LEX – Part 5

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It’s been weeks now and the boys haven’t been woken from their slumber.

Austin isn’t moved by the absence of his son, he had better things on
his table at the moment. For weeks, all he had been dreaming about was
Kol. Kol kept appearing in his dream like a ghost- tormenting him,
scaring him…

Anytime he close his eye, all he see was Kol. Austin didn’t tell
Anybody- including Michael, he had been trying to solve the puzzle
alone but the more he try to arrange the puzzle, the more apart they

Michael had observe the change in Austin behaviour lately, the more he
tried to connect with Austin, the more he drifted away. It was like
Michael couldn’t take it anymore, so he barge into Austin office with
rage in his eye- demanding for answers.

“What the hell is the problem, Austin” he said, half screaming.

But Austin wasn’t moved, he gave Michael a pathetic look and didn’t
utter a single word.

“I get it- you must have been so devastated. Every father would”
Michael continued “seeing your son lie helplessly in a coffin must
have been so hard for you”

Austin wasn’t ready to think about Adam right now. He wasn’t ready to
let his emotions drag him down. How to stop Kol from disturbing his
sleep was the only paramount thing right now.

“I am your second in command- and you shouldn’t be keeping things from me”

Austin eye lit immediately- it was as if Michael was the solution to
the problem. Michael is good at advising people, he was a counsellor
before he became a vampire- that was actually centuries ago.

“The problem ain’t because my kid was daggered” Austin began slowly
and that caught Michael attention.

“I have been having nightmares- scary ones…… Kol has been
appearing in my dreams -“

“Wait a minute” Michael cut him off sharply “same Kol- the father of vamps”


“Oh! That is bad. The devil is appearing in your dream”

“I don’t know what to do” Austin said, simply

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Michael gave it a deep thought. His mind had gone far and beyond- and
had began to solve the puzzle. He was really good at it, and in no
time- he already as answers.

“Ah yes! The blood moon” Michael said

“And what is with the blood moon”

“The blood moon is in two days- and there is a myth that says ‘the
dead will rise again” Michael said with disbelief

“And what is that suppose to mean?” Austin asked sternly

“You still don’t get it – Kol wants to come back to life”

Immediately, Austin drifted from his seat and had began to pace around the room.

‘Never! Such won’t happen” he retorted

“Well that is what the myth is all about; the dead rising on the blood
moon – Kol wants to be resurrected”

“I don’t even know where dad buried him” Austin said but Michael scoff.

“This isn’t the time to laugh” Austin added

“I just can’t help it- the Olsen is such a complicated family- and you
people slogan is ‘family comes first” Michael began

“your father daggered his father…. And you daggered your father. Let
see what your son does to you?”

Austin frowned his face; even though it was so difficult to accept.
Such is the predicament of his family.

“My son loves me- and I love him too….. So history won’t be repeated’

“Just train him the right way- so as to be able to control the monster
in him before it is too late”

“Well, toss that aside. So what should we do now?”

“It is either you resurrect him or -” Michael paused for a while and
thought of it again. “-I don’t even know what the other option is.
Guess the only option is to resurrect him”

“Think of something, Michael- resurrection ain’t an option’

“well, I don’t know what to think of again”

“Kol wasn’t only daggered, my dad made use of some witches help to
bind him. So even if i remove the dagger from his chest; the witches
still have a part to play…. But which witch will be willing to

“Thought you said you had a spy hidden among the witches”

“Yea, I do- but she is useless. She can’t do magic without the coven.
Lisa is the only person I need right now”

“And you think Lisa will help you?”

“That I don’t know of – but am willing to give it a try” Austin said
“Should I schedule a meeting with Lisa”

“Michael, thank you. You have done a lot already- so let me take it
from here” Austin said

“You have a plan?” Michael asked

“I think I have a perfect one” Austin said, smirking.

“Alright, just be carefully” Michael said as he reached for the door.
He then turn back suddenly.

“When are you waking the boys?”

“Let the boys enjoy their sleep” Austin said, instantly


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