Beautiful Mess – Episode 11
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Jason Mraz
Hello, You Beautiful Thing
I am burning all over, I seriously am
“Are you sure?”
He whispers in my ear and I nod.
“I love you”
He says.
“I love you too, just . . . , I haven’t. . ”
I clear my throat.
“You can tell me Kismet”
“I haven’t . . . , I haven’t done this before”
I say in a small voice and he tenses.
He rolls off of me and i tense, why did I have to
open my big mouth?
“I love your mouth just right, Kismet”
He says and I blink, I think . . .I think I said
that out loud.
“You are not angry are you?”
I ask.
“No, never”
He says, pulling me and our sheets close.
I rest my head on his chest and he begins to
trace lazy circles on my hip, I shiver .
“Am sorry I rushed you”
He says and I sit up.
“You really didn’t rush me, I wanted to, more
than anything in the world”
I say and he pulls me back down, he kisses
my lip when I get close enough.
“You are mine, I have you, I can . . ., We can
do this when ever you want, just not now,
He says.
I ask, insecure.
“Because baby, you deserve a candle lit
dinner, a walk on the beach, flowers, dinner
amd the works”
He says and I shake my head.
“I don’t need those things, I just want you”
I say and he kisses my head.
“I want you now”
I say again and he tenses.
“Kismet…. hazel eyes..”
I straddle him, letting the sheets pool on his
chest as I bend my head and kiss him.
He returns it, deeply, far be it for anyone to say
he doesn’t need me.
He rolls us over, throwing the sheets over his
“We might be needing that later”
I say teasingly and he winks.
“Are you sure about this Kismet?”
“Am sure baby”
I say and he kisses me again, he intertwines
our fingers and I close my eyes as I feel him
kiss my face towards my neck.
He whispers in my ear.
“Am going to have my way with you now and I
won’t come up for air, be prepared”
He says and I feel my toes curl.
“So these things are called eyes?”
She asks and I nod.
“Wow, what a mystery”
She says with a laugh.
“And these are called lips, ears, nose, cheek”
I say pointing to the various parts of her body,
she is straddling me and we are playing a
game of name the body parts.
She can’t seem to get enough, she’s laughing
like a loon, it’s make me feel awesome to think
I bring her such Joy.
If someone told me I would be in bed with a
woman I call a girlfriend and after having s-x
we will play a game of name the body parts.
I would have shot him dead and fed his body to
the dogs.
“What are these called?”
She points below her neck, grinning
“Those are mine”
I say as I roll us over.
I grunt when I feel the stitches on my shoulder
She coos as she kisses it and I watch her hair.
“I was shot”
I say and she freezes.
“I am aware”
She says after a while.
“What happened?”
She asks.
“I told you I was not a good man baby girl”
I say and I expect her to push me away but
she pulls me closer.
“Am sorry you have monsters disturbing you
my love”
She says and if before there was any doubt
how I felt, it just changed.
My heart has been laid on the ground by her
“I love you”
I whisper in her ear.
“I know”
She says and I pull her again closer, she
comes willingly.
We stay like that for a while.
“So. . . , Are you tired?”
She asks and I shake my head, my hand on
her hips, drawing circles.
“Okay, since you aren’t, do you think we could
. . .um m . . . .”
“Kismet, shut up”
I say before pulling her squealing form under
We are sitting by the couch in his apartment,
wrapped in his sheets.
It’s the next morning, we are still too lazy to
take our bath, I can’t move without him cos if I
do I will be taking the sheets with me.
“How do you stomach that sh-t?”
He asks, nodding at my bowl of ice cream.
“How do you stomach your whiskey’s?”
I ask
He says and I nod my head, I refuse to point
out that I got my ice cream from his fridge.
He stocked the thing full for me.
I rest back as I take another bite and he eats
his bagels, changing the channels.
“Don’t watch football, I want telenovelas”
“Baby, you can only watch that stuff when I am
not sitting next to you”
He says before kissing my neck.
As sweet as that was, I seriously need to tune
in to my favorite telenovela, it’s gonna air
“Garrett, baby, I wanna watch”
I say, leaning back against his chest.
He says before tuning in to my favorite
telenovela, he even knows the station.
See, he’s a big softie under all the hardness.
I lift my spoon to his lips, not even looking at
what i am doing, that’s how engrossed I am in
the movie.
The cool sweetness falls on my shoulder and
he licks it off.
He gives me a bite of his bagel and I chew.
“So that’s Macarena, the mother of the guy that
just kissed the girl”
I say, attempting to explain the movie for him.
He just says.
“Baby, eat your ice cream and watch your
movie, don’t bother”
He says.
“What will you be doing”
He tilts my head to his, finally getting my
attention off the TV, he kisses my lips before
“I will be watching you”
My toes curl and I settle into him as I watch my
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