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Lisa stood still in the middle of the cemetery, she could feel the
cool breeze that calmed her nervous mind- she could feel the powers of
her ancestors flying in the whole place- the cries of her ancestors
screaming and yelling for revenge.

Its been century since the witches fled their scared ground and went
to seek refuge in the oak tree. She could still feel the presence of
her ancestors trying to pass her a message.

She tried to listen attentively- checking whether she could decode the
message, but hell No! She couldn’t. Lisa knew someday- one day- the
witches will rise again and take back what was stolen from them. Maybe
then they could return back to their source.

The cool breeze got disturbed and the rustled leaves flew over the place.

“I knew you must have missed this place” Austin said from behind.

Lisa turned instantly, facing the monster one on one.

“I have never worshipped here…. I only heard histories about how
your grandfather destroyed the century ago”

“So it is century already- time flies” Austin said, smiling “here I
am, still young as ever”

“Why am I here?”

“I called you here for a peaceful discussion- but to my surprise you
have your witches hidden everywhere”

When Lisa saw Austin call, she had decided to fasten her helm. The
rules Elaine had created had been the one ringing in her head. Even
though Elaine broke the rules; The witches still uphold it.

“Don’t trust a vampire”

“I brought my sisters for protection”

“Protection from who? Me? – oh No, I am not here for troubles” Austin said

“I doubt that” Lisa scoffed

“I need your help”

“My help?” Lisa said in disbelief

She suddenly flashed back to all she had read about Elaine; how Kol
had approached her and asked for her help. She remembered what the
previous leaders and mistress of the coven had all said.

Now, the grand son of Kol is facing her- requesting for her help.
Giving her those croaky devilish smile. She wasn’t sure whether
history was about to repeat itself or – nothing so real came through
her mind except for the fact that vampires are devilish.

“I need you to cast some unbinding spell on something in two days
time” Austin said, but the countenance on Lisa face shows that he
would need more than a mere talk to assure her.

“You can bring two of your witches along”

Lisa was not moved by his request, she wasn’t interested in having
anything to do with a vampire.

“What can I do to assure you?” Austin asked, after a deep thought of
how to win Lisa over.

Lisa thought of this as a nice opportunity to make her request known.

“Give me your blood as a truce”

A drop of my blood! An Olsen blood! The blood that kept all vampires
breathing! Lisa request was just so impossible. Giving her a drop from
his blood as given the witches leverage over the vamps. They could
eradicate the Olsen from the sacrifice of the earth- and when the
Olsen’s are gone, vampires would be history.

“You know that isn’t possible. I can’t grant your request” Austin said, finally.

“Then I can’t help you also” Lisa said

Austin wasn’t ready to dream about Kol anymore. He thought of what
might be of value to the witches…. And the right truce came to his
mind- Elaine.

“Elaine is alive”

“Mother Elaine?” Lisa asked instantly, and Austin nodded.

“The witches already incinerated her bone since the ancestors rejected
her souls”

“It wasn’t her bone that was giving to the witches- it was someone else”

Immediately the witches had began to come out of their hiding place.
Lisa had become unstabilized. What she was told and what the witches
accounted was different.

After Kol had usurp the city, he killed more than half of the witches.
Only few witches escaped. Elaine was taken to custody, Nobody knows
what happens after that. Few year later, Kol gave Elaine bones to the
few witches that remained. Those witches had fled with Elaine bones
before Kol would change his mind and descend on the witches again. The
witches tried to unify Elaine soul with the ancestors but it was
rejected. So the witches incinerated her bones.

That was the history documented by the previous witches. So it was
hard to believe what Austin was saying.

“How do you expect me to believe what you just said”

“Believe what you want- but am telling you the truth”

The witches had began to murmur in disbelief

“So you think you can fool us” Amy said

Austin wasn’t ready to beat around the bush,  he had brought along the
weapon Elaine use during her life time.

“Many of you don’t know her- in fact none of you does. But since you
witches are good with documentation, you must have heard of this-“
Austin said, as he brought out a glittering gold substance with
different rare gem embedded in it.

“The Amulet of good and evil” a witch screamed

“Ah! Since you witches know  what this is: save me the time of
explaining” Austin said, smiling

“How did you get that amulet?” Lisa asked

“Told you that your Mistress is alive- you can channel her with this”
Austin said as he tries to give the amulet to Lisa.

“Oh, not so fast” he continued

“Okay, I will consider your request only if Elaine is alive and her
amulet must be handed over to me”

“So simple- but I also have an added request” he said with a wink

“And what can that be?”

“I need a portion like an elixir, strong enough to cloud the demon in
my dream- and give me a nice sleep”

“You want a sleeping portion?” Lisa asked

“Kind of- but a very strong one”

“Alright, guest we have a deal then”

Austin nodded and tossed the amulet to her. Amy approached Lisa and
they both held hands. They channelled their powers together and the
saw clouded image of Elaine being chained somewhere in a dark room.
She tries to locate the place but the location had been cloaked.

“I can’t locate her?” Lisa said, after they were done channelling

“You can’t locate her or you can’t see her?” Austin said

“I saw faint image of her but I don’t know where she is”

“Leave that to me- when you have granted my request, I will bring her
over to you”

Amy is still not in support of trusting a vampire

“Lisa- we can’t trust him” she said

“So true, but some things are worth trying- why don’t you give it a
try” Austin said

“Guess it worth the risk” Lisa said, after a long thought

“Yea-” Austin snapped his fingers “since we already come to a
conclusion, when should I be expecting my sleeping portion”

“Tomorrow night- it will be ready by then”

Tomorrow is just not the answer Austin was expecting. He didn’t want
Kol in his dreams any more. He needed a fast remedy.

“Why not right now- can’t you cook up the concoction and be done with
it within hours?” He asked

“It’s not so simple. Those ingredients are rare to come by, so it will
take more than just an hour or so”

“Well, I need it today. So I don’t know what you are going to do- I
can’t sleep tonight without the portion” Austin voice suddenly became
more husky.

Lisa became scared, she discovered Austin need for the portion. She
suddenly realize he must have been having nightmares. Different ideas
kept popping into her mind. She knew the days of vampires in the city
were already numbered- and Austin will bring the vamps doom.

“You don’t have to raise your voice, I will make you a very suitable portion”

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