LEX – Part 4


The next morning was so intense in the penthouse. Austin was in a
rage, his whole eye was already in blood lust. Michael try calming him
down but he won’t listen.

“You weren’t in your rooms last night” Austin said turning to the boys.

Adam clutched on his knees. He knew his father and the kind of rage he
possess. Adam knew the punishment of his father are so huge. He could
put a dagger into their chest and make them sleep for years.

“Where were you last night?” Austin voice was so deep and husky.

So it made them scared but they decided to be dumb. They weren’t going
to say a word.

Austin had made a rule, a rule which he would punish anybody that
breaks it. He had set down five rules and the boys have broken the

“No leaving the penthouse after midnight”

That rule was second to Austin priority. He had try keeping the city
steady, even though some fractions wants him dead.

“You are an Olsen’s, and  you should know better” He said, frowning at Adam.

Adam knelt still and the only word he uttered was “am sorry dad”

Austin wasn’t ready to listen to any apology. He wants to know where
they went- who they met- and why they went against his words-

The boys wasn’t ready to give Austin what he wants and that got him so furious.

“Are you boys deaf? Or probably dumb to talk?” Michael said, fuming.

Cole was so scared, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was a nerd and get
scared easily. All he had been doing all this time was protecting Adam
and Lex. They had orchestrate the whole thing- going against Austin as
always been Lex idea, and Adam had supported him.

“Sir… We actually went-” Cole was cut off by the ringing of Austin phone.

Austin looked at the screen of the phone and frowned his face

“This better be good” he said, as he walked away.

Michael gave them a strong look and asked them to sit.

“You boys are testing Austin patience” he began

Adam knew his father wasn’t the patient type but he was well assured
that his father won’t hurt him- or probably make him sleep for years.
He was the only son, and that matters a lot.

“Now I want the truth” Michael continued

The boys began to talk in discordant, making it very difficult for
Michael to understand a single word.

“If you Boys can’t tell me the truth, then I can’t help you when
Austin gets back” Michael said, but the boys became mute.

They had learn never to leak out information even at the brink of
death. What as kept their friendship going was learning how to keep
their mouth shut. They weren’t ready to say a word to anybody not even
their instructor.

Michael has been assigned some particular special vampires. He was
like a teacher to them, he would bring out the full potential in all
of them. He had always call them special even though they were been
isolated. He was in care of vamps who are scared- vamps with anger
issues- vamps whose abilities ain’t improved- vamps with much blood
lust…. Michael as been the teacher of the boys since they were a

“Well, since you boys have decided to play dumb. Keep it up and face
the consequence” Michael said. as he walked away.

Cole gave Adam and Lex a crazy look.

“You boys are really going to kill me” Cole burst out

“You can’t die- we have an Olsen’s to the rescue” Lex said, smiling.

“This ain’t time for jokes Lex” Adam screamed

“Oh! Please don’t yell at me” lex said

“but wait- Cole, you were about to say something to Austin; what was
it?’ Lex continued, frowning at Cole.

“Never mind” Cole said, with a heave.


Three coffins was been pushed into the main hall, Austin stood in the
center of the hall. An emergency bell was rang which made all the
vampires including the boys ran out of their respective rooms and
assemble in the hall.

Austin was very furious; he was called by the lycan fraction earlier
in the day. They had showed him one of their wolf who got bitten by a
vampire. The wolf couldn’t survive it, so the venom spread through his
blood- thus contaminating it.

“Do you know why you are a here?” Austin said

But the vamps murmured among themselves. It was like they didn’t have
the slightest idea why Austin had called an emergency meeting.

“What is my first rule?” Austin continue

“We shall not suck human bloods” the vamps echoed

“Alright, so when you are hungry- what should you feed on?”

“The blood pant in the fridge” the vamps replied

“That is good- guess you all remember the rules”

Austin had specifically refrain his vamps from sucking human bloods.
He had gotten them a lot of animal bloods in the fridge. Austin is
trying his possible best to keep the city united even though some
fractions don’t want a vampire to rule.

“And what is my second rule?”

“No leaving the penthouse after midnight” the vamps echoed.

“Well, just last night- some of you broke the rule”

Adam eyes lit immediately. This wasn’t just a regularly emergency
meeting- this is a meeting to pass their sentence and punishment. Adam
suddenly saw the three coffin at the back of Austin and fear gripped
him. He wasn’t the only one in fear, Lex and Cole were also in fear.

“A wolf was killed last night- he was bitten by a vampire”

Immediately Lex shivered, he had killed someone. He couldn’t believe
it- the thought of his punishment suddenly ran beneath his mind, he
knew he can’t escape it.

“You all know I cherish my rules so dearly. Two rules was broken last
night and the punishment for those rules are severe” Austin said, with
his eye glittering in anger.

“Get them” he added

Michael and some other instructors sighted the three boys. Lex had
thought of escaping, so he ran towards the exit door but to his
surprise Austin had taken all precautions. Lex met a vampire at the
door and he was apprehended. Adam and Cole wasn’t a problem, they had
surrendered peacefully.

“I thought of it again” Austin began, as he looked at Adam

“You are an Olsen and you must always be an example to the vamps-
instead you chose to go against my rules, thinking you won’t be

“Dad, am sorry- am so sorry-“

“Shut it” the voice came so defiant “I gave you boys a chance to tell
me the truth but you blew it away. Then I can’t help you either”

“Michael- dagger” Austin said

Michael brought out three dagger and at the sight of it, the boys shiver.

“Bring the nerd” Austin called

Cole was pushed towards him. He grabbed Cole by the collar and insert
the dagger into his chest. His face dramatically turned blue- as if he
was dead; but he wasn’t.

Lex was the next, he tried to fight his way out but in the end he was
also daggered.

“Dad please don’t do this” Adam cried, but Austin wasn’t ready to
listen to his cry.

“You should be an example- a good one and not some spoilt brat” Austin
said, as he hugged his son

“Use this dark moment to resolute and make me proud…… I love you
son” he continued

Suddenly, Adam face had began to turn blue. His body had become
lifeless as Austin laid him on the ground- next to the rest of the

“Put them into the coffin and take them to the basement” Austin said
as he turned towards  the rest of the vampire.

“My punishment don’t care whether you are my son, cousin, uncle-
whatsoever relationship we share. If you break my rules, be prepared
to face the consequence”

“You can now go back to your respective rooms” Michael announced

The vampires all left the hall murmuring so words inaudibly. Michael
walked up to Austin and gave him a pat.

“It must be hard to punish your son?”

“He is still inchoate- so I have to speed up his building up. He is an
Olsen and he has a legacy to keep”

“So how many weeks will they sleep for?”

Austin gave him an awkward look. Right now he is furious- and his
anger won’t cool off in weeks- even in months… So he doesn’t know.

“Weeks? They will sleep for months- probably years- depending on when
my rage cools”

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