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The moon was so full and red, the blood moon happens just once in every century.

There as been a myth about the dead rising up, bones coming together
and all supernatural being at their peak.

The story of the blood moon began thousand years ago with the tikashi
tribe- the tribe that was wiped out many years ago.

A baby girl was born into a farmers family with the signs of moons
embedded all over her body. The leader of the tribe had called her an
abomination and had passed her death sentence.

The people of the tribe had protested against the execution of the
baby. The leader then decided to let the will of the gods prevail.

“Since you all are against her execution; let the gods decide her fate
then” the leader said

The people began to murmur among themselves, for they knew the will of
the gods surpass the human judgement.

“She would be drop in the forest tonight- if she is still alive by
noon tomorrow, then she mean no harm but if she is not – then the gods
have averse our evil”

The mother of the body had began to cry but the father wasn’t moved.
An abomination was allowed in their tribe. They don’t want a child
that will bring the tribe downfall.

So the necessary ritual was performed, and the child was dropped in
the forest. The child mother was locked in the prison, because similar
case as occur in the past: where the mother went back to carry her

So as a precaution, they locked the mother away. The next morning the
people of tikashi went to the forest, but they couldn’t find the baby.
The people then rejoiced that their evil as been averted by the gods.


An old witch had rescued the child from the grip of the forest beast.
The witch took the child home and raised her. The witch gave her the
name Ursula and they lived together for years.

The girl grew up to be very strong for she possesses the mark of the
Zulu, the chosen one. Her parent wasn’t a witch but when the Zulu
marks choose you, you will be a formidable witch.

The Zulu mark signify the blood moon. The Zulu tribe as been destroyed
for about two centuries but their gods still wander around looking for
a host to possess. The gods uses the host to begin a new tribe.

Ursula became so strong and evil, she couldn’t control the power that
flows within her. It was too strong that it was killing her slowly;
but with the blood moon power  in her, she can’t be killed.

The old witch began to use Ursula for her course, she narrate her
story to her. She had been exiled for been a witch. She had kept her
secret to herself for many years not until she was blinded by love.
She fell in love with a farmer from the village in the waterfall.

She loved him so dearly and they got married. Years passed and she
born him three female children. She gave  her children a necklace
which cloak them  from practicing magic. They has lived happily for
years not until things began to fall.

She was tired of keeping it a secret, she had thought since they loved
each other dearly that he wouldn’t react. So she decided to tell him,
she narrated the whole thing to him. At first he didn’t say a word, it
was like his brain was still processing the whole thing.

The waterfall village hates magic and witchcraft. They had ban
witchcraft in the village and anybody caught practicing witchcraft
would be sentence to death.

So the next day, she went to get vegetables in the forest. Suddenly
she began to hear noise, people were running to the village square.
Emergency bell was rung, she knew something must be wrong but just
didn’t know what the actual problem was.

Flames had began to spread through the sky like wide fire, she felt a
sharp pain in her chest as if something was missing in her.

“My princess” she shouted and began race her way out of the forest.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice, a voice she had heard when she
woke up this morning. It was her husband, so she pursed and looked
ahead. She saw three people been crucified upside  down and burnt
beyond recognition.

“You are a strong man- you sacrificed your kids for the peace of the
village” the village head said.

The conversation had began to fade in her ears

“sacrificing his kid?”

She just didn’t understand what they meant so she laid low a listen well.

“I say No to witchcraft…. This village as been good without witches,
anywhere witches go, bad thing follows” Drury, her husband said.

“We have only cut the branches, the root is still somewhere in the
village” a man said

“I watched her go fetch so vegetables from the forest” Drury said

She couldn’t believe it, her daughters were the one being crucified.
Drury had betrayed her, he had betrayed his family. She couldn’t hold
her pain anymore, so she came out of her hiding place and confronted
them. They were so shocked to see her. She had acted foolishly, she
had cloaked herself from doing magic. So she couldn’t execute what she
had in mind.

So the began to pursue her, she ran away and decided to seek refuge in
the forest. So she was all alone  in the forest for nineteen years not
until she saw Ursula.

“Love weakened me” she told Ursula “don’t ever love anybody, my daughter”

Hatred had began to grow in Ursula, she began to see humans as an evil

“How did you find me then?” Ursula asked

“I will tell you after you have help me with my revenge” the old witch said

Ursula was unleashed on the waterfall village, she killed everything
breathing in that village: young and old, calf and cow, cub and
tiger….. Everything!

Her hatred for human grew beyond control so with the anger still
flowing in her, she burn down the neighbouring village to ashes.

So when she got back to the forest to meet the old witch, she demanded
to know her own story and the old witch explained everything to her.
With anger still in her, she went to tikashi and destroyed the whole
place. Blood splatter everywhere, she made there flourishing land a
desert and burn down every living creature there. She was just so

The gods of Zulu became so angry, his chosen one shouldn’t be using
the power for evil- the blood moon power is for uniting the Zulu tribe
and not destroying the people. So she was meant to start a new Zulu
tribe but instead, she had begun to destroyed any tribe that stood
against her.

The Zulu power’s was taken away from her and the power was spread all
over the universe.  So every century, the power of the blood moon will
descend on every supernatural, and they will be at their peak.

Ursula and the old witch was crucified upside down and they were burnt to ash.

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