My iron woman – part 16 and 17

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Written by: Abike
Episode 16 & 17
Writer’s POV
Niniola came out wearing a white tank top
and a pink bum short, with a puffy fashion
pink slippers, her natural hair was all
brushed to one side, She came out smilling
wide to Jamal’s mom, she said
Niniola:You are welcome ma, we didn’t get
to know each other very well that day, and
about that day let’s forget it ma, Am Niniola
your son’s wife(Jamal’s mom hissed at her,
she smiled and said)I heard that you are
sleeping in this flat, actually am so happy
to hear that,I guess we will get to know
each other quickly that way (Jamal came
out, looking stressed and confused)
Jamal’s mom:I hope you heard about
where am going to be sleeping?
Jamal:I do, but you know that you
don’t sleep here Mom, why now?
Niniola:Oh common, don’t you get it that
mother-in-law loves to….
Jamal’s mom:Oh please shut it!
Jamal’s mom: David and Daniel?
Both:Yes ma!!
Jamal’s mom:I want you both to take all
these bags to the room I mentioned earlier
(David and Daniel gave Jamal a sign like
should they take the bags, Jamal’s mom
saw them and shouted)Are you both crazy?
Huh? Answer me! Are you sure you are
both ok? I asked you to do something for
me and you are still asking your boss if you
should do it or not, what sort of rubbish is
David:We are sorry ma
Jamal’s mom:Sorry for yourselves, you
fools! Common take something for me jor
(David and Daniel took the bag while
Jamal’s mom followed them, she hissed on
Niniola who was trying to hide her
laugh,When she left Niniola bursted into
laugh, while Jamal said
Jamal:I pray that both of you should not kill
me(He took one of his cars keys on the
table he went out straight while Niniola
gave both Bunmi and Tomiwa s sign to
follow her, when they entered the room,
Bunmi close the door while Niniola was
moving up and down in the room thinking,
Tomiwa took the remote to switch on the
TV, she sat down to watch the program
that they are showing on the TV, Bummi
joined Tomiwa to watch the TV, after five
minutes of Niniola walking up and down the
room, she took the remote and switch off
the TV, she sat with them and said
Niniola:I have a plan
Tomiwa:Oh really? What plan?
Niniola: This is the plan, what we want to
do is to make that woman realize all her
mistakes and to reconcile with Jamal, we
all know that deep down in Jamal’s heart
he is not happy with his Mom, but to make
things right, this is what we are going to
do, first of all,I will make sure I compete
with that woman in dressing, Am sure you
all see what she is wearing today, and am
sure that everything from her head to toe is
up to three million naira
Bunmi:You are funny, Sometimes she
spend five million naira just to look good
and outstanding, that woman get skushi
Tomiwa:But Ninny what are you really
trying to do?
Niniola:First of all,we must get through that
room, I mean her room, we will take a full
pictures of all the clothes she brought,
jewelries, shoes and bag
Both: What??
Tomiwa:Ha! Niniola ko po
Niniola:O po
Tomiwa: I said ko po
Niniola:And i am telling you that it is
possible, We will target her ni, when she
goes out we will take them
Tomiwa:So you will now take all the
pictures of her things and show them to
Jamal to get you the same stuffs right?
Niniola: Exactly!Jamal will just order
them,maybe latest in two days time I will
get them ,am Sure she will go out this
evening or tomorrow we will use that
opportunity to do that mission
Tomiwa:Will Jamal be able to order all
these things bayi, all the clothes inside
there is yet to be wear, you still want to buy

Niniola:See leave that one, If she see me
wearing the same thing as her, am sure
her body will not be settle, to make life hard
for her, the way I will be treating Jamal in
her presence will make her to regret
everything,She will blame herself for not
caring for Jamal, ladies just leave all that
one to me, what matters is that we should
get al… (The door that was opposite them
opened they all stood up to check and it
was a big jackpot for them that Jamal’s
mom was fully dressed, she is going out to
a party, They all jumped up for joy, They all
rushed to check her car, when they saw
her car leaving, Tomiwa quickly remove her
heels while Niniola ran to where her shoe
rack was and gave her a slippers to wear,
suddenly Jamal, David and Daniel came in
the ,three ladies got shock and surprised
Jamal:What’s going on here, Bunmi why
are you here, and you Tomiwa why are
you in Niniola’s slippers, What’s going on?
Niniola: It’s nothing we were just
discussing about ladies stuff, we will
Escuze you now and go to Tomiwa’s room
(They all ran out like some kind of teddy
bears, while Jamal was like what’s going
Jamal:Are those girls ok? (When Niniola
and others left the room, Niniola has
already took the key to Jamal room from
the back of the door and no one was
aware, she immediately locked the door
from outside)
Tomiwa: Niniola you locked them up, why?
Niniola:Those guys will spoil our mission
and you Bummi run as fast as your leg can
take you and bring me a very sharp knife
Tomiwa:Are you sure you are ok, we are
only going to snap not to kill
Niniola:Of course I know, just do what I
asked you to do Bunmi, Fast! (Bunmi ran
into the kitchen, she grabbed the knife and
ran out of the kitchen after two minutes she
met Niniola and Tomiwa waiting for her, In
Jamal’s room, David and Daniel are done
with the files they are arranging, Daniel
tried to open the door but he found it lock)
Daniel:The door is locked
David: Which door is lock, common open
the … (He also tried to open it but was
locked)Can it be Bunmi,Can she lock this
Jamal:Of course it’s not Bunmi, am sure it’s
Niniola,only God knows what she is up to
Daniel:We should have know since we
found them together in the room
Jamal:Press the Bell or call one of the
boys to check on them , and beside where
is the extra key? (David is pressing his
phone to call one of the boys while Daniel
is busy searching for the extra keys, Jamal
on the other side sat on the couch,he was
trying to call Niniola’s number, Back to
Niniola, She collected the knife from Bunmi
and said

Niniola:You both should go inside that room
now, I will stay here to stop those guys
cause am sure they are calling them by
now to check on us, I will only use this
knife to threaten them, Common fast, go!
(Tomiwa and Bunmi went inside the room,
They took the bags one after the other
snapping every single thing that was inside,
Suddenly six bodyguards ran in while
Niniola hold the knife to her throat they all
stopped at once
Niniola:One more step from there and I will
kill myself and am sure you all know what
will happen to you all if I should kill myself,
So all of you should move back,Now!(They
all move back a bit,one of the guy’s phone
ring,he picked it up but before he could
speak Nini cuts in and said on top of her
Niniola: Jamal am holding a knife right now
(Jamal jumped up from the couch he was
sitting on immediately he heard her voice
from David’s phone, he collected the
phone from him)
Jamal:Nini what are you trying to do?
Niniola: Just tell your boys to back off or
else I will kill myself, Now!(David collected
the phone from Jamal who seems to be
confused on what to say to her)
David:(Yelling)All of you back off, I repeat
back off right Now! Niniola just open this
door we promise not to disturb you on
whatever you are doing, I promise you ,
Niniola I cross my heart, please just open
this door
Niniola:Are you sure that you won’t disturb
David:I promise (She opened the door
while David and Daniel ran out, Jamal just
sat back on the couch resting his head)
Can you please drop the knife?
Niniola:You told me that you won’t disturb
me ooo
David:Ok sorry (Jamal came out after few
minutes, while Niniola said)
Niniola:Am sorry,but just believe me that
am doing all these for you
Jamal:Can one of you get me a chair
please (One of the boys ran inside Jamal’s
room to get him a plastic chair, he came
back with the chair while Jamal sat down,
After thirty minutes, Tomiwa and Bunmi
came out)
Tomiwa:We are done but we can’t arrange
it back,we need some girls to help
Niniola:Ok Bunmi call six girls to come and
help you right now

Bunmi:Ok(She ran away while Niniola
faced David and Danie)l
Niniola: David I want you to call a very
urgent meeting right now, tell them your
boss wants all of them in the compound
right now, both guards, maids, and
David:L… Like now?
Niniola:Yes now! (David went away while
Bunmi arrived with the girls while Niniola
join them in arranging Jamal’s mom stuffs
back to places, before they finish everyone
was already waiting in the compund for
Niniola, She went downstairs with tomiwa
and Bunmi, She saw everyone standing in
the compund she shouted on top of her
voice that)
Niniola:I know that everyone of you already
found out what is going on right now,
except for one person and that’s your
Boss’s Mom, if she finds out about
everything that happened this afternoon,
Consider yourself fire, If just one person, I
mean a single person should tell her what
happened today, I promise to sack all of
Niniola:May that Ha kill you all, Look at
you, Instead of you to start begging each
other to keep your mouth shut, you are all
saying Haa! Don’t worry, I know that you
all want to try me, Try me ok , no problem,
feel free to try me and see what will
happen, now everybody back to work now!
(They all rushed back to thier various work,
Niniola smile widely and said) Mission one

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