Beautiful Mess –
Episode 13

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Imagine dragons Darkness Garrett “What are you doing?” I asked Kismet when I saw her dragging a big box towards my apartment. She squeals and turns around. “I thought you said you were not going to be back for another 4 hours.” “I changed my mind, I missed you too much” I say and right in front of me I see her face melt. My sweet girl. “So do you want to tell me why you are dragging a box as big as you to my apartment?” She sighs before leaning against the said box. “It was supposed to be a surprise” She says, clearly put out. I don’t even blink at her statement, we’ve been together for 4 months now and am used to the fact that my girlfriend believes in surprises. As much as I hate the concept I have grown used to it. “So, what’s this surprise for?” I asked and she looked at me like I was crazy for asking that question. I just pick the box from the ground and move it to my apartment, she follows me. “What’s inside?” I asked. I didn’t wait for her reply I just used my car key to open the box and behold there is.. Wait. “Christmas decorations?” I ask her and she nods. “Baby, Christmas isn’t for another five days, why do you have to do this now and in my apartment of all places?” She pouts and I feel my self bracing up for the inevitable fake tears. I am not disappointed. “I thought you loved me?” She asks and I nod. “I don’t see how that figures to the Christmas decorations, babe” “I wanted to do something special for Christmas, I mean, it’s our first Christmas together as a couple” She says and I think I begin to get it. “Babe…” “It’s fine if you don’t like it” She says and I feel like shit “Go on and do what you want with the house baby girl, it’s yours too” She throws me a big smile and I felt like the luckiest a**hole alive. “So are you going to help me?” She asks and I began to shake my head. “I promise to repay the help with something of my own” She says and I have a good idea what my payment would be. “Well, since you asked so nicely” She laughs as I flicked her nose. 4 days later. Christmas Eve. Garrett. **** The buffon laughs at my girl like his life depends on it. What an idiot. “If you glare at him any harder there won’t be anymore of him to glare at” Mimi says besides me and I turn to her. “Are we friends now?” I ask with my drink going to my lips. “It’s Christmas, even you deserve a break” She says and I don’t respond. It’s obvious it kills her to see me so close to her friend but its okay if she dies, I don’t care. I will take care of Kismet through the grief. “Are you plotting my death in your head?” She asks and I almost choke on my drink. “What?” I sputter and she laughs. “I knew it, your poker face is loosing it’s touch” I turn to look at her and for once, I didn’t see my arch nemesis , I just see a girl. I chuckle and she laughs, I turn to see Kismet smiling at me. Apparently she is happy I and her friend are getting along. I beckon her and she falls on my lap, I threw a smug look at Marcel and he looks surprised. I can’t believe I was jealous at my brother. “Why did you that?” She ask and I turn to her. “Do what?” “You just threatened Marcel with your eyes” I kiss her neck. “Are you enjoying yourself?” I ask her and she nods. “Thank you for inviting Marcel and Will” I say to her. “They are your family, so…” She says and it reminds me of something. “Why aren’t you with your father on Christmas?” I ask her and she stiffens. She never talks about him and I wonder why. “We are not on good terms, we made a deal not to reach out to each other on Christmas, it’s a celebration we don’t want to ruin for each other” “Why?” “We always get on each others nerves, ever since mom died, he has been different, very different,he’s been too protective and judgemental” I nod. “I can see my mother being like that ” I say and turns to look at me. “Is she not a good mother to you?” “Most times, when it comes to asking things of me” I say, and she kisses my head. “It’s a good thing we found each other then” She says and I nod. “Do you want to dance?”

I ask her when a slow song comes on and she nods. I stand and pull her close as we begin to dance and she wraps her hand around my middle. “I love you” She says to my chest and I pull her closer . I am so content right now. Nothing can go wrong. *** The person looks at them as they dance and he feels so much rage at how happy he looks. It’s not fair, it’s not fair! He is going to ruin them and kill them and make sure the man regrets everything he ever lived for.

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