to meet her father, am prepared. You know how they say people don’t really change? Well that’s a load of bull. I have been changed by Kismet James. When I got the call this morning that I am free to go back to my normal routine and that the security agencies are not our for me again and that I even have a client, the first thought that entered my mind was Kismet. I am going to go out today and keep my reputation and my self clean. I am going to kill Gage Grayson and birth Garrett Grayson. Am going to be a better man for Kismet. I turn to her and say. “Am going to spend the rest of my life with you hazel eyes” She smiles before snuggling close. ***** “What in hell are you talking about?” I ask William who seems to be acting neutral to what might soon be the day of his death. “Sir, we got you out of South Africa with the help of the Shawn’s, they are requesting a payment to the debt” “Why wasn’t I ever notified of this problem?” I ask him, going directly into Gage mood. “Am sorry boss, but I was in charge of transportation, Marcel was in charge of everything about moving you” I stiffen. “Let me get this straight, you know nothing about how I was moved? What do I pay you for” “I am sorry boss but Marcel told me that he was given orders from you, that I could in no way get involved” “Marcel?” Why am I hearing that name a lot? “Yes boss, I am…” “Finish that statement and you will be on a liquid diet for all of your life” He takes a step back. I close my eyes as I turn away from him. Apparently, moving me from SA took the power of the South African mob and now I owe them a debt. They want it in form of me wiping out their rival family. I drag at my hair, what to do? I know all about debts and payments, in this life you pay up your debts or you go down with them. I don’t have an option and it seems I really don’t have any option. My happy ending with Kismet will have to wait. I can’t kill and come back to her. Am going to get this job done and am going to take my girl on an eternal vacation. I feel a migraine coming on and I scoff at the irony, I haven’t had a migraine in almost a year and the moment I step back into this world it comes back. *** I watch her arrange a bouquet of flower for an old lady while smiling at her and making conversation. I smile and for once in my life I regret my job, I curse at my father for getting me involved in this shit in the beginning. And for dying and leaving me without direction. The woman exits the store and she smiles at me as she does so. I don’t smile back instead I raise my head and I see Kismet smiling and waving at me. She walks me and we meet half way. “What’s wrong?” She asks instantly, I shake my head and I hug her close. “Did your meeting go well?” She asks but I don’t respond. “Kismet. . Read ” The Homecoming ” by the same author ( Bebe Ernest ) All episodes of this story can be found here >> mess . . .?” “Hmm?” “You know I love you right?” “I know and I love you too” She says lifting her heads to smile into my face. “Promise me.. . . ., promise me that no matter what happens you will wait for me. . .” “Garrett? What’s wrong?. . . .” “Promise me Kismet, promise me that whatever you hear you will always wait for my explanations, promise me.” “Garrett.. .., Am scared” “Promise me first Kismet” “I promise” ***** Kismet. “I promise” I hear myself saying because it seems to mean a lot to him. He kisses my head and I rest my head on his shoulder. We close up and he takes me directly home and directly to his room. He pulls my bag from me and throws it on the ground,.he begins to pull at my blouse. “Garrett?” “Please Kismet, just please, I want to be as close to you as I can” He seems so vulnerable, I want to ask what’s wrong but instead. I nod and he raises me, my legs immediately goes around his waist. We kiss to his bed where he proceeded to make me feel as close as I could to him. Much later when he is sleeping I watch his handsome face. I finally admit to my self that I am more than scared, I am terrified. Why did this feel like too much of a good bye? AN.

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