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Subtitle: F–k Mark Z.
-Episode 9
My heart started beating fast, I picked the
call hastily nearly dropping my phone on
the floor.
Biggy: guy you dey house?
Me: ……… *silent*
Biggy: Sandra say she wan bring police
oh. *Chisos!!!*
Me: where you dey now?
Biggy: I dey my house.
Me: you still dey there? You never
disappear or carry your one thousand naira
properties go village, see Police is your
friend na when you get money oh. I no get
shi shi to go bail you. *Biggy laughing*
Biggy: you nodey joke with money oh,
sha… I just wan give you BP, me and
Sandra later settle with three rounds, I nofit
even stand up from my bed now sef. The
girl na s+x lioness, I am in love with that
girl, bro.
Me: bra nothing concern me, if you like
jump enter or fly enter in love with Sandra,
that one na your business. Na toto go kill
Biggy: amen… Later, MTN don warn their
The call ended, I went outside the room
and stood on my doorpost. The yard crazy
children have started their nuisance play, I
decided to go outside the yard and receive
fresh air.
There is this uncompleted house behind
our yard that the dirty gutter serves as
demarcation, the owner built the house
Last year he was roofing the house and
this year he has done plastering the walls,
next year he will put doors and windows, is
only civil servants that build house like ant
I was busy going round the uncompleted
house when I heard two feminine voices
coming from the house,
I jumped through the window and went in
search of the room that the noise was
coming from.
Voice 1: put your finger well.. ooosshhh
Voice: aahh s+ck my n+pples.
I was now hearing the audible m+ans
when I got to the empty room doorpost,
I could make out the people and what they
were doing ’cause of the moonlight, they
were too engrossed to notice my presence.
I took their skirts and singlets, with their
panties in my hands,
The first girl was Lucy and the other one is
Lucy was the most beautiful girl in the yard,
and trust me she is very saucy and proud.
And she doesn’t fail to spray insults to
anyone who dares her, old and young,
small and big, she doesn’t care.
Many playboys in our area have tried to
woo her and ended up insulted, and
humbled by her. I tried my luck too but I
wasn’t lucky ’cause the girl washed me and
dried me on the rope with insults, she
insulted my lineage and my life. Since
then, I have been greeting her aunty Lucy
and she will always respond with pride.
Small girl like that, is like heaven is giving
me the chance to judge all those who have
sinned and gone short of my grace, to
judge them.
Me: Ayomi and Lucy, lesboooooo!!! *raising
my voice*
Ayomi: please, uncle Victor is the devil
*crying and begging with tears*
Lucy: don’t shout na, please.. good
evening *she wasn’t even afraid*
Me: you nodey fear Lucy shebi? Ayomi,
your stepfather go just turn you to punching
Ayomi: abeg na, no tell anybody… We go
do anything you want *crying profusely*
Lucy: anything, don’t shout abeg.
Me: okay, Lucy still dey form Sha.. I go
pity ona on terms and conditions.
Ayomi: anything… Is the devil ohh *who
you get to blame again?*
Lucy: what is that you want?
Me: I go f+ck you, and you Ayomi go s+ck
my d+ck.
Lucy: no, abeg oh.. we go give you
money, I never f+ck boy before o.
Me: ona no serious, make ona come
ohhh!!! *shouting loudly*
Ayomi: we go do am, no.. no shout *crying
and jumping*
She begged Lucy and both of them agreed
to do what I wanted, Ayomi pulled down
my short and my h+rd d+ck pointed direct
to her face.
she took it inside her mouth and started s
Me: aaaahhh .. oooohhh *I was seeing
The way she was s+cking me is like she
has been an expert from kid, lesbians and
I removed my h+rd big d+ck from Ayomi’s
mouth because if she continue I will c+m
and I won’t have my revenge on Lucy.
Me: hold the window *Lucy refused*
Ayomi: please na, Lucy do wetin em talk…
My step father will kill me *crying and
She stubbornly held the window and
pushed her ass backward, I grabbed my d
+ck and rubbed it on her p+ssy opening.
She wasn’t w+t at all, I grabbed her two br
+asts and squeezed roughly, pressing
Lucy: oohh.. aaaahhh.. isn’t sweeting me.
Me: em go soon sweet you.
I touched her p+ssy and she has got w+t
just a little, I inserted two fingers and
started f+ngering her very fast, stimulating
her cl+t with my thumb.
Her juice started flooding my hand.
Lucy: aaahhh … Oohhh… Finger me h
+rder, baby!!
I spitted on my d+ck and j+rked it, and
spitted on my other palm rubbed it around
her p+ssy hole. Used my other hand to j
+rk my h+rd to be stronger, and the other
one continually f+ngering her.
I thr+sted in without warning, and held her
to myself, she was very tight.
Lucy: aaaaahhhhh *she screamed*
Me: ooohh *I covered her mouth*
I didn’t wait for her p+ssy to adjust to my
size and i started venting all the frustrations
Lucy ’caused me in the yard on her p+ssy.
She wiggled and struggled, but I didn’t
care as I went in and out with full speed,
since it is a quickie.
Her p+ssy started adjusting to the new s
+xual touch, instead of painful m+ans she
started giving out pleasurable m+ans
Lucy: aahhsss.. ahhh… It is sweet *holding
the window tight*
Me: ah ah ah ah *bleeping her with
increased tempo*
Lucy: aaahh.. h+rder baby *I don turn
Me: aaahhh… Ooihhh..
Lucy: aaaaahhhhh…..!!! *she screamed
loud as her p+ssy tightened around my big
h+rd d+ck*
She started shaking like someone attacked
with epilepsy, I felt sweet sensation running
through my body. I pulled out immediately
and spilled all my seeds on the floor.
She sat on the floor breathing heavily and
sweating, she will take some minutes to be
able to walk home, I chuckled.
Her friend Ayomi quickly attended to her,
both of them started conversing with low
I didn’t hear what they were saying and left

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