Beautiful Mess – Episode 12
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Lil Dicky
Freaky Friday
I enter my apartment later in the evening to
notice my kitchen light off and a shadow sitting
at the kitchen table.
I scream before hitting a light.
“Jeez Mimi you scared me”
I say to her and she lifts her glass of beer
towards me lazily.
“What are you doing drinking in my kitchen?”
I ask her.
“You didn’t come home last night”
“I wasn’t aware we were keeping tabs on me”
I say to her and she flinches, I sigh.
“What’s wrong Mimi?”
“Am scared that you are mad at me”
She says in a small voice, I almost roll my
eyes, Mimi is like an older sister to me.
Ever since she was brought from the
orphanage to our home by my parents, I kind
of adopted her as my sister.
She can be insecure and aggressive
sometimes but that’s just her way of self-
“Am not angry at you, you don’t have to think
like that”
I say to her, before taking a sit beside her.
“Am sorry I acted like a b-tch, I even made
some fried rice to apologise but you didn’t
come home last night, I wanted to knock but I
didn’t know if you were ready to face me”
She says, delivering a long epistle.
“You don’t have to call yourself a b-tch Mimi, I
understand that you are protective of me, but
you also have to understand that I am a grown
“Am aware”
She says in a bored voice, I roll my eyes.
“Mimi, you don’t have to be scared that you will
have to share me with anybody, am all yours,
“Good, I want some fried rice, will you
microwave some for me?”
She nods before moving to do so, I stand and
walk to my room wearing a big smile as I
remember that I and Garrett made plans to
Netflix and chill.
I walk to my bathroom and I bath, I finish and
walk out tying a big terry robe.
I walk to the sitting room to see that Mimi has
set the table and has a new episode of Into
The Badlands going.
It’s a movie I fell in love with after I got my
I guess she wants to bond too, I miss her.
I sit beside and she comes closer dropping her
head on my shoulder.
“You smell nice”
She says.
“I always smell nice”.
I reply and she pokes me in the side and I
laugh, she hands me a plate of rice and I
commence the eating and watching thing.
When am done, she takes the plate and sets it
on the table, I begin to take a sip of water
when she comments.
“So, do you want to tell me how you got the big
hickey on your shoulders and neck and almost
on your face?”
I choke on my water and she pounds my back

I ask, acting oblivious to her question, she is
unimpressed by my act.
“I know you heard me”
She says .
I don’t reply.
“Oh my gawd!!!, You totally did it!!”
I hide my face in my palm.
“Oh God ”
I lament.
“Oh Jesus, you totally had s-x, that’s a big ass
love bite”
She say, pulling the robe off my shoulder,
examining them, I beat her hands off .
“What happened to waiting for the one?”
She asks and I blink.
“Garrett is the one”
I reply.
“You are serious”
She says soberly as if just realizing that I
wasn’t joking all those million times I told her I
liked Garrett.
I nod anyway.
“You really like this guy”
She says and I nod again.
She says and i nod, yet again.
“Am sorry i made it hard for you, Kiki”
She says and I don’t respond.
“It means I have to be very nice to him then,
seems I will be seeing him for a while”
She says and I beam my approval.
“I love you Mimi”
I say and she laughs before asking.
“So, how was it?”
She asks and I blush.
“it was fine..”
I say, blushing like mad.
“Ehhi, just fine?”
She asks dubiously and I nod, by the way,
what does she want to hear.
My door opens and my eyes go to the shadow
at the doorway.
I remember giving Garrett the pass code to my
apartment, I didn’t know he was going to show
up unannounced.
Am not even dressed!
His eyes take in the scene before coming to
“I can come back later”
He says and my face falls.
He must have said that because of Mimi.
“it’s fine, you can stay, we were watching a
movie anyway, wanna join us?”
I turn my head slowly to Mimi like a zombie on
drugs, my eyes flit to her expression and I see
her clenching her teeth.
Aww, my baby is doing everything to make me
as happy as possible, even though she hates
my boyfriend’s guts.

“Thank you darling”
I say to her before giving her a side hug.
Garrett sits on the highback chair and I
immediately move to him.
He cuddles me close.
“I missed you”
He says in my ear and I smile.
“We were only apart for 2 hours”
“Two hours too long hazel eyes”
He says and I laugh.
“Am right here now, not going anywhere”
I say to and he pulls me close, his hand
wrapping around my wrist and I settle into him.
I lift my eyes much later to see Mimi looking at
us, when our eyes meet she looks away but
looks back at me with a small smile.
I smile back.
Yep, everything is going to be fine.
Howdy my good people

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