LEX – Part 3


“Broski cu ve lobroto-” the witches echoed

They were trying to channel their ancestors, breaking the bond Elaine
had done. Lisa, the leader of the witch fraction believed in the
legacy of Elaine but, the witches are at war and they need to protect

The witches are at war with the vampires, they had declared war
against the vampires and the only leverage they hold was that the
vampires ain’t aware of the war yet.

The witches want their city back and will do anything at any cost to
get it back. The vampires had taken the city for more than a century

Kol, had broken his promise after Elaine had given him the daylight
ring. He attacked the witches and took over the city. That day became
the new dawn for the vampires.

“We are at war with the vampires” Lisa began

“Protective magic is all I crave for. The vampires are our fiercest
enemy, waging war against them must require a lot from us- we must be
steps ahead of them”

The coven was so excited, the legacy of Elaine was about to be
adjusted. The legacy of channelling all powers to the ancestors, the
legacy of coven magics only, the legacy of banishing the evil witch.

“I won’t ask for anything more from our ancestors, I only need the
power to protect ourselves”

“Why don’t we take all our powers back: both solo and protective
magic- we should be able to do all” Leah said

Lisa scoffed, she knew Leah had always been a pain in her ass. Leah is
the coven second in command, she doesn’t believe in the way Lisa
handles things. Leah had tried splitting the coven into two. She was
often refers to as the bad witch.

“The ancestors are dead, so let their powers be our power. Instead of
making their spirit survive on our powers. We are at war and we need
to be fully prepared”

“Leah! Can I see you for a minute” Lisa called, moving away from the
rest of the coven.

“Why are you like this? How dare you speak such of the ancestors? I
wasn’t the one that set this legacy, every witches after our mother
Elaine had follow this legacy- so why should it change with me”

“Things are different now! We are at war, the vampire ain’t an easy
opponent. During the time of mother Elaine, she was done fighting war.
The citadel was peaceful, she had been successful in binding every
supernatural. Guess she was bored, she as nothing to do any more. So
channelling our powers to the ancestors was the next thing she did”

“Leah! What change your believe? You weren’t like this when we were
kids- we haven’t even done individual magic since we were born. So why
the sudden urge for it?”

“I don’t know- guess I just want to be at my full potential”

“Leah, we have a legacy we follow. A legacy that as kept the witches going”

“Oh! That old legacy- set almost 200 years ago. Things as change now
Lisa, all fractions are at war. The earlier we- witches realize this,
the better”

“We are good witches- never forget that Leah” Lisa said as she went to
join the rest of the coven.

The rustling of leaves alerted the witches, and they were all alert.
They had stopped meeting at their sacred ground, they had chose the
oak tree.

The oak tree signify a meaning to the witches. They believed the tree
as some kind of spirit embedded in it, and that spirit will shield
them from the evil that is to come.

They had elude their sacred ground after the incident with Elaine.
Sylvia, the leader of the witches after Elaine demise chose the oak
tree, and for years now the tree has always protected them.

A teenage girl in her sixteens rushed out of the trees.

“Freya” Lisa called out at the sight of the familiar figure.
“What was the outcome of the bait?”

“It was bad mom”

“What happened?” A witch said

“The wolves were successful in apprehending Adam, but his friend
intervened. He was so strong, so fast- I have never seen anything like
that before. He took out all the wolves alone-“

The witches began to murmur among themselves. Curiosity had began to
wallow in their head. They were eager to know more about this
particular guy.

“Which of his friend is that?” Amy asked

“He is a bit lanky- or probably average- I don’t even know. His
presence was fearful” Freya said.

“He has just two friends of his age who follows him around at night” Lisa said

“But those his friends looks like dummy” a witch inserted

Leah smiled at the turn out of event. She wasn’t in support of the
plan in the first place. The only thing she was after was getting her
powers back. So whatsoever plan Lisa had put in place doesn’t interest

“So our plans- all gone” Leah said, mockingly

“No, aunty” Freya retorted “they don’t know am a witch- I pretended to
be compelled just to get out of their. And beside- the plan turned out
in our favour. That particular guy bit a wolf…. And you all know
what that means- war”

Lisa smiled at her daughter accomplishment. She had sent her on a
dangerous mission, a mission that could cost her life. She as nothing
to protect herself; No magic- No spell books- No magical bag….

She was just going to pretend to be a normal teenage girl and would
use herself as a bait to lure Adam into the wolves hill.

The witches had been on Adam trail for months. They knew about the
sneaking out- the roaming about-  Everything!

Revenge is the only goal of the witches. Taking back what was theirs
is the only thing keeping them breathing. Destroying the descendants
of Kol would be the price for killing Elaine.

The witches have tried different methods to wage war against the
vamps. Lisa knew confrontation will require a lot of bloodshed from
both party, so she wasn’t ready to watch her sisters die. The only
method she thought was getting an Olsen blood. With that method, none
of the witches will be hurt.

Binding the Olsen blood with some concoction would kill all Olsen. And
when the Olsen’s are dead, the vampires they sire would be dead too.

So getting Adam blood was Freya main mission. Noe that the mission had
failed, the witches will have to look for a better strategy.

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