A girl Like Amanda – part 6 and 7

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A Girl Like Amanda.
Written by Jake Sam.
Episode 6.
Amanuke Central Market is a modern
developed market that was established by
the federal government to help the
community to buy and sale, it’s a four
storey building that has different stands
designed for a particular goods on the
ground floor while they are different stores
on the second to the fourth floor where
those that are selling different type of
goods like plastic chairs and glass tables
tagged with a store number.
Mama Soludo is one of the women that
sold kitchen utensils in store number B13,
she has no sales girl as Lotenna always
comes around after school period to assist
in the store.
Hearing the voice of her son, Osita
screaming for help, she quickly opened her
eyes and step out of the bed, noticing her
husband isn’t in the room with her, she
knew he is beating him so she quickly ran
to her sons room and tried opening it but
finds out it was sealed shut from inside.
“Papa Lotenna leave my son alone oo!!! ”
she shouted banging the door with her
When no reply came forward, she shouted
again but Mazi Ebube didn’t nudge, he
keeps kicking Osita and punches him,
Soludo pitied his brother going through that
serious beating, he made an attempt to
open the door for his mom.
“Soludo if you dare open that door, I will
beat you.” He threatened dreadfully and
fear became Soludo’s middle name.
“Soludo open this door now!” His mother
hearing her husband call on her younger
son calls our to him.
“Mummy am scared,” Soludo said in tears,
blood now was coming out from Osita’s
body and nose.
“Do you want your father to kill your
brother? Open this door now!” She ordered
again but Soludo was still frightened by his

Mama Soludo realizing that Soludo couldn’t
open decided to go call on mama, tying
only a wrapper on her chest ran to mama’s
building as she bangs the door hard.
“Who is this one this morning.” Mama old
voice is heard from inside.
“Mama, it’s me Oluchi,” she replied
“Is there a problem?” Mama asked.
“Mama is my husband, he is beating Osita
in his room and the door is locked from
“Oh my God, I thought I have warned him
about beating those children as if they are
his mates.” Mama said as she sighed,
opened the door and came out with a
walking stick then followed her to their
Reaching her son’s room, the door is open
as Mama Soludo ran in, she breaks into
tears as she saw Soludo crying over the
unconscious bruised body of his elder
She ran to her son and took him in her
bosom, mama seeing this shook her head
“Mazi Ebube, if anything happens to this
child, you will be miserable.” Mama curses.
“My daughter, the child doesn’t look good,
run and go and call Mazi Kingsley, tell him
what happened and tell he should bring his
keke (tricycle) so that we can take the child
to the hospital.” Mama said as she called
Soludo close to her.
Mama Soludo ran to Mazi Kingsley’s house
and knock on his door, he opens it when
he heard the crying voice of Oluchi.
“Ah! Mama Soludo what is the problem?
Why are you crying?”he asks immediately
he sees her.
“It’s Ebube ooo, my god forsaken
husband.” She wails.
“Ebube? What did he do this time? Did he
lay his fingers on you again?” He asks still
“Wouldn’t that be better” she says still
“So what is the problem?” He asks again.
“He has beat my son, Osita now he is lying
unconscious in the room. Mama said you
should come with your keke so we can
take him to the hospital.”
She explained to him.
“God forbid bad thing.” He lamented.
“Okay go and be with your son let me
quickly dress.” He added as he close the
Adaobi, the twins (Tobenna and Uchenna)
mother came out with her husband, Mazi
Olisa. Wondering what is wrong with
Oluchi, as they both heard her voice.
Adaobi ran to their house and saw why she
was crying, Ositadinma’s body we’re
swollen from the severe beating his father
had inflicted on him.
“Mama good morning,” Adaobi squat down
a little for mama immediately she spotted

Mama who couldn’t say a word nod with
her head as she places a hand on her
daughter in-law’s back.
Mazi Kali and Kingsley soon joined them
as they quickly carried Osita to the

A Girl Like Amanda.
Written By Jake Sam.
Episode 7.
Entering inside his mansion, she saw four
Men and a lady, all in black outfits sitting
down as if waiting for her, this is true
because, as soon she entered, the lady
saw her and stood up almost immediately.
“Amanda, you’re here.” The lady said as
the men gaze at her.
“Maureen, yeah. Am here.” Amanda said
looking at Potiphar who was in the midst of
“Am sorry Amanda, Michael was a great
soldier.” Potiphar finally said after staring at
her which felt like ages. He is a middle
aged man in his early fifties who looks like
a thirty years old man if not for the grey
hairs he got.
“Hi, am Gunner, I don’t actually think
we’ve met.” One of the men stood up to
introduce himself, he wore a black body
hug inside, topping it with a black suit and
a pair of black jean trouser.
Amanda guessed he was in his late
twenties as she nods a little.
“Godfather, am sorry.” She says as she
immediately went on one knee.
Maureen was confused but she didn’t say
a word.
“Get up Elektra, Maureen take her to your
room so she can wear the clothe I bought
for her.” Potiphar said not looking at her.
“Yes father, let’s go Amanda.” She took
Amnada’s hand in hers as she led her to
her bedroom even though she knows
Amanda knew every inches of the house.
“So where have you been, I miss you
alot.” Maureen said but Amanda was quiet,
it was obviously thinking as her mind
wasn’t with Maureen, not until Maureen
jerks her.

“Don’t think too much, Michael was our
friend also.” She said looking at Amanda
who only smiled at her.
Looking at her worriedly, Maureen the
death of Michael is really affecting her and
she felt jealous, to her, Amanda and
Michael shared something she couldn’t
share with her.
“C’mon, let’s go change.” She says as
they both enters her room.
“I think I know what can temporary take
your mind off him.”
“What’s that?” Amanda is confused.
“Don’t ask, just pull your clothes.” She
smiles as she begins unbuttoning her
dress, as she pulls down her bum short
revealing a white g-string beneath, taking
off her her shirt watching Amanda do the
Maureen is beauty to behold, she is twenty
three and she has a perfect body shape, at
about 5ft tall, she has a chocolate thick
skin with a firm breast and a round bum, to
her, she took after her dad’s complexion
but looks so much like her mother who has
passed on.
Amanda stared at Maureen’s naked body
and smiled, she smiles back.
“So what next?” Amanda asks as she has
taking off her clothes and her panties.
“In the shower.” Maureen says as she led
Amanda inside.
They got in and Maureen kisses her
immediately, though Amanda wasn’t
expecting it, let her in as her hands went
over Maureen’s body.
They continued kissing, Maureen slide her
hand to her v region, Amanda gave a small
gasp as she starts moaning, she loved her
touch, she really did.
With her index finger inside her honeypot,
she pushes in and starts sucking on one of
her breast, she licks her n—-e as her finger
is still inside her honeypot.
Amanda is moaning almost loudly as
Maureen stops sucking on her breast and
kisses her, with their love making that
lasted twenty minutes.
They came out laughing from the bathroom
still in each other’s arms.
“That was fantastic,” Amanda giggles.
“You know where to touch me don’t you?”
“Of course I do, that’s why we are in love.
I’ve missed your body and having you here
is great.” Maureen smiles.
“I know that and am sorry I didn’t tell you
before leaving Lagos.” Amanda says as
she kiss her which lasted two minutes.
“C’mon let’s wear our clothes, my father is
waiting for us.” She says disengaging from
the kiss.
“I really had a good time, thank you.”
“Same too my heart.”
Fifteen minutes later.
They came out and saw the men we’re still
waiting in the sitting room.
“What kept you girls for over fifty minutes?
Unh?” Potiphar asks.
“We are sorry father.” Maureen
immediately went on her knees.
“Sit down, we have a business to discuss.”
he says.
“You all know that MJ is dead, he was a
true son to me. But nevertheless we have
to continue with our lives and let the dead
bury their dead.” As Potiphar says this,
Amanda frowns but Maureen held her
“Godfather, what really happened to him.
How did he die?” She asks immediately, “I
need to know.”
“He died in the last operation, he was shot
in the chest by a cop.” Maureen replied.
“So where is his body?” She asks again.
The men looked at her, she knows the
men in the room except the guy who
introduced himself as Gunner. The one
seated on the sofa wearing a dark
sunglass is Viper while the tall man close to
Potiphar is his right hand man who is thirty
two, his name is Yakubu but the crew calls
him Big Daddy. And among the men,
Gunner was the youngest who is now close
to her.
“His sister took it away.” Big Daddy
answers her.
She kept quiet as Maureen motioned her
“Now, there’s a bank at Maryland, they
would be transferring money for Senator
Rogers Okorocha, now according to my
informant, inside the bullion van is the sum
of seven hundred million naira and security
would be tight as hell but not to worry, we
just have to intercept along eastern road.”
Gunner looks at Amanda then brings out a
map as he places it on the center table.
“We can’t miss it or we will lose the
money.” He says.
Potiphar nodded, “that’s why we are
gathered here because I want the five of
you to carry out this mission.”
“You’re joking right? Didn’t you hear
security would be tight and you want the
five of us to do this deal?” Viper says
Potiphar looks at him and he understood
he wasn’t kidding.

“Lady Elektra, Rocky, Gunner, Big Daddy
and you Viper are going to do it. Guns and
Ammunition will be provided. So get ready,
you leave in one hour time.” He says as
he got up then he looks at Amanda,
“Amanda can you do it?”
Saying no would be fatal so she answers
in the affirmative.
However, Amanda felt the crew was lying
about Michael’s death.

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