jinx gone wrong

Jinx Gone Wrong – part 24

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

💕Chapter 24💕


She gasped after she had slapped me, her hands flew quickly to her mouth as she stared at me, wide eyed.
I touched my slightly sore cheeks, the slap didn’t hurt, it just stung, a little.

“Gosh! I’m… I’m so sorry…” She stammered, looking so pitiful and wringing her hands. She took uncertain steps towards me,

“…are you…hurt?…I’m sorry…” She placed warm hands on my face, I quickly placed my hands over hers.

“It’s okay.” I smiled at her and then gently stroked her chin gently. Her features lighted up in a forced smile.

“I just don’t feel…sociable right now, I…I…I…feel sore…” She turned her face away from me.

“You feel sore?” I didn’t hide my confusion.

“Uh..yeah… I…mood swings… I just feel like punching you right now__” she broke off with a smile and gave me a little punch on my left shoulder.

“Of course I won’t punch you silly… Oww!” She held her stomach as her face twisted in a grimace of pain.

“What’s wrong? Hermione?” I shook her shoulders slightly as she doubled over, still wrapping her hands around her middle.

“Aw!…” She moaned slightly. “Stupid cramps!” She cursed quite viciously under her breath. I was…well….speechless and a little helpless watching her.

“You need medicine? Pain relievers maybe?” I didn’t realize how worried I sounded as I rubbed my hands soothingly, making little circles in the small of her back. She laughed quietly.

“You’re sounding like I have brain cancer.” She leaned forward to me, leaning her arm on my shoulder. “Some pain reliever and bed rest is all I need, it’s very common for girls folk… so…” She raised a brow suggestively.

“Oh.” I croaked out, finally understanding what she meant. I lifted her off her feet, holding her as gently as possible, she smelt sweet, her hair especially.I wanted to bury my nose in her hair and sniff, inhale the smell of her shampoo. It made me feel nostalgic, it reminded me of the flavor of my favorite bubble gum when I was little, though the memory was very hazy. Her rosy cheeks seemed a little bit more brighter, her eyes, gray and lustre, seemed so innocent as she too stared into my face.
My eyes never left hers, even as I dropped her gently on the bed. I reached out and cupped her cheeks gently in my hands, she lowered her eyelids at my touch, while her rose bud lips parted slightly.

Kiss me! Kiss me!

Her lips practically screamed at me. The way she stood still, her slender neck set rigidly, as though she was expecting me to kiss her…
It stirred my blood as well as my loin. I was already leaning in to kiss her, our lips were just microseconds away──

Her phone rang loudly, we started, she apologetically.

“I’ll go get you some pain relievers and a cup of milk.” I stood up quickly and walked out of the room, cursing whomever it was at the other end of her phone for daring to ruin my chances.
I stepped out of the room, and after a few strides, I nearly ran into Clara.

“Hey..” She mumbled when she had regained her balance. She raised up her face to look into mine.

“Drew.” Her smile was so broad, it almost looked fake. ” what are you doing here? To see Hermione? She’s in her room, and you’re in the wrong room. “She cleared her throat slightly and then lowered her head.

“I know, I’m coming from her room, she needs a glass of milk.” I made to side step her, she blocked me with her body. I shot her a questioning glare.

“Please, tell Hermione I’m sorry. She wouldn’t even talk to me,” she paused and looked pitifully into my face. I made my face blank, not showing any emotion. Not wanting to encourage her and not wanting her to stop either
“She’s mad at me….I…Jason and I… We were dating secretly, we had a big misunderstanding and decided to take a break from the each other. Jason.. He had an affair, I was very hurt and furious when I found out. I decided to have my own revenge. He too was angry, we decided to break up. But I was still in love with him, i guess he was still smitten with me, he decided to make me jealous by getting close to Hermione.” She paused and looked at the ground thoughtfully.

Then she looked up at me pleadingly.

“Please tell her I’m so sorry, I should have warned her that Jason was only using her to get to me, but I didn’t…I know i intentionally did not tell her… You see, I was jealous, she was becoming popular and…I was afraid she’d still all my friends from me, that’s why I decided not to tell her. I’m so sorry for that, I feel terrible, please, beg her on my behalf, she wouldn’t even talk to me…” Clara was already sniffling and discreetly wiping out moistness from her cheeks.
I sighed quietly and patted her shoulder in a formal but soothing way.

“I’ll talk to her, you just stop crying and put yourself together okay.” I said in my most convincing voice. She immediately stopped sniffling and began to nod.

“thank you, thank you so much.”

“It’s alright.” I shrugged slightly.

“You’re a good person Drew, you should date my sister.” She was already in front of her room, she didn’t wait for a response, she slipped into the room and shut the door. I stood there for a while, staring at the closed door, and not knowing how I was feeling. Maybe I should ask Hermione out.
Maybe I should just wait a little, to sort out my feelings for her.
The latter sounds good and matured. That’s what I’ll do. I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of milk.


Hermione’s face was pale and drawn when I entered the room a few minutes later, with a warm glass of milk in my hands.
I knew without being told that she had overheard my conversation with Clara.

“Your warm milk has arriver.” I placed the saucer gently in my hands, her brow was knitted in a frown as she took it from me.

“What’s with the frown? You look like you ate a frog
” I said with evident sarcasm. She just sighed loudly

“I eavesdropped on your conversation with Clara.” She announced in a sullen voice as she put the saucer on the little stool beside her bed. I grabbed the chair in front of her dressing table and pulled it to the bed and sat on it, my legs widely apart, my shoulders hunched forward.

“So what do you think? What do you have to say?”I was slightly relieved that I didn’t have to repeat what Clara had said to me.

“I don’t know. I should have guessed that she and Jason had something together, she behaved quite…protective of him, it should have alerted me, but I was blinded by the attention I was getting from her friends and then my stupid infatuation──” a big sigh again.

“So? What are you going to do? She Is really sorry for what she did you know.”

“I know, I know. Ah…it’s hard to forgive her. All along I had thought that she wanted the spotlight all to herself, well it’s established that’s true-, but then she did do me some good, she warned me about her friends, they are the most unreliable people in the world,. Too bad she chose to hang out with those snakes.” She made a face and then her face softened when her eyes met mine.

“You’re deviating from the question I asked.”

“I know, what do you want me to do?” She looked at me squarely in the face as she spoke.

“Forgive her off course, she’s your sister.”

“It’s so easy for you to say, you’re not the one betrayed here.”

“C’mon, cut the pretense out. I’m sure you’ve already forgiven her in your heart, you’re too softhearted to hold a grudge for a long time.*

“No I’m not. There was a time I didn’t talk to her for almost a week, she’s so damn arrogant. She couldn’t even apologize for her wrong doings.”

“You could have apologized first. It’ll make her feel guilty and she’ll feel bad about what she had done.”I was in my best motivational speaker mood, she was already smiling.

” duh, Clara would never apologize. “

“But she did.”


“You will have to forgive her.” I persisted.


“C’mon Hermione, you’re quite arrogant and stubborn you know.” I said quite frustrated. She guffawed, her eyes glittering with…was it mischie

“I like the way the muscles pop out of your neck, it’s sooo cute…” She reached out and her hands brushed my neck slightly, teasingly. I felt the tightening in my trousers, I quickly brushed off her hands, I held her hands instead and gave it a little squeeze instead. She was smiling and looking down at our entwined hands.

“You should drink your milk, it’s getting cold.” It was all a guise to dispel the awkward tension that was building up.
Her hands left mine to pick up the milk, as she did that, the hem of her shirt rose,I could see the white skin of her stomach and hips. The view was enough to make the constriction in my crotch area throb painfully. She raised up the milk slightly, smiling
She took a long sip from the milk, when she put down the cup, the milk had formed a slightly foamy delicious lookijg moustache on the top of her lips. I resisted, fought the urge to bend over and lick of the creaminess off her lips.

“Speaking of forgiveness Mr motivational speaker, I received a weird call while you were away to get me milk.” She paused and looked at me. I had barely listened to what she was saying, my eyes were glued to her lips. I had a feeling she was teasing me purposely.

“Okay, what call? “

“Audrey called. She wanted to make amends for what she did to me.” She said it so simply, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Audrey? Wasn’t it the girl who attacked you,?” I asked with a frown. She nodded slowly. I blinker rapidly, now this was tricky.

“What did you tell her?”

“Nothing. I didn’t even let her finish, I ended the call.”


” what hmmm? What should I do? “

“I don’t know Hermione.” She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“If you are in my shoes what will you do?”

“I don’t really know,I guess I’ll never trust her again, if we become friends. I’ll not be close to her like before…”

“And all that points to me forgiving her?” Her voice was laced with irritation

“Uhm, yeah.”

“Drew you’re so unbelievable! I guess you’re the softhearted one after all

“I see no gain in keeping malice with anyone, it’s quite stressful if you ask me.” She was looking at me in strange manner now.


“So you’re saying I should forgive Audrey and not report her to the principal as I had planned?”

“That’s up to you to decide Hermione, I was just listing out the bright side of forgiveness.”

“You’re cute you know.” She smiled shyly at me as she picked up her glass of milk once more and took a long sip from it. I couldn’t sit still anymore, I hunched forward, my hands sinking into the bed, as I moved in to her. Her eyes seemed darker with anticipation, she parted her legs to accommodate me. I brushed off strands of hair from her face, her eyes had closed at my touch, I brought my lips closer to hers, I gently licked off the milk moustache from her lips. Then I kissed her on the lips, she tasted so sweet, so milky…
The hot almost inaudible gasp she made were making me lose it, her little hands were making little motions across my back, she had wrapped her legs around my waist and was seeming to drag me into her.
All I wanted to do was to remove every single item of clothing from her and press her into the bed and give her real pleasure…

Our kiss was already heated up, searing…into an uncontrollable avalanche of erotism.
I had to stop this soon, else I won’t be able to hold that throbbing in my crotch area for long.

I pulled away from the kiss suddenly, her eyes flew open and she stared at me, wide eyed.

“Uhm, I forgot to ask if your cramps…if you’re feeling better now?” I stumbled through the words, my breaths coming out in heavy punctures of desire.

She nodded,then as an afterthought, she added : ‘I’m fine now.”

“How about some ibuprofen? To make sure the cramps doesn’t come back?”

“No, no, I’m good.” She was still puzzled.

“Okay, I’ll…I’ll go get you some milk, I won’t take long.” I didn’t wait for her reply, I rushed out of the room, I could feel her eyes boring holes in my back.
Once I was outside the room, I took a deep breath to compose myself. I would have lost it… I kept on berating myself.
I hurriedly made her a warm glass and then returned back to her room.
She was propped up, using the pillow, hugging her knees.

“Your milk.” I passed the saucer to her, she collected it, avoiding my eyes. I could tell she was upset with me.

“You look…upset, why?” I began tentatively. She looked into my face for a long time, then looked away.

“No I’m good.” She murmured.

“Look, I’m..trying here.” I sighed as I sank into the bed, beside her. Her curiosity was already ignited.

“…I..I.don’t want to rush things between us. I…just don’t know…it’s hard for me, controlling myself around you…”
Her face turned pink, and a sympathetic look crossed her face.

“I..didn’t know that… I’m sorry.” She stroked my arm gently while I nodded twice.

“How about a quiet dinner tomorrow evening? At MacDonald’s? For us?” I was nervous, she might refuse.
She smiled and nodded.

“I’d like that.”

Dear libido, I can’t help myself anymore, I’ll have to kiss her and darn the consequences…

I leaned forward again and pressed my lips lightly against hers….


🎀*Next day at school🏢🏬*🎀

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” I turned sharply when I heard that voice from behind me.

“How about no? How about ‘don’t talk to me ever again?'” I shot angrily at her.

“Herm,I’m sorry. I know it was very stupid of me to…to attack you, for a guy…”
She looked really miserable, even her thick wavy hair hung limply by the side of her hair in misery too. I scoffed loudly.

“Yeah save your breath sissy, I hope Carl loved you more after hitting me?”

“Please, forgive me, it was a mistake…”
.”look here, I have a class in the next two minutes, I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense. ” I made to walk away, she stopped me by coming to stand in front of me.

“You have to forgive me Hermione, you should…let go…”
The way she was looking at me was puzzling and raised a frown on my brow. Her eyes were abnormally bright.

“That’s for me to decide. Get out of my way.” I pushed her away and walked away quickly. As I hurried away, I could feel her eyes boring into my back.

After school, I saw Jason. The way he was looking at me, he wanted to talk to me, I didn’t want to talk to him. I looked for an escape route. I spotted Drew and rushed forward to put my arms around his waist.

“Hey,” he smiled in surprise, from the corner of my eyes I saw Jason withdrew in disappointment.

“Hey too.* I said pleasantly, smiling broadly.

” maybe you should sneak upon me more often and out your hands around me, I like it.” He wriggled his brow at me while i laughed.

“So you won’t reciprocate my gestures?” I purred quietly. With a smirk his own hands slid around my waist and pulled me tightly to himself.

“Better.” I sighed in contentment. I could feel students watching us, but c’mon, I don’t give a damn about that.


🎀At the dinner🎀

Drew had picked me up by 6:30pm, I had dressed up in my most fashionable clothes and had taken extra care with my make up. Drew looked handsome too, I couldn’t help but drool a little.
Dinner at MacDonald’s was excellent, their food was delicious. Drew and I kept stealing each others food. It was really funny when we tried their Chinese food and we had to use chopsticks. None of us could even get the food up to our mouth.
After dinner, we had gone for a little stroll around the MacDonald, hand in hand. The weather was so calm and romantic, there was no moon, but the sky was partly illuminated by stars .
We sat on the bonnet of his car and stared at the sky, my head on his chest. I could hear the even beating of his heart, even his hand on my hair felt so darn sweet. I was the most contented girl in the world, I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

“Hermione?” He called.

“Hmm”I raised my head slightly

“Never mind, I thought you were asleep.”

“No, I was just admiring the beauty of nature and thinking as well.”

“Thnking about who?”
I laughed.

“It’s not a who, I was thinking of the day…I had my first kiss.”

“Oh, it must have been very romantic.”

“Really? It was stolen.” I sneered, raising up my head now to peer into his face.

“By who? Jason? I’ll skin that idiot.” I slapped my forehead in mock irritation.

“No dummy, it was you!” I could feel heat fill my face when I felt him stiffen.

“Well I’m glad I did, and don’t expect any apology from me.” Was all he retorted. I struggled with my smile. Such pomposity! What arrogance!

“You’re nuts you know?” I murmured
He shrugged.

“Handsomely nuts.”
I laughed loudly this time and pulled his face to mine

“You’re crazily nuts.” I whispered before our lips locked together. His tongue slid into my mouth possessively and I let him take charge of the kiss. My hands were allover his chest and shoulders, rubbing small circles. He had pushed himself closer to me to deepen the kiss, he trailed sweet light kisses down my neck then back up to my lips again. He kissed my lips for a few more seconds then pulled away and kissed my forehead.

“You’re pretty.” I blushed and smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Hermione, I want to talk to you.”

“We’ve been talking all day.” I joked and laughed a little.

“No, this.. Is quite different…and important too.” He sounded nervous, I nearly smiled. I wondered what he wanted to tell me.

“OK, I’m listening.”

“Well, the thing is…” He paused and scratched his head. I didn’t say anything, afraid that he might lose the courage to say whatever it was. I was also kinda nervous too, I hope it’s what I’m thinking.

“Ever since I met you… I..you changed my once boring, quiet life… When Bailey died I thought that it was the end of the world for me, I never thought I’d have any friends again, I never thought I’d be able to fall in love again, I never thought…”

We were interrupted by the loud breaking of the car’s window.

“Oh my God!” I shrieked out, I could make out the outline of someone in the darkness, the person was aiming something at Drew. It was too dark to see what it was or who the person was.

“Drew!” I screamed and pushed him out of the range of the intruder’s missile. Well, the missile that was meant for Drew hit me instead, in the middle of my forehead. I screamed in pain, the object was hard and round, it hit me very hard, I nearly passed out due to the pain.

“Hermione, are you okay?” I felt myself been lifted off the car, I had suddenly developed a splitting headache, I moaned as I touched my sore head.

“Yeah, what hit me?” I groaned out. Even talking was a big deal now.

“Pebble.” He pushed the little rock into my hands.

“Who hit me? Did you see his face?”

“More like ‘her’ face, we should take you to a hospital, to make sure everything’s fine.” He was already carrying me into the car, I could hear his shoes crushing more broken splinters of glass.

“Her face? Who was that?” I queried, ignoring my throbbing head.

“I couldn’t see her face, but I know it’s a ‘she’ who did this. Now no more questions, I’ll get you to a hospital now.” He gently put the seatbelt around me. My brain was still busy trying to figure out who was behind my attack. I couldn’t think of anybody else but Clara’s friends.
Audrey, Cheryl, Becky…

Audrey apologized today, it couldn’t be her, Becky and Cheryl and the rest…
My head was hurting me badly.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll find out who did this…” Drew was saying, I nodded, hardly hearing him. I was tired of thinking, I just let myself be lulled to sleep.


I woke up in the hospital, the doctors insisted that I spend a night there but i strongly refused. After some examination, it was confirmed that i didn’t have any internal bleeding, my skull wasn’t fractured and my brain won’t malfunction in the nearest future. I went home with Drew, with a little plaster around my head.

🔮Witches conference🔮

Everyone watched the whole scene with a frown.

“He was so close to professing his love for her, then someone had to come ruin it!” Lily snapped angrily.

“The whole thing smells fishy!” Candice fumed angrily

“Do you think someone knows about Hermione’s condition?” Edna asked Samantha quietly. It was her first time of using her name, other times were ‘subjecto’

“I don’t know, it seems unlikely. If the person knew about her condition, does he know about the cure?”
There was a puzzled silence for a few seconds.

“No one except us knows about the cure. Even Hermione and Drew don’t know the cure themselves.” Edna pointed out as she paced the room.

“Maybe it’s just pure luck, or fate, as humans call it.”

“Hmm.” Edna was still unconvinced.

“Now who attacked subjecto?” 🤷🏼‍♀🤷🏼‍♀🤷🏼‍♀



I woke up the next morning with a very terrible headache, I couldn’t open my eyes properly and had to squint at everything.

“Hermione?” I heard Drew behind me, I turned my head to the direction of his voice. “How are you feeling now?”

“I feel sick, my head..” I moaned. “What’s the time?”

“Oh no, you’re not going to school in this state of yours.”

“I know that. You’ll be late to school, come on hurry up…”

“I can’t leave you like this…”

“I’ll be fine once I have breakfast, you mustn’t worry about me.”

“Are you sure?” He sounded really concerned. I forced my eyes open, even though it took me a really great effort, and gave him a reassuring smile.

“I’m fine, see?” I even attempted to sit up in bed. He helped me up. “Thanks.” He stroked my cheeks gently.

“Okay, I’ll go prepare now, I’ll tell Clara to bring you breakfast in bed.” He pecked my cheeks and left the room. Once he had left I exhaled loudly. Last night I had a terrible nightmare, but I attribute it to my terrible headache.

There was a knock on the door and Clara came in, with my food. She looked so sympathetic, I actually felt nostalgic for the good old days when we were in good terms.

“How are you feeling now?” She asked as she dropped food on the bed beside me.

“Better.” I opened the plate beside me, the smell of the oatmeal porridge was too appetizing for me to resist.
I immediately did justice to the food, I felt much more better after that. Clara was still in my room.


“I’m sorry Hermione, I really am, I just…”

“It’s okay Clara, no need to apologize,.” She looked hurt. ” I already forgave you.” I smiled at her.

“You you forgive me?” She started sniffling, I opened my arms and she cautiously moved into them. I hugged her and patted her back slightly.

“Thank you, thank you herm.* I smiled and said nothing, feeling contented.
The door opened and Drew walked in, he smiled when he saw what was going on. Clara quickly disengaged from the hug, smiling. She then quietly excused herself.

” I’m proud of you.” He said in a commending voice. I made a face, trying not to let my head swell.

*I’ll see you soon, immediately school is over I’ll come home. ” I nodded smiling all the while.
He looked at me like as though he was deciding on whether to kiss me or not. I blushed and looked away.

“See you later babe.” He said leaving the room. I scoffed loudly, not even a good bye kiss?😒😞


Before noon that day,I was already feeling strong enough to leave my bed, though my legs wobbled sometimes. I moved to the bathroom to have my shower and freshen up. I was in no hurry, since I had the whole house to myself. When I was done with my toiletry, I put on my casual wear and relaxed in the sitting room to watch TV.

Not long after, I heard the doorbell ringing loudly. I groaned loudly from the chair I was lying on, wondering who it was. I decided not to stand up, hoping that the person would leave. The person was persistent and refused to leave. Cursing whomever it was under my breath, I stood up and opened the door.
My jaw dropped at whom I saw there.

💕Bonus chapter💕

“Audrey!” I nearly yelled. She looked up nervously.


“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” I was just so confused and wondering why Audrey just happened to pop up on my porch.

“I just wanted to see you, you’re free? Can I come in?” She gave me a little smile.

“No, no, no need.” I stammered, feeling suddenly scared. Scared of her smile, her eyes. She didn’t seem real, she didn’t seem to be herself.

“Alright, how about you take a walk with me?” Her smile widened.
I was about to protest and tell her that I was unwell and unable to take a walk, but I felt a pull in my legs. A little gasp left my lips.

“Come on, hurry up, we don’t have much time.” Smiling, she beckoned that I follow her. The pull in my leg got stronger, I couldn’t resist it, I had to obey. My legs moved out of their own accord, i followed behind her.

My brain was working quickly, where the heck was she taking me to? I was literally under her power. Does she know about my weird condition?

“Where are we going to Audrey?” I managed to croak out. I had left my phone at home, I wanted to text Drew, to tell him to come back home quickly.

“Somewhere quiet, where we’ll have fun ” she was still wearing that sweet smile of her and I found it blood curdling.

“I don’t want to have fun, not with you, especially when I’m unwell.”

“You can go back if you want to.” Her smile widened the more, mockingly. My heart fell.
She knew.

🔮Witches conference🔮

“What’s happening now Edna?” Candice whispered to Edna.

“How did that girl know about Hermione’s condition?”

“I don’t know.” Samantha whispered.

“She was the one that attacked Hermione yesterday.” Edna announced suddenly, every eyes turned to her.

“How sure are you?” Samantha asked

“A hundred percent sure.”

“But if she attacked Hermione yesterday, that means she had every intention of preventing Drew from progressing his love to Hermione.” Vydia stated.

“Affirmative.” Edna nodded.

“So does she knows that Drew is Hermione’s cure?” Lily asked frowning.

“I don’t know,” Edna sighed again

“Where is she taking Hermione to?” Laura chipped in.

“That too, I don’t know.”

“Well read her mind then.” Lily snapped impatiently.

“I can’t.” Edna shook her head. She had tried to read Audrey’s mind, but it was as though she had cloaked her mind in a dark cloth.

“But she’s human, we read their minds, this doesn’t make sense at all.”

Edna gasped loudly as something hit her hard.

“What If she’s not human?” Edna asked coming to stand in front of them.

“If she’s not human, what else would she be? An alien?” Laura retorted.

“What if she’s one of us? What if she’s possessed?”

“What exactly is your point Edna?” Candice cut off, clearly impatient.

“Sarafina. She’s back.”



We had walked for a long time, my legs were already aching me,my head had started throbbing again, I was weary and exhausted.

“Audrey, where are we going now?” I tried not to make my voice hint that I was tired.
She didn’t respond,

Somebody save me😥

We had reached an old railway track, the place was quite deserted, I wondered if anyone ever plied the road. she stopped suddenly that I bumped into her.

“What’s the matter with you?” She growled, clearly annoyed. I didn’t say anything but looked away.

“What are we doing here by the way?” I tried to make my voice conversational and light.

“To have fun of course. Why don’t we start by playing hide and seek?” She circled me as she spoke.
I tried to put up a brave face, I scoffed loudly.

“Hide and seek? Pttt, couldn’t your smart brain think up anything a little bit matured?”
Her eyes turned darker in anger and I gulped down loudly.. Then suddenly her expression turned pleasant again.

“So I’ll go first, I’ll go hide, while you seek me.”

“I don’t want to play hide and seek with you.” I said sullenly.

“Then go home, if you can.”

“Stop it Audrey.” I snapped, hating the way she was taunting me.
She didn’t stop, she giggled evilly instead.

“All you have to do is just ask! Ask!” She burst out laughing again, I clenched and unclenched my fist in anger, saying nothing.

“More like all I have to do is just order.”

“What do you want? Just name it bitch.”

“I want you to die.”
The intensity with which she said it made a little gasp to escape my lips.

“Now, go stand in the middle of the railway track.” I didn’t move, I just stood, petrified. All I could think of was ‘my end is near’

“Come on Hermione! Hurry! Go stand there now!” I felt the devastating pull, tug, all of ’em at once.
I couldn’t do anything else but obey.
I prayed fervently that no train would pass by this track.

“Now, I’ll go hide, while you seek me. Come on, close your eyes bow and count one to ten.” She ordered again.
My eyes closed and I started counting…


Somebody save me😰😥

Audrey was still giggling and cackling insanely.

“…seven…eight…” I felt the earth shaking underneath my feet.

“…nine…ten…” My eyes opened, my heart dropped.
There was it, in the distance. The headlights of a train in the distance.

🔮Witches conference🔮

“Somebody do something! We can’t just let sarafina ruin all our efforts of seventeen years!” Laura yelled in frustration.

“She’s going to kill her, she’s going to kill her!” Lily kept on whispering to herself

Vydia was busy stirring the ‘pot of fate’
She soon looked up and shook her head sadly.

“I’m sorry, i can’t do anything.” She said sadly.

“No don’t say that. Something has to be done, something can be done, please..” Edna said pleadingly.

“Nothing child, we’ve twisted a lot of things in the life of Hermione, we’ve also interfered too much in her life. I’m afraid we can do nothing else for her.” Samantha said sadly.

“But we can’t just let her die like that, we caused this!” Edna yelled angrily, taking off her hat and tossing it ,furiously, away.

“If we hadn’t been so stupid enough to go after sarafina in a hospital! Filled with pregnant women! This is all our fault! We can’t let Hermione die like that! Something has to be done!!” The other witches were silent as they watched a raving Edna. They had never experienced her temper, she was always the cool calculated one. Her anger seemed to have spurred them, everyone began to rack their brain.

“I think I’ve figured out something.” Vydia announced, as all eyes turned to look at her.



“Chuu-Chuu! Oh what’s that noise? It’s the sound of your death approaching!” Audrey giggled again.
I was virtually trembling, the train was approaching, faster, closer.
I tried to move away from the impending doom, my leg was very heavy, I could hardly raise it up.

“Audrey, don’t do this… Please…” I begged, struggling, to get away. I could hear the loud, earsplitting horn of the train in the distance.
Cold sweat had broke off on my forehead.

Drew? Where are you? Save me😥

“Audrey please…” My voice shook heavily, tears were already clouding my vision.

I didn’t hear her laughter anymore, i turned around. She was gone.
I tried again to move away,…😰😰😥
My legs were still fastened to the track.

“Somebody help!!” I called out on the top of my voice.

“Somebody! Help me please!”

I don’t want to die… I whispered to myself as a large ball of tears rolled down my cheeks.

I’m still too young to die…

The train was about five hundred yards.
With its speed, I’d literally be crushed to a pulp.

“God! Save me now!” I tried again, dragging my legs, acute pain shot through my ankle and feet. I cried out both in pain and frustration and anger. It was just so unfair!😭
I couldn’t even make a choice😭

The train was approaching faster, and faster….

Well, death, I had not really thought much about dying.
But here it was, looking me straight in the eye.

As the train was just two hundred yards away from me, i couldn’t help it. I began to scream, scream at the top of my voice. I shut my eyes tightly, still screaming.
How would death be like?
I just had a few seconds left to find out…

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