Jinx gone wrong – part 27

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🎃Jinx gone wrong🎃

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

💕Chapter 27💕


“W-O-R-D…” That was what left my lips. Hermione and I exchanged a very quick glance.

“Eight hundred and ninety five years? How do you keep count of all those birthdays?” Hermione was asking, looking amazed.
Well, I believed her, even if she told me she was two thousand years old, I’d still believe her.

“Uh, I’m not sure if it’s exactly eight ninety five, it might be lesser or more.” Samantha said with a little frown.

“Oh, that’s a little bit cranky.” I said.

“So how’s it been like?” Hermione asked, with a dreamy expression on her face.

“You mean living this long? Well, I guess it’s the same as you guys… I mean, our time speed is not exactly the same as yours… So…” Seems like Samantha was having a little difficulty with explaining the difference in their time mechanism.

“So you don’t use magic to make yourself younger?” I asked curiously.

“No, we age along with time. Our time of course. “

“So our time doesn’t affect your aging?”

” I guess. Yes. Since we came here, no single wrinkle has been formed on my skin. “Edna said good naturedly.

” though we’ve had uncountable attacks of acnes and pimples.” Lily chipped in, nodding miserably.
I was about to protest that their face were very smooth when…

“We use magic to hide it from you guys,”

“We like…looking our best…” Lily gave me a little smile that I found uncomfortable.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I gulped audibly. Laura hit Lily on the head slightly with her knuckles.

“You’re so adorable.” She sighed with a dreamy expression.
Hermione cleared her throat loudly.

“Excuse me, you have no right to say that to him.” She struggled to get up from the bed, Edna supporting her.

“Uh, why?”

“Cos…it’s.. Erh….it’s..witchual harassment.” I nearly scoffed aloud.

“Witchual harassment?! Ptt! You made that up right,?”

“Yeah, but stop it.”

There was silence for a while, I wanted all of this pretty witches out of here. I wanted to talk to Hermione.
Seems like Edna was reading my mind.

“Alright ladies, we should leave the lovers alone…they deserve some well needed privacy. Come on now, shuu off…” She clapped and ushered them out. Lily strode out grumbling.
At the door, Edna turned around to flash me a bright smile, as well as give me a thumbs up.
Immediately they were gone, Hermione rushed off to bolt the door after them.

“Witches?the whole lot of them gives me the creep.,” she was muttering under her breath as she walked back to the bed.

“I think they are quite charming.” I said sweetly.

“Seems like you’re charmed already.” She crossed her hand under her beast and glared hard at me.

Uh-Oh, not a good time to get into a row.
I didn’t reply her surly comment.
I wore my most brightest smile and walked to her, she tried very hard to keep a mean face, but failed. Her face kept on softening as I moved closer and closer to her.

“Don’t think that a kiss would bribe me.” She said putting her hand over my mouth as I bent forward to kiss her. “Why did you let that witch flirt with you?”

“It’s not my that fault I’m too good looking, yeah..” A grin brightened her face. I got my chance and claimed her sultry lips with mine. I tasted tentatively, still unsure on how she should be handled. She pulled away abruptly, her face twisted in horror.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed, putting her hands dramatically on her throat.

“What’s wrong?” I was worried about the sudden change.

“Oh my god, oh my god! I can’t believe me! Where’s Chloe?!” She nearly yelled, tears were threatening to roll down her eyes.

“I can’t believe me! How could I not have thought of her?! She saved me! Where’s she Drew?!” She viciously dragged my shirt and pulled at the collar.

“Calm down herm, just calm down.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! She’s not dead is she?” She said the last part in a low voice, fearfully.

“No, no. She’s fine. The witches…said she’s fine.”
She looked at me like as though she didn’t believe me.

“I need to see her myself.”

“No you can’t. They wouldn’t let me see her too.”

“,she’s dead isn’t she?” Hermione wailed loudly, biting her lower lips.

“No, stop the drama now. She’s fine.”

“But you didn’t even see her to confirm the witches story.” She wailed on. I didn’t know what else to say after that.

“Oh Chloe, poor Chloe…” She kept on wailing.

Now witches, if you can read my mind from…so far a range, I think now is the time you bring in Chloe…

I put my hand reassuringly over her shoulder. She wouldn’t stop sobbing,her shoulders kept on heaving with each sobs.

After a while, we heard the door click open. I didn’t turn around, though my instinct screamed at me that Hermione had bolted the door after the witches had left.

Maybe she didn’t bolt it well…I mused to myself.

“Hey…guys?” We heard a voice call from behind us. Hermione raised up her head, so did I.

“Chloe?” Hermione called, her voice croaky.

“I guess, I am Chloe.” Chloe said and gave a nervous chuckle. It felt strange, hearing her voice. It was then I had realized that I had never really heard her talk before.
Hermione sprang off me immediately and lunged towards Chloe, engulfing her in a big tight hug. I watched the scene with a little smile on my face.

“What happened?” Hermione’s voice quivered as she stepped back to stare into Chloe’s face.

“Uh, that I can’t recall. I don’t even know what we are doing here anyways, or how we got here.” Chloe’s voice was quite deep and throaty. Almost masculine.

“I don’t remember that either. But what happened.. You followed Audrey and I, to the railway…”

“Who’s Audrey?”

“The girl who tried to kill me, remember?”


“Then you happened to follow them to the railway, why?”

Chloe cleared her throat and scratched her hair.

“Listen you guys, my thoughts are kinda jumbled up right now, so…what the heck are you saying?”


I was afraid for a minute that maybe the accident hade made her lost her memory.

“Chloe? Do you remember me? What’s my name?”

“You’re Hermione, Donovan, my step sister.” She smiled at me.

Chloe! Smiling?! At me?! This has got to be a dream. There was a new aloofness about her now. The way she held herself, the new sparkle in her dark eyes. It was all fremd to me. I instantly fell in love with this new Chloe, and I thought, eerily, that the accident had been a good thing.

Goodness gracious! Hermione, you shouldn’t be thinking such things now. She might as well have died there too.

“Do you know Drew? Sorry, I shouldn’t have said his name, but do you know him?”
Drew took a step closer to me.

She nodded, flashing him her newfound smile.

“Your boyfriend. I can guess that from the way he’s looking at you.” She giggled at the last part. Then a frown settled upon her face.

“What’s the matter Chloe?”

“Gosh! Hermione, you’re so grown up now. Look at you…” She gestured to my bosom, and her eyes moved admiringly through out my body. “…all matured now. I just felt like I had been gone for too long. Look at me, I don’t even remember when I grew all this…” She glanced briefly at Drew, then discreetly pointed to her own swollen chest. A puzzled frown settled upon my face.

“What do you mean gone for too long? Chloe, you’ve always been with us. We started high school together, we ride to school together, we eat together, don’t you remember that?” I was already worried that she had partial amnesia now.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me.” She looked at me and then at the bed, then seemed to have decided. She walked to the bed and sank her butt into it. I followed her too, finding the white gown I wore very ridiculous and silly. I sat beside her, exchanging a quick glance with Drew.

“What’s wrong Chloe?”

“I just don’t know. I don’t exactly remember doing all those things with you and Clara and dad and your mom…”

“My mom is dead now.” I cut her off abruptly. She gasped loudly, putting her hands to her mouth, her large eyes watering.

“Oh my god! When was that?” She whispered with great sorrow. I exchanged another puzzled look with Drew, feeling very worried now.

“About, six months ago. But you remember, right? You were at her burial… Remember now?”

“No!” She stood up abruptly, I also did the same. “It can’t…it can’t be me!” She protested vehemently.

“But Chloe…”

“All of this things you keep on mentioning, I saw them…in my dream.” She grasped my hand and squeezed it tightly, looking imploringly at me. “…but I’ve never lived it. It’s just a dream…” She whispered. I managed to pry my hands off hers. Had those witches messed with her mind?


“Did all that actually happen? Your mom dying? Me attending her funeral… Did it really happen?” The look she was giving me clearly stated that she wanted a negative answer. I gulped down the lump in my thrist, quite audibly, and nodded. Her eyes widened.

“I felt like I was sleeping, the whole time. Everything was just so blurry. I felt as though I wasn’t in control anymore. But I didn’t let it bother me, after all I was still sleeping. Though I tried so many times to wake up from this…sleep,, but I couldn’t. The sleep was much stronger than me, I couldn’t do anything.”

“So, you’re awake now?” That was what I could have asked her, if the door had not opened that time and the six witches walked in.

“What’s wrong with my sister? Why can’t she remember her childhood memory?” I asked no one in particular. Though I deftly wanted Edna to answer me, since, clearly, she was the one whose age was closer to mine. Literally though.

“Well, your sister… Well, she was not exactly the one with you guys the whole time…” Edna said with a slight crinkle of her nose, as though she was not expecting that I’ll understand what she was going to say next.

“What do you mean ‘she’s not exactly the one with ‘you guys’ the whole time’?”

“Uhm…it’s a bit complicated….”

“Just tell her Edna.” Lily said smiling at me…oh..sorry….at Drew😡 “I’m sure Drew here would understand, his IQ is quite impressive…” She sent him another provocative smile. If I had not been so worried, I would have given her a very rude dress down, not caring if she was old enough to be my great great great…(Uhg! How many more ‘greats’?) grandmother.

“So you see, Chloe wasn’t in control of herself the whole time she’s been with you, she was, in fact, possessed by a faerie.”

“A fairy?” Drew, Chloe and I chorused together.

“Faerie.” Edna seemed pleased with our surprise.

“It’s the same pronunciation.” I snapped impatiently at her.

“It’s not the same spelling. Duh” she rolled her eyes.

“Now what’s duh?” Lily was asking again.

“Now now,calm down ladies.” Samantha, deciding to play peace maker stepped in.

“Fairy, faerie, they are all the same.” Samantha said with a motherly smile.

“So, why did a fairy have to posses my sister? Like Neverland isn’t big enough for them or what?”

“Neverland? Never heard of ’em” Candice quipped. She laughed aloud and alone to her own lame joke, the laughter getting strangled in her throat when no one laughed with her.

“Now, what’s Neverland?” Edna was asking

“That’s where fairies live.” I stated.

“Now who told you that, ?”

“Uh…I watched that in Tinkerbell animation, and they seemed nice to me.”

“Nice? “Edna scoffed. “Faeries? Now who the heck is Tinkerbell?”

“A fairy.” I said in a ‘duh’ voice, making my face as bored as possible.

“Ttch, faeries don’t answer such…lame names…they don’t even talk at all, so we wouldn’t know what kind of name they do Iike.” She said in an all-knowing manner that actually made me feel belittled.

“Well, I’m sure if they could talk, they’d be glad to tell you that Tinkerbell is such an adorable name.” I didn’t like this Edna girl, or great grand mother instead. She likes to think she knows everything, and likes to think I’m not smart enough to even think at all.

“Uhm, guys…” Chloe cut in, with her newfound voice that I’ve fallen in love with, “…we still haven’t found out why a fairy chose to possess my body.”

“Sorry.” Edna and I murmured at once.

“So,..” The purple haired witch, Vydia, stepped forward.”the faerie possessed Chloe, that’s why she can’t remember the things that has been happening to her. “

I gasped loudly, so the cold, distant Chloe that had been with us the whole time… It was not really Chloe. I didn’t even know the real Chloe.

“My, that’s disturbing to hear. Everything seems clearer now, unlike my foggy visions in my dream.” Chloe said quietly.

“That was not a dream dear.” Samantha said kindly, ” you were actually living those moments. But not…you exactly…’she stammered the rest.

“You were trapped in your own body, while the fairy lived your life for you.” Vydia concluded.

“So, is the fairy still ‘in’ her now?” Drew was asking.

“No, it left after the accident. Fairies don’t like to stay in wounded or disabled body. That pretty much accounted for ‘your’ dormancy. The fairy was careful not to let you get excited, so that little hurt would come to you…”

“So, if the fairy was against Chloe getting excited and…you know… Worked up, why did the fairy let her follow me to the railway, knowing she would get really hurt there?” I asked, throwing a knowing glance at Edna, saying ‘I can ask smart questions too.’

“Actually, we…I and Candice…” Vydia pointed to herself and then at Candice, “…we kinda subdued the fairy, and….you know…took over… Chloe….we made her go to the railway station and save you.” Vydia stuttered, avoiding my eyes.

“But she got terribly wounded! What if she had died?!” I yelled furiously.
Candice tittered.

“But the fairy left, yay! Great news isn’t it?” Lily chattered excitedly.

“It’s called killing two breads with one stone.” Laura chipped in.

“seriously? bread?” Drew said, shaking his head sadly.

“I’m disappointed guys. Why did you have to put my sister’s life on the line?”

“We figured out since Chloe was much more stronger, she’d take the blow, since she’d be easy to heal, with our magic. But if you had got hit, with all that hatred in your heart for Audrey, we could have done little to save you. Our magic don’t support evil ” vydia was telling me gently. I nodded, but..


“Hey, it’s okay herm. ” Chloe smiled at me. She came closer and put her hand around my shoulder.”there’s No need to talk about it now. The most important thing is that I’m alive. And everything’s fine. ” with a satisfied smile, she surveyed everybody’s face. “And everybody’s fine.”

“You see?” Edna said with a little shrug.

“You see what? My sister’s… Whatever…” I had wanted to say obituary, but then changed my mind.

“You see why we let Chloe get hit by the train? Because she doesn’t keep any grudges. Hers is a resilient spirit. She’d have recovered faster than you. So, we had to do what we did, so in a way, Chloe is much, much more stronger than you are.” Edna completed with a motherly smile.
Oh come now, don’t give me those…smile😥 maybe she’s not that bad after all.

“So, you guys knew along all this while?” Drew finally asked.

“Yeah, “I chipped in. ” why didn’t you cast out the fairy before today? The poor girl didn’t even enjoy her childhood! ” at least my anger was justifiable this time.

“It’s okay herm. It’s not really a big deal…it’s not like I missed it entirely…I was there, just that I wasn’t….me…”
I opened my mouth to say something else again, she raised up her hand in a silent gesture.

“It’s okay. Hermoine. It’s good to be back again, to be me once again.”

“Well I’m glad you’re glad.” I muttered quietly.

“See?” Edna said quietly, her haughty self was back.

“See what?”

“Chloe is much more stronger than you.”

“You’ve said that before, I don’t see why you should repeat it.” I snapped

“Ah quiet you simpleton.”

“Hey, why does your voice sound so familiar?” Drew was asking, his fingers stroking his chin in thought, his brows furrowed deeply in a frown as he stared at Edna.

“My voice? You’ve been hearing it since you came here.*

” no, I feel like I’ve heard that before now…*

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He gasped.

“Oh yeah! You’re that old woman who tried to make me eat an apple in new York!”he stated excitedly.

” I am? “

Another louder gasp.

“You’re also that old man in Albion library!!”

“I am?”

“Oh don’t deny it, I know it’s you.”

I gasped too, as I realized something.

“You were the one who made the door close by itself? In Albion library;” I glared hard at her

“And the rats…” Drew added.

“And…and…my ripped blouse… You did that too?”

“So what if it’s me?” She retorted haughtily.

Another mighty gasp from me.

“Don’t tell me you were also responsible for the strange cloth magnetism, that happened in his room?”

“Duh…” Edna rolled her eyes unrepentantly.

Drew gasped again, I looked at him.

“You also threw me out of my own bicycle?”

“Ugh, it wasn’t actually me who did that. It was Lilly.” Edna said with a smirk. We both turned to look at lily.
She giggled.

“Sorry, I had to get you two together. Though it was Candice who was responsible for the… You know too well…scene. It was such a cold night. You guys could have warmed up really well you know, if Edna hadn’t been such a party pooper.”

“Oh really?” I said turning to Edna, with a mocking smirk.

“Yes really? What are you going to do?” She replied in the same tone of voice I had used on her.

“Well..well…I’m going to… Make love to my boyfriend, and.. You…You wouldn’t be able to. S..stop me.!” I stated, getting myself worked up into a subtle rage.

“Wow, really?” Drew added, he sounded pleased.

“No! Just shut up!* I barked at him.

” okay. “
I refused to say anything else after that, I just cross my hand under my breast and tapped my feet angrily on the floor.

“Well, who’d have thought that fairies could be..erh..unpleasant?… Tinkerbell seemed so nice and friendly ” Chloe said with a dreamy smile on her face again.

“Chloe, faeries aren’t that unpleasant, maybe if we could hear what they say,then we could have a dialogue. Between us. Faeries and witches.” She said gently.

“How about faeries and humans? They should not possess humans anymore.”

“Normally, faeries have their own world, I wonder how this one got to human world.”Edna concluded with a quizzical frown.

” ttch, seems like someone left the vortex open. ” I said rolling my eyes.

“Now young lady, your temper is quite fiery.” Samantha said with a little smile.

“Yeah, what a temper.”Edna drawled, mockingly.

*you’re forgetting something witch Edna.” Drew said in a singsong manner.

“Witch Edna?” Lily mused. ” I like that. Please call me witch Lilly.”

“Well what am I forgetting human Drew?” Edna said sarcastically

“Erh, no matter how hard you tried, I still didn’t eat your apple. Well boo how for you. Ah..” He burst into a mocking laughter.

“Uhm guys…” Edna gave the others a knowing look, “should we tell him?”

“Nah, we’ll let it slide.” Edna gave me a wink, I looked away, feeling sullen.

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