Jinx Gone Wrong – part 26

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By Nwauwa Miriam C.

💕Chapter 26💕

I looked up back to her.
“OK, that’s…clever, very clever of you…” I said nodding. She smiled in return.

“Just know that we are breaking certain rules for you guys, but it’s worth it.”
I didn’t say anything after that, I couldn’t think of anything else to say

“So, when is Hermione going to be awake? How long will she be sleeping?”

“Now, I think. I’ll just wake her up.” I stepped back a little bit when I saw her raise her wand. She turned to look at me with a quizzical frown.

“No need to be afraid, I’ll just give her a gentle tap and she’ll…you know, wake up…” She turned back to Hermione and patted her gently on her arm.

“Come on Hermione, wake up. Wake up sleepyhead, your bf is here for you.” She shot me a knowing glance while I rolled my eyes.

She was still tapping Hermione, she didn’t even stir.

“Maybe you should leave her, to rest a little.” I said, feeling that Hermione was being disturbed.

“She should be awake by now.” She was frowning as she raised up her wand again. “You might want to take a step backwards, this one involves magic.”
I obeyed.

The words I heard next were incomprehensible, sounded something like Greek, or was it Latin.
I didn’t have enough time to ponder on whether it was Greek or Latin, cos that moment, Hermione mechanically sat up and then began to scream off her lungs.

“Hermione! Calm down!” Edna had to shout so that she could be heard above the screams. Still Hermione wouldn’t quieten down. I tried to calm her down by placing a hand on her shoulder and gripping it tightly.

“Herm, it’s okay.”

It seemed as though my touch triggered her to scream more loudly.
The other witches ran into the room, all armed with their wands.

“What happened Edna?” The elderly woman asked, her eyes on me the whole time.

“I tried to wake her, but she wouldn’t, then I used magic to wake her up.” Edna explained in a calm voice.
I was slightly worried. Why was Hermione screaming like that? Doesn’t she recognize me any more?

“You shouldn’t wake her up Edna, she’d wake by herself.” A tall gangling witch with purple hair explained kindly to Edna. “…when she’s ready to do that. Right now, she’s still in shook, you know, from her near death experience. And don’t worry Drew…” She turned to me with a reassuring smile. “…she’s fine, nothing’s wrong with her memory. She’ll definitely remember you when she wakes up.” The witch waved her wand in the air and Hermione quietened down and slumped back to the bed. I watched as her chest heaved gently as she slept again. I miss her so badly already.

“Awwn!” Two witches cooed. I studied them, they could have passed for twins, except that one looked more matured than the other. They were the ones who were flirting with me earlier, though it couldn’t exactly be called flirting.

“That’s right smart boy. I’m older than Lilly here.” The more matured one said smiling broadly at me.

“I’m Laura, and this is my sister Lilly.” Lily smiled and waved at me.

“Nice to meet you ladies.” I stretched out my hands to them. They looked a little bit taken aback. I felt embarrassed with the way my hand kept on hanging in the air.

“You simpleton! He meant no harm.” Edna groaned pressing her index finger on her forehead and shaking her head slightly. ” that’s the way humans greet, go on, take his hands. Now. “
Laura grasped my hand first, I grip was firm and soft at the same time.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Lily echoed.

“Lily, he’ll have to take your hands first before you say that to him, don’t you get it?” Edna said blushing in embarrassment.

“Oh.” She grinned stupidly.

I took Lily’s hand too.

“Can I say ‘nice to meet you now?” She asked, smiling at me, never taking her eyes off my face for one seconds. The other witches groaned aloud in frustration.

“Lily!” They chorused at once.

“I know, I know, geez…nice to meet you Drew.” Okay, she’s definitely flirting with me.

“What’s flirting?” She asked with a little frown, her hands still gripping mine tightly.

“Don’t answer her Drew. Lily leave Drew’s hands alone, his gf is lying in front of you.”

“What’s gf?” Lily grumbled as she grudgingly let go of my hands.

“It means girlfriend, Vydia…” Edna turned to the purple haired witch “…how long before Hermione wakes up? “

“Uhm…an hour, two hours maybe.” She said.

“ok, you ladies go on, Drew and I are just gonna have a small chat.” She led them away. Lily turned back wink slightly at me, I could see the scowl on Edna’s face.

“Stop flirting with him Lilly.” She snapped.

“What’s flirting?” Lily whined in a child-like manner.

“That smile you keep giving Drew, the winks.. Stop all of them. You get?”

“If only I can help myself.” She leaned forward and whispered into Edna’s ear, looking at Me the whole time. I was slightly uncomfortable with her gaze, so I turned around to look at my sleeping girlfriend.
Oh, my soon to be girlfriend😁

“She’s gone now, we can talk freely.” Edna said closing the door.

“Talk freely about?”

“You guys, Hermione. Tell me, do you love her?” She pulled out a little stool for herself, then pulled out An armchair for me. While I sat down my Brain was already busy trying to find a good answer.

“Uhm, yeah…I guess so..” She was frowning when I was speaking.

“You shouldn’t guess Drew, are you not sure of your feelings for her? Do you have someone else?”

“No, no. I find myself thinking of her when she’s not around, the feeling i get when I’m around her…I feel so happy, so fulfilled. I also keep on having this desire of wanting to protect her. Ever since she told me about…you know…her condition,.” I paused and looked at her.” She nodded in encouragement. ” I’ve always wanted to keep her safe. I failed miserably today, now she’s hurt as well as Chloe, this is all my fault. “

“It’s not your fault Drew, this certain incident was destined to happen. We tried to prevent it, but failed.”

“Failed? You knew about her all this while?”

“Yeah, even before she was born.” I eyed Edna dubiously. She couldn’t be more than seventeen years old, and here she was claiming she knew Hermione even before she was born

“So, if you’ve known her before she was born, that means you know what happened to her. Why is she like…that? So obedient?” She sighed loudly, and quite sadly as well.

“It’s a quite long story.”

“You can tell me.” I urged.

“I’m not a good story teller, so don’t expect me to give elaborate details.’

” I’m fine with whatever you dish out.”

“Okay here’s it. There’s this witch, i wouldn’t like to classify her as evil. She and Samantha, you know Samantha right? Our leader?”

“You mean that elderly woman?” She nodded.

“Go on.” I urged, nodding too.

“So the witch, sarafina and Samantha, they were like, contesting for the post of the leader of the witches haven ( oh, that’s where we leave), though you can’t exactly call it contesting. One of them would be nominated by the oldest and wisest witch alive. So you see, Samantha was nominated and sarafina got jealous. She claimed that the oldest witch cheated, because Samantha was close to her. Sarafina refused to take orders from Samantha. At first nobody was worried much, we all thought she’d still come around. Then someone overheard sarafina’s plan. She was planning on stealing Earth’s moon, and then the sun.”
.I couldn’t help it, I burst into laughter. Edna seemed amused as she watched me laugh.

“Now that’s a hilarious story.”

“It’s true Drew. Witches don’t lie.”

“Hmmm…” I was still unconvinced. “Why would she want to steal earth’s moon and sun? How would she even steal them?” It sounded incredible to my ears.

“Isn’t it obvious? Humans can’t leave without the sun and moon, so if she has the sun and moon with her, that’ll make you guys under her power. You’ll have to do whatever she asks you to do. It’s just like taking over the earth. Get me now?” I nodded, still dazed.

“So how did she plan on stealing the moon?”

“With strong anti gravity spells and magic.”

“Oh, so…”

“Don’t ask me how it works,” she cut me off. I nodded quiet miserably. “You wouldn’t understand Drew. So back to the story. When we discovered her plans, we tried to stop her. She entered into your world, we went after her. We cornered her in a hospital, we tried to use one of a very old banished spell on her. The spell makes you obey any order or command issued to you. Worse was that tgere was no remedy for it yet. So something went wrong and the spell went to Hermione and her mom.”

“So that’s why she obeys?”

“I just said that now Drew.”

“So she’ll be like this forever?”

“No, you’re her cure.”
Ah-ah, I remember Hermione saying that strange things happen to her whenever I’m around her.

“Yes Drew, you’re her antidote. We spent seventeen years trying to make a antidote, it had to be administered as a human being. So we figured out ‘why not let it be her true love!’,, so boom, you’re her antidote “

“Wow, it’s…” I stumbled for words. Flattering?

Aye stop reading my mind please.

“Well I fell honored… I mean, since I’m the cure, why hasn’t she gotten cured yet?”

“Both of you have to profess your love for each other, then seal it with a kiss.” She looked straight into my face.

“But what if she doesn’t Iove me? Would the spell still be broken?”

“I’m afraid no. The love must come from the both of you.” She paused and stared at Hermione’s sleeping form.

“We don’t have much time Drew. Sarafina would do anything to either kill or separate you guys. she’s still bitter that we ruined her big plan, she’ll try to ruin all our efforts of seventeen years.”

I took Hermione’s hand in mind and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“You’ll have to tell Hermione how you feel about her, I know she feels the same way too. You just give it a try first.” She smiled at me, I was smiling back when I felt Hermione’s hand move against mine.

“Drew?” Her voice was coarse and… Oh….I missed her a lot.


“Drew?” I tried again. My throat felt so dried up and parched,my voice sounded broken.

“She’s awake!” I could hear the excitement in his voice, I nearly smiled. That’s if I could. My lips felt so stiff.

“water…” I murmured, my lashes flickering, my eyes were reluctant to open. I wanted to sleep some more, but I also wanted to stay awake too.

“What? Sweetie I didn’t get you?”

Sweetie? A fiery blush stole across my cheeks

“She wants water.” a female voice said. I frowned at the voice. It was so unfamiliar and sweet to the ear. The voice sounded like the owner was very beautiful. Who was she? I had heard everything she’d been saying to Drew. Witch? Spell? Drew? Antidote? Now what does antidote even mean?
Oh right… Silly me, cure.

“Here’s water for you Hermione?” I felt myself being propped up, then I felt the cool touch of a cup being pressed to my lips. I gulped down the water quickly, feeling much more better afterward.

“Are you feeling better now Hermione?” Drew was asking.
Awwn, no more sweetie?

“Drew, I think she prefers the sweet whatever thingy you called her.” The woman’s voice came again.

“Oh ” Drew said while I grew hot. Now who was this person? I really wanted to see her. I forced my eyes open and squinted. The first person I saw was Drew. His face was very close to mine. I smiled at him, it took a really great effort to stretch out those stiff lips of mine.


“Sweetie?” He smiled. I dragged his face down until our lips were touching. He pressed his lips slightly hard against mine,clearly not wanting to deepen the kiss.

“Ahem!” Drew pulled away from me.”I’m still Here you know. “

I turned so I could see her face. The girl I saw was very beautiful. Long dark hair, thick arched eyebrows,with cheekbone I’d kill for. A little smile was playing about her wel shaped lips. I immediately didn’t like her.

“Hey Hermione, we meet at last.” She was saying. I frowned.

“So you guys are the one behind my misery? All this years?” I asked.

“Uhm, I thought you’d understand that it wasn’t intentional. It was all an accident.”

“I’m very furious at you guys. You couldn’t even come to reassure me that I wasn’t cursed. I spent all my life thinking that I got unlucky with god, and he had to curse Me with this strange condition. You don’t even know all I’ve been through since I was a child. I couldn’t do the things i loved doing, I couldn’t make friends like other children…”

“I’m sorry about that Hermione, but as you’ve probably overheard, there’s a cure. We shouldn’t dwell on the past, but on the present and future.” She said with a smile
I scoffed loudly.

“Is that suppose to impress me,?”

Holly molly? How long has Drew being here with this girl? Hope she hasn’t seduced him yet? With those eyes of hers……

The door opened and five women walked in, all smiling broadly at me. I turned to look at Drew, my eyes saying; ‘ now who are this women? “

“Hey Hermione! Nice to meet you.” One squealed excitedly.

“We’ve seen a lot about you, I mean seen, not with my eyes though! But seeing you here, ….”

“That’s enough lily.” The eldest cut in, raising her hands up. She then turned to me with a smile.

“We are glad you’re awake dear, how are you feeling now?”

“Better, I guess that’s what you want me to say.” I said shrugging, studying all the women. Beautiful and ridiculously dressed.

“I’m Samantha, the leader of the witches Haven. This is vydia, our physician,” she pointed at a woman in her early forties with purple hair.

“…this is Candice…” This one had white hair which I found cool. I smiled and waved slightly.

“…that’s Laura and Lilly…” The women who looked to be in their Early twenties smiled and waved excitedly, one of them even winked at Drew. I felt angry, I didn’t wave back or smile at them.

“…and finally, Edna.” She pointed to the girl next to my bed. I smiled at her.

“We’ve erh..been with you since you were born.” Samantha was saying.

“Yeah, we monitor your every move!” Laura exclaimed excitedly Nodding.

“Even that time you guys…nearly did it…we were all watching… ” Lilly chipped in. I fekt my face grow hot all of a sudden. ” Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone…”

“Lily! Idiot, keep your mouth shut!” Edna yelled angrily. I turned angrily to look at Samantha.

“So you guys have been watching my every move, without my permission?! Isn’t that trespassing?!”

“Don’t look at me,it was all Edna’s idea.” Samantha said with a shrug. I turned to look at Edna.

“So you’ve been spying on me, even when I take my bath?* I asked her. She rolled her eyes.

“I’ve been spying on you take your bath since you were a baby. Duh. Whatever that means “

“Really? Since I was a baby?” She didn’t look much older than me, just a few months maybe.

“Yeah, even when your mom was pregnant with you.”

“How old are you exactly? Seventeen? Eighteen? You can’t be older than Drew.” I stated, feeling angry for no reason.

“Why?” She smirked., “afraid I’ll steal your boyfriend?” She raised one perfect brow cockily. I felt so angry and felt like clawing at her face. Why does she have to be so damn perfect?!

“You should be thankful that I do younger men, else I’d take him away from you with just a snap of my finger.” She smiled at Drew who was looking bemused

“Younger? You can’t be more than eighteen. Who knows, i might be older than you.”

“Honey, are you aware that I’m over two hundred years older than you are?” She said, shaking her head slightly.

“Yeah, and I’m five generation older than you are. Spare me those nonsense puh-leez” I said rolling my eyes.

“Lily, hope you know I’m hundred years older than you are?” Laura was saying.

“Liar! You’re eighty years older and not hundred!” Lily snapped viciously

“It’s hundred!”




“Will you two shut up!” Samantha bellowed angrily. The two kept quiet immediately. There was a thick heavy silence.
Samantha turned to me with a smile.

“I’d believe her if I were you. I’m eight hundred and ninety fives years old.”

Blimey! Kill me already!!

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