My iron woman – part 15

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Written by: Abike
Episode Fifteen

Jamal’s POV
Actually I can’t get anything for now, am
having different kinds of feelings, Am I
having feelings for her or what, does she
feels the same way I do to her, I was just
thinking about her in my office suddenly
David and Daniel came in, they both sat
down looking at me to talk
Jamal:what was those faces for?
Daniel:We are just waiting for you to speak
Jamal:(These guys must be out of thier
minds) speak what ?
David:Do you realize that she almost shed
tears this morning?
Jamal:Of course I know
Jamal:I was at the door I didn’t left
immediately, I heard when Tomiwa asked
her if she is jealous and the way she
replied I knew she was almost in tears
cause her voice was shaking, I think this is
more than a contract now, because the
way this issue is going now I can’t just
understand it, infact I was unable to touch
Daniel:For real?.
Jamal:Am serious, I had to pay her off to
leave me finally with the sum of 5 million
naira, I couldn’t touch her, I was just
thinking about Niniola, the way she cuddle
me to sleep just like my Dad, she told me
she will cuddle me to sleep just once,but
she does it everyday and I miss her for that
during the night,I don’t know why I just
can’t touch Bella cause I was feeling guilty
and i wonder why, I swear I missed her
that yesterday, I missed her not sleeping
with me yesterday
David:Boss why don’t you give it a trial to
see if she feels the same way to you
Jamal:I Know she do, but I don’t think she
will because of her past relationship and
she vow not to have any relationship
Daniel:Boss why don’t you try it, give it a
trial atleast, maybe she will change her
mind,the way you treat her will determine
Jamal’s room
Niniola was busy on her phone, she sat on
the bed when Jamal walks in, he said hi to
her but she ignored him again
Jamal:Look I never have anything with her
yesterday, if that is what you are thinking
Niniola: What is my own issue with that?
Jamal: Niniola am sorry about everything, I
never knew that she will come, she
changed her schedule finally and beside I
never asked her to come to this room
yesterday, Niniola you are one of the best
things that had ever happened to me, am
sorry about yesterday, if you are acting this
way with me, it’s not gonna help me, most
especially at my works, I never pray to
offend you,not once I pray to get you mad
at me, because you really brought a lot of
changes into my life and I really appreciate
them a lot, just please forget about Bella, I
paid her off and she is gone, I never touch
her yesterday, I know that you will be
thinking that this guy is just making an
Escuze, of course am not, For just one
month that you are here with me, I swear
it’s the best to me, I don’t think I will be
fine if you are mad at me(Niniola smile, she
turned her back to him to sleep while
Jamal said)
Jamal:For real, is that all what you will
Niniola:(Stood up walking closer to him)Can
you take me out to have some dinner?(She
stopped walking)have been at home all day
and am bored, can you please take me
Jamal:Sure I will, does that means that you
forgive me?

Niniola:I will forgive you if you take me out
for the dinner
Jamal:(Smiling)Sure I will (Both staring at
each other, moving closer to each other,
suddenly thier lips both met, Jamal kissed
her lower lips, she also kissed him back,it
was a quick kiss, Suddenly Niniola stopped
the kiss)
Jamal:Am so sorry, sorry about that
Niniola:Its ok, we were both at fault and
besides it’s only a kiss, so can I go and
get dress now?
Jamal:(Still lost in the kiss)Huh? Oh, y ….
Yes you can go(Niniola smile at him while
she enter the small room for all clothes,
she shut the door, she sat down on the
floor flashing back the kiss over and over
again while Jamal still standing thinking
about the kiss also
Niniola was taken to the best restaurant,
she had a nice time, so also Jamal, they
both gist and giggles, they went back
home a bit late, Niniola was the first to
have her shower when she came out of the
bathroom, her hair is not yet dry and she is
putting on just a blue towel which was
revealing her laps so much, the moment
Jamal saw her, his phone dropped down
from him, He quickly picked it up to check
the screen but his screen was broken while
Niniola couldn’t stop laughing
Niniola:I just want the water to dry on me
that’s why
Jamal:Oh I see
Niniola:And what will you do to your phone
Jamal:(Staring at her laps)Phone?oh
phone, I will do that l…latt…I will sort it out
later(Niniola knew she was making him to
feel hot and out of control but she ignored
him to sat on the bed,she took her phone
to press while Jamal couldn’t stop staring
at her body
Daniel and David walking towards Jamal’s
room, both checking a file on thier way,
suddenly Tomiwa stopped them, she was
putting on a two and half blue gown and a
back fashion slippers
Tomiwa:Hey handsome! (Both of them was
like handsome, who?)

Tomiwa:Of course am talking to you Daniel,
can I have a moment with you please
(acting cute and sexy)
David:I think I will Escuze you both(He
went away while Tomiwa smile and winked
at Daniel who seems to be surprised to
what’s going on
Niniola and Jamal are both watching an
American movie, Daniel knocked on the
door and came in, he said
Daniel: Boss your Mom is here with some
of her belongings and it seems like she is
using up to a year in this house cause she
brought up to six travelling bags
Jamal:What?! (Niniola couldn’t stop
laughing hard, she was laughing and hitting
Jamal’s shoulder)Nini stop its not funny
(She stop laughing and stood up)And
where are you going?
Niniola:To say hi to my mother-in-law,Abi?
Jamal: Niniola don’t do this right now and
stop laughing please (She couldn’t stop
Niniola:To be candid, Jamal stand up let’s
go and say hello to our Mom now(Jamal
looked at Daniel who was watching thier
whole scene, giving him a sign like is
Niniola ok why Daniel shrugged his
shoulder like he can’t understand her too)
Niniola:I hope she will be sleeping in this
Jamal:Of course not, She always sleep in
the third flat
Niniola:Oh no! How I wish she sleeps in
this flat
Jamal:What?! (David came in and said)
David:Boss, your Mom is not ready to
sleep in the third flat she said she wants
here and she choose the room that is ssss
I….ss opposite your room
Jamal: Sorry, I can’t hear you very well
which of the room please?(Daniel almost
burst into laughing)
David:The one that is opposite your room
sir(Niniola bursted into laughing, while the
three guys are just looking at her)
Niniola: Actually I understand your
mom,she really want this to be fun
Jamal: Oh my God!
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