Beautiful Mess – Episode 1

Maroon 5
The sound of my phone ringing sends my eyes
Are they serious? Like is this person serious?
I lean over the nightstand to check the display
and I raise a brow.
I don’t bother answering as I mute the phone.
I fall back on the bed and the warm body
pressed to mine registers.
What the hell?
I sit up again to access how much of a bother
this warm body will be, i almost sigh in pain.
Swear to God Marcel can be a fool sometimes,
he’s my brother but a fool nonetheless.
The person beside me moans in her sleep and
I almost feel bad about waking her.
I don’t feel bad about anything, at all.
I stand up, they’ve succeeded in ruining my
There will be hell to pay.
I turn when the door to my room opens.
“You didn’t answer your call”
Marcel says by a way of greeting, he knows
very well not to call me on my personal phone.
Infact not to call me at all for no reason.
I decide to let that go, it’s isn’t worth it, yet.
“I saw no reason to”
I say, replying to his question.
He sighs and glances at the bed.
“Get rid of that ”
I say to him as I pad to my bathroom, I do my
business and exit.
I see Marcel getting rid of the girl by pressing
some cash into her palm and what I am sure is
his cell phone number.
“Call me”
He tells her.
She nods and winks flirtatiously at him.
I show no signs of emotion when he turns to
He winces when he sees my expression.
“When did you sneak her into my room?”
I ask as I move towards the window and he
“Marcel, I made i clear i wanted a full night
sleep, you disobeyed my others…”
“Gage, chill, I just thought you needed to
unwind, that’s why I sent her up, it’s been so
long since you had a ….”
I raise a finger and he stops speaking.
His first mistake was using my name, his
second was interrupting me while I was still
speaking and his last will be to continue
speaking when I clearly want him to shut the
hell up.
“Get Will”
I say, referring to my second in command after
He asks petulantly.
I freeze as I turn to him from my window.
“Did you just question my order?”
I ask coldly and he gulps.
HE says , going to default mode.
“It’s clear you no longer value your life as
much as I thought,
It will do you well to remember I can end your
life when ever I want to, don’t think I can’t or I
This…this…thing you have began is getting on
my nerves, end it, or I will”
I say to him and he nods.
“Good, now get will, he will be driving me and
debriefing me.
You’re on probation for the time being”
I say to him and he nods.
“Thank you for your kind consideration, boss”
He says and I don’t bother to respond, it’s the
best I can do for him.
Someone else would be on the floor bleeding
from a broken jaw right about now.
I let him get away with much because he is my
And much is little and little is too much.
I notice him move away to do my bidding and
my hands go to my head, massaging my
I feel a massive headache coming on, it’s a lot
of work being strong all the time.
Being Garrett Grayson is hard work, keeping
my reputation as strong and as stiff as it is is
even harder work.
I didn’t build this empire to watch it crumble at
my feet because I couldn’t separate my
personal life from my business life.
Although the means I used in getting to the top
is not a very clean one, the end as they say
justifies the means.
I am powerful, strong and a f**king force to be
reckoned with.
I didn’t get there by letting my brother walk all
over me.
My Mama might disagree and might be
disappointed but that’s the way it has to be to
keep her in the Channel suits and the red
bottomed heels she loves so much.
My doors open and I turn.
“Good morning boss”
“Tell me what I need to know”
“We have received an order to deliver a hand
made Italian shoe personally to a South
African delegate that just arrived at the African
National Conference in Ghana”
He says, going directly to business.
“What’s the duration on this delivery?”
“Two days boss”
He says and I nod.
“Any words for the recipient from our sender?”
“No sir”
I nod and he exits, knowing he has being
I turn back to the window.
I haven’t had a full night rest in a week and yet
I still have more job to do.
In my line of work there is no resting, when you
snooze you get killed.
You are always on the move and on the
lookout for scavengers.
To the world I am Garrett Grayson, importer of
hand made Italian shoes and bags.
That’s just a front for what I really am.
It’s makes my Mama sleep better at night .
In reality, I am a highly paid assassin and
mercenary for hire.
I am a criminal and I will have it no other way.
I speak into my phone.
“Get the plane ready boys, we are going to
“Yes boss”
This operation should be a piece of cake, in
and out, just as I like it.
In and out.
Heya, Bebe here.
It’s been a while right?
Please enjoy this novel, thank you, it’s going to
be the best yet.
At the beginning I have added a song I
listened to while writing, it’s something I do.
I have a playlist for writing, I know, am weird.
If you do download, I hope you enjoy it as I
Let me know if you already know this song in
the comment section.
Much love.


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