crazy lovers PART 10


Crazy lovers
(Bed of roses)
Episode 10
Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
Dav took Stella to the sitting, all eyes turned on
them, he looked at Stella then from Susan to his
“Dad,I’m sorry for this but she is the one that I
“Huh!” Stella opened her mouth but did not say
anything, she removed her hand from him and
ran back to the kitchen with tears
“David what was the meaning of that” Mr
Anthony barked in anger
“Stella is the woman I love”
“I’m sick of all this!” Susan entered inside with
“David listen and listen carefully, I won’t let you
choose that maid over Susan”
“Why are you like this, being poor or rich has
nothing to do with love”
“Shut up!!, what do you know about love” just
then Mrs Anthony got back to the sitting room
with Susan
“How could you do that son, Susan love you with
all her heart, do you think there is no one out
there that is wishing to have her”
“Mom please you and dad should allow me, I’m a
man now, I can make my choice”
“I won’t accept any girl from you accept Susan”
Dav left them with anger, Rose came across with
rag, she was trying to dust the sitting room
“Rose call Stella for me now!” Rose ran back
with fear, Mr Anthony left, it was left with Mrs
Anthony and Susan, Rose returned Stella, Mrs
gave her a hot slap
“How dare you!! after all I have done for you”
“I never knew about that ma’am” Stella replied
as hot tears rolls down her cheeks
“You brat!!” Susan screamed and held her hair,
Stella could not help herself out but kept crying,
Rose managed to rescue Stella, they went
outside and sat down
“Rose I don’t know what to do, everyone hate me
now” Stella said with tears
“You should count yourself lucky, stop crying
nothing will happen to you”
“Rose I thought you would hate me as well”
“No Stella be it me or you, all same I’m happy for
you girlfriend, believe me, our boss will not let
anyone hurt you again”
“I can’t accept his offer”
“Stop it Stella, if he doesn’t love you he won’t be
bold enough to say it out” Rose hugged her, Dav
walked over to them and Rose went inside, Dav
sat besides her
“Stella I’m sorry for not telling you about that
before saying it out but that is the truth” he
wanted to touch her but she adjusted
“I’m sorry sir, I can’t accept that, everyone is on
my neck now, what if I loose my job”
“Even if you loose your job, It won’t change
anything, you are the only one that affects my
feelings, please relax, everything will be fine”
“what I’m I going to do, they are going to kill me”
Stella replied with tears
“Believe me, I won’t let them” he was staring at
her when Mrs Anthony walked to them
“I have my eyes on you now!” she barked and
Stella stood up and Dav held her hand
“Mom, there is nothing on earth that can make
me change my mind”
“I can see that you are insane” she turned and
Susan packed her things to leave the house but
Mrs Anthony stooped her
“Listen Susan, this is your house, you need to be
“I don’t know what else to do ma’am, David
hates me, I want to go”
“Okay believe me, I have a better plan for that,
just take your bag inside”
“Ma’am why don’t you fire that maid”
“No is better we keep her here and have our
eyes on her”
“Is true ma’am” Mrs Anthony helped her to carry
her bags inside.
To be continued.

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