jinx gone wrong

Jinx gone wrong – part 25

🎃Jinx gone wrong🎃

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

💕Chapter 25💕


Something was spurring me on, to the deserted railway. It was as if an invisible force was leading me. My heart kept on beating fast, in anticipation of doom. I kept on calling Hermione’s number, there was no response. I was afraid, something had happened to her.I just prayed it wasn’t fatal. I was getting closer to the railway track, I could hear screams and the loud hiss of a train. My blood went cold immediately, someone, Hermione, was in danger.
I began to run as fast as my legs could carry me. I reached the trail tracks, breathless and badly shaken. Hermione was lying, unconscious, her head resting awkwardly on a boulder, her arms and legs flayed in different awkward positions. I rushed up quickly, holding my breath the whole time. She didn’t look dead, just…unconscious…

Someone else was also lying next to her, I got to her. I raised up her head slightly, a little moan escaped her lips. That brought a huge sigh from me, she looked fine to me.
What happened here? That was what I kept asking myself. How had Hermione got here? What was Chloe doing here too?
Chloe wss badly wounded, blood seeped out of a wound from her head, blood was already pooling up around her head. I wss terrified. I raised up her head, she was struggling to breath, and she was losing blood fast.

“Chloe, don’t die…” It was not hard to figure out, Chloe had saved Hermione. But from what? The train of course.
Just as i lifted up my phone to call 911, I saw a quick movement in the sky, I looked up curiously. I could make out a black flying object in the sky, i squinted at the object, too funny that I thought it looked like a human.
But wait, it’s human, it was coming closer and closer… And then…👀👀😱😱😱😱
A young girl floated down, wearing a black gown and black pointy hat. Clouds of dust bellowed about her feet, just as her leg touched the floor.
I was still staring at her, my mouth wide open.
I didn’t know humans could now fly! Without any gadgets!

“Hey, I was not expecting you here..” Her voice was light and conversational as she bent down to examine Hermione.
Immediately I heard her voice, I immediately recollected my wits.
Who the heck was she? Why was she touching Hermione?
I moved forward quickly and dragged her away from Hermione. She turned a surprised face at me.

“Stay away from them, I’m calling the 911.” I was already dialing as I spoke, and I kept giving her dubious glances.

“No need for the nine whatever it is…” She waved her hand idly in the air. ” I can take care of them… “

📞811, what’s your emergency?

“My girlfriend and her sister, they’ve been hurt….”from my peripheral vision, I saw the girl flick her hand in the air. Almost immediately I was almost made deaf by a loud deafening screech that came from the other end. The phone dropped off from my hand and shattered to the floor. My heart was still beating fast, from the unexpected startling noise, the girl again bent over and began her inspection.

” what are you doing? I said get away from them! ” I dragged her away from them. She was frowning now.

“Can’t you see she’s dying?” She pointed to Chloe.

“I know, but I won’t accept help from a stranger that literally came from the sky.” I spat out, shielding the two girls, protecting them from this unknown, strangely dressed girl.

“I mean no harm Drew Macalister ” she smiled broadly and took off her black pointy hat. Her hair was very black, and very long. It stopped at her waist.
But what?! Did she just call my name? As well as my surname?!

“I don’t care, just leave.”

“See, I’ve stopped Chloe’s bleeding, all i have to do now is to treat her wound.” She stubbornly bent down to tend to Chloe.

“How did you know her name?” I dragged her away from Chloe, breathing heavily from the effort exerted.

“Same way I knew yours.” For the first time she looked into my face and gave me a gentle smile. I felt my resistance melting away. She was very beautiful and looked honest.
I looked at Chloe, sure enough she had stopped bleeding.

“But how did you…how did you do that?” I stammered, feeling that my mind was being messed with.

“Drew, you’re asking a lot of questions, Chloe…we have to save her.”
She wasn’t impatient or anything.
I nodded, miserably.

“What are we going to? The nearest hospital is about five miles away. There’s no means of transportation here..oh god!” I covered my face with my hands, I had never felt so helpless in my life.

“I can help. If you’ll let me.” She said in the same soothing voice.

“Please, help them, help Chloe especially.” My voice had taken a pleading tone.

She nodded and brought out a wooden stick with a rounded head. I watched her as she put the stick close to her lips and whisper something to it.
Now this girl has gone bonkers, who talks to sticks?

My eyes nearly popped out of my socket when the tip of the struck glowed a pale blue light. I looked at her face, she didn’t have that look that random magicians had. The look of expecting praises. Instead she looked serious, like as though she was concentrating on something, her mouth kept on moving silently, like as though she was chanting mantras quietly to herself.

I saw a movement by my side, I turned around sharply. Hermione’s and Chloe’s unconscious form were floating in the air. I became alarmed. I turned around to look at the girl, she too was slowly ascending in the air. I was afraid, yet amazed at the same time.

“Where are you going? Where are you taking them to?” I asked, she looked down at me.

“A place where they’ll be safe from evil forces. Don’t worry Drew, they’ll be fine.” She gave me a reasuttung smile.

“What’s your name?”


“Edna…” I didn’t have time to ponder over the name for long., for she was moving higher and higher in the air,along with Chloe and Hermione.

“…take me with you.”

“Ah, I thought you’d never ask.” She gave a short laughter.

“First, you’ll have to say that I’m not bonkers, whatever that is.”

😒she read minds as well?

“Save a life first dummy!* I snapped in irritation. She sighed loudly.

” OK, guess you’re right.” She snapped her finger at me. Next thing,I was floating upwards, in the clouds. It almost felt as though I had been pumped with helium, and then I was also slowly losing awareness of my environments. I was almost in a trance like state.


I felt someone snap a finger on front of me, I jerked forward, as though I was just waking up from sleep. I was no longer floating in the air, I was in a room, there was few furniture there. The only remarkable thing there was a large screen, it looked like a huge plasma TV, but then strangely looked like a mirror. It was as if it dangled in between. I took in my environment, I noticed five other women apart from Edna. There were all ridiculously dressed like Edna. One of the woman seemed to be in her early forties and she had a regal bearing about her and carried herself in an air of importance.

“Hey Drew!” They all chorused at once. They were all beautiful, the way they were looking at me, it made me very uncomfortable.

“How’s Hermione? How’s Chloe?” I asked, ignoring their cheerful greetings.

“Why Hermione first? Chloe is the one badly wounded.” The middle aged woman pointed out with a smile.

“I guess it slipped out my mouth, but come now, don’t stall. Edna, take me to them now.” I heard someone giggling, I looked up quickly. Two young women, they were in their late twenties. They immediately stopped giggling and fixed their sultry eyes at me.

Damn! They were all beautiful. It’d be hard to say which one was more prettier.

“Awwn Laura, he thinks we are pretty!” One of the cooed,blushing really hard.

“Shut it big mouth!” The other one snapped.

I blushed too. I forgot they could read mind.

“Come Drew, don’t be distracted by them. They are all simpleton.” Edna took hold of my wrist and led me away from the room. I could still feel their eyes on me.

“Where are we? What hospital is this?” I asked Edna as soon as we were out of earshot.

“This is not a hospital.”

“Then where are we?”

“Just be contented with knowing that you’re still on earth.” She pushed open a door and walked in. I followed closely behind her. Hermione was lying on a bed, her hair had been loosened from the initial ponytail she had her hair in, and now spread out about hr head. Her cloth too had been changed to a white flowing gown. It looked like hospital gown. She looked so peaceful, it was almost as if she was sleeping.

“Actually she’s sleeping.” Edna commented from behind me.

“Can you stop reading my mind please?” I snapped in irritation.

“I can’t help it. Sorry.” I ignored her and took Hermione’s hand in mine.
nothing will happen to you, I promise.

“Uhm, actually she’s fine, she’s just sleeping. She fractured her shoulders, but it’s fixed now.” She was obviously pleased with herself, with the way she was grinning broadly.

“Fixed?” I was curios. She rolled her eyes.

“You don’t learn English at school? Fixed? Good now? Nothing wrong with her shoulders again? Okay?” She said like as though she was talking to an idiot.

“Okay. I get it now. What exactly are you? You guts can’t be human…”

Not with such faces and bodies…😒
Oops, I shouldn’t have thought about that

“We are witches.” Came her simple reply.

“Well i believe you, I mean I’ve seen enough evidence already.” I was too tired to argue with anybody. If she had claimed to be a fairy, I’d have believed her, though my only objection would be that I expected fairies to be much more smaller.

“Take me to see Chloe.”

“I can’t. You can’t see her.” I turned a puzzled face at her, then I became afraid.

“Why? Is she.. Is she…?”

“Dead? No! Chloe is too strong to die.”

“Then why can’t I see her?” I whined, feeling a little bit of relief.

“We are treating her with a special spell. It turns out that her case is a little complicated.” Edna drummed her finger idly on the bed, avoiding looking into my face.

“Why is her case complicated? She won’t die would she,?” I pressed on, not satisfied with the answers I was receiving.

“I can’t explain it to you Drew, you wouldn’t understand. Just know that she’ll be fine.” She finally looked into my face and smiled, patting my hands. I found myself smiling back.

But then my smile disappeared. What would Clara do when she find out that Chloe and Hermione were missing? She’d call the police of course.

“No she won’t,”Edna interrupted my thoughts again.

“How do you mean?”/

” well you see..”she looked at me nervously like as though she did something bad.

“We..kinda…slowed down time… You know, so that by the time we are done here, nobody would notice their absence.” She twiddled her finger as she spoke, reminding me of Hermione.

“Slowed down time? Who does that?” I glanced at my watch. Sure enough the seconds hand was ticking away slowly. Very slowly.

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