Jinx gone wrong – part 19

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Jinx gone wrong🎃

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

💕Chapter 19💕


The next day at school, I happened to sit next to Drew
I was surprised that he’ll even sit next to me.

“I’m glad you sat next to me today,,we should bond more quickly you know.” I whispered to him. The class was still rowdy as the teacher hadn’t arrived yet
I could see that he was making a great effort to avoid talking to me, I could even see the veins as they strained to be noticed by the side of his neck.

“You did your homework? Physic?” I continued, unperturbed by his hostile silence. He turned to look at me.

“We had homework?” He seemed surprised.

“No, I just wanted you to talk to me.” I smiled sheepishly at him. The glare he gave me said so many things.

“Maybe I should just go sit in the front.” He picked up his books and was beginning to stand up. I quickly pulled at his pants, forcing him to sit down.

He shot me another warning glare.

“Stop pulling my pants, no rephrased; never pull at my pants again, you get it?” He whispered angling his face to mine.

I nodded. Then I heard a loud snicker from the front seat. I raised up my head to know who did that.
I saw Cheryl and Audrey whispering furiously and they were looking at me with an ugly hateful expression.
I gulped down saliva and looked away. As I looked the other way I also saw a group of girls staring at Drew with a lustful look in their face. When they saw me looking at them, one of them shoved her middle finger up, while the rest glared at me.
I sighed inwardly. Why can’t the girls in my school just leave me alone? I had preferred my former invisible lifestyle.

“Seems like those chicks are hitting on you/” I told Drew who was busy doodling on a rough piece of paper.
He turned an annoyed face at me.

“And how’s that suppose to add any meaning to my life,?” He said dropping his pencil on the table with a little bang.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “Maybe you should date one of them.”
He turned to look at the girls, they giggled coyly and batted their lashes seductively. He then turned back to me.

“No thanks.” His reply was curt.

“Okay. Your choice.”

“Yeah, mine.”

“Will you sit with me again tomorrow?” I asked further,,knowing it would annoy him more.

“Just shut up.”

“So what did you do that cloth yesterday? You washed it?”

“None of your business.”


“Don’t talk to me again.”

“Sure I won’t, I mean there’s nothing for us to talk about? Right?”
His response was a long sigh and then he tried to stand up. I dragged him down into the chair again.

He opened his mouth to say something rude, I could tell by the frown on his face, but the teacher immediately came in and he shut up.
I smiled to myself as the lectures soon began.


Immediately the bell rang loudly for lunch, all the students trooped out of the class. I picked up my little bag and turned to Drew.

“Are you not going for lunch?” I asked.
He didn’t reply, but picked up his own bag and started to walk out of the class. I followed closely behind him.

“Would you like to have lunch with me? In my haven?” I continued, unperturbed by his silence.

“Where?” He stopped suddenly that I bumped into him, my nose colliding with his back.

“I thought you were not listening to me?” I rubbed my nose a little. ” I said would you like to have lunch with me?”

“No, not that part, the other one.”

“My haven?”

“Now where is your haven? I didn’t know humans had haven on earth.”
I laughed at the seriousness on his face.

“You know that place I always go to? In the school garden, that’s my haven.” I gave his shoulder a little friendly pat. He pushed away my hands and wiped at the spot where I had touched like as though I had dirtied it.


“Yup, but I’m willing to share it with you, since you seem to like the place.”
He snorted loudly and said nothing.

“Hermione? ” someone called from behind. Drew and I turned ariundy to know who it was.

“Jason?” I called smiling, watching him approach. ” that’s my crush!” I whispered excitedly to Drew.

“Really? He’s ugly if you ask me. His head is a little bigger than his body, his nose is crooked.” My smile disappeared at the acidity in his voice. I turned to glare at him.

“Well I didn’t ask you, so just shut up.” I whispered so that Jason who was still walking towards us won’t hear.

“Ttch, stop getting all worked up. He’s not your boyfriend. You’re just lucky he’s talking to to you.”
I scoffed loudly.

“He’ll soon be my boyfriend. He’s smitten by me, I can tell.” I smiled cheerily at Drew,, feeling my confidence been boosted.

He eyed Jason again, in a disdainful manner that I didn’t like.

“Hey herm, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Jason said panting slightly. His eyes took in Drew who was still standing imposingly by my side and I could see doubt in his eyes.

“I was just going to have lunch. C’mon Drew,, why don’t you go ahead and have lunch? I’ll join you later.” I said, nudging him gently and warning him with my eyes not to make any more unsavory comments.
He glared at me and then at Jason before walking away without saying nothing. I breathed in relief when he was gone. I turned to Jason with my most sweetest smile.

“Who was that?” He asked immediately, pointing at Drew’s retreating back.

“Ugh, he’s my friend, he lives next door.”

“Oh OK, wanna have lunch with me?”

“Yes!” I squealed out excitedly, then i cleared my throat. “I mean yes, of course I’d love to/” I used my coolest tone, trying to suppress my excitement..

He laughed loudly.

“Okay funny, let’s go.” I smiled. We began to walk towards the cafe. I felt his hands close over mine. I looked into his face, surprised. He gave me a charming smile.

“Hope you don’t mind if I hold you?” He gave my hands a gentle squeeze. I blushed and looked away.

“No, no, I don’t mind at all.’ I stammered. I could see some students watching us curiously and I felt a little pleased.

I saw Jason staring consistently at a place, I followed his eyes. I saw Clara chasing after Drew, calling: ‘hey wait up, I just wanna talk to you!”

Drew was not even listening, he just increased his pace.
I smiled to myself, serves her right. Drew won’t even talk to her😁
Imagine how long it took me to make him talk to me😪

Jason and I sat down on an empty table. We soon began eating.

“There’s a football game in stalwarts stadium this evening, wanna come with me to go see it?” He asked halfway through our lunch.

“Sure, I’d like to.” I batted my lashes at him flirting-ly. He just smiled and nodded twice.

“Okay, I’ll come pick you up.”
“Yeah, that’ll be nice.’ I wished that Drew was here so I could stick out my tongue at him and say ‘I told you he’s smitten by me’

The lunch was soon over, Jason and I went to our different classes.

Just in front of the class I saw Clara and Drew talking!!
My eyes nearly popped out of my socket. .how on earth did she do that?!
I felt angry watching them talk, it had taken me lots of efforts and days to make him talk to me, but she just did that in exactly fifteen minutes!

I stormed past them, making sure I jabbed Clara hard with my shoulders. I sighed in delight when I heard her loud ‘ouch’,
I moved to my seat and sat down. I held my head rigidly, facing the board, still feeling angry.
I was pleasantly surprised when Drew came to sit beside me. I had thought he was going to change his seat since I had been annoying him in the first period.
I brought out a book and placed it on top of my desk and pretended to be reading. I didn’t want to look at his face or even talk to him.

” so how was lunch with Jason?” He surprisingly asked. I could detect the mockery in his voice. I faked a bright smile.

“Oh, it was so pleasant and It was fun being with him. He invited me to a football game this evening.”

“Tttch…that guy looks boring. You really do have poor taste in choosing boyfriends.” I balled up my hands into fist until my knuckles turned white and grit my teeth together.

“Well, he’s more fun, compared to you.” I snapped impatiently at him.

“Really? You should ditch that guy. The next time I see him, I’ll tell him how ugly he is.” He smirked at me.
I bit down hard on my lower lips, the sharp pain made me keep my mouth shut and not loose my cool.

“How was today’s lunch? I bet you had fun..” He smiled, a dreamy smile, I felt like tugging on his face and wiping off that annoying grin there.

“Of course, I had soo much fun, unlike you. You should really associate yourself with lively people who knows how to make good conversation.” He smirked again.
I opened my mouth to say something witty and sarcastic but the teacher chose to annoyingly come in. I tried to swallowed up my anger but it seemed so impossible.

“I should really associate myself with lively people?”
Was he by any chance implying that I’m boring?
I couldn’t pay attention to the lecture, I kept glancing angrily at Drew and then at Clara.


When school was over, I left the class immediately without waiting for Drew or anybody else. I took a cab and I arrived home before Clara.
I immediately went to take a shower, Jason was coming to pick me up by 4:30, why not start preparing?

I had already selected the cloth I’d wear, there was still plenty of time. I just laid on the bed, wishing I had homework to keep me busy.

How could Clara have made Drew talk to her?

Why exactly are angry? Inner me asked. I sat up in bed.
Are you angry that Clara spoke to him? Or are you angry that he insulted Jason?

Well, I’m angry that he insulted Jason, crooked nose? Ptt! Jason was the definition of perfectness.
How could he call him ugly!?
And why did he talk to Clara?

Relax girl😒, it’s a free world, he can talk to whomever he likes… Inner me reminded.

I heard the door slam loudly as someone was squealing loudly. I walked to the door and pressed my ears to it.

“OMG! BabeBabe, it’s working! He talked to me!!” She squealed more loudly again.
I groaned loudly and moved away from the door.

I should have known it since. Clara was trying to get her claws on him😒
I didn’t like that.

You’re not suppose to have a say in this remember?…inner me reminded again…it’s a free world, she’s free to make a move on him, he’s free to like her back, if he wants to…

I groaned loudly and decided to start preparing for the football game. I don’t care about Clara and Drew, the most important person was Jason. I washed my hair and applied some hair products that made it look sleek and glittery.
I applied my makeup, taking extra precautions today.
It was almost 4:30, I was expecting Jason to call.

I dived into the bed when my phone rang, I connected the call when I saw it was ‘Jason’ on the caller ID.

“Hello!” I said breathlessly into the phone.

“Hey, herm..I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it to the game today.” His voice was apologetic as he spoke.

“Why?” I asked.

“I had a little fall not long ago, I’m sorry, I sprained my ankle.”

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry about that, I hope it’s not serious?”

“No, no it’s fine.” I felt sorry for him.

“Okay, I’ll see you in school tomorrow. Make sure you take your medicines.”

“I will, bye “
The call ended.
I dropped my phone and looked down at my dress. If Drew was her now he’d been laughing his ass off.
I sliggisgly took off my clothes and put on my casual home wear instead. I was so bored, I decided to go for a bicycle ride instead.
I dusted out my once shiny bicycle that had accumulated a thick layer of dust as I had not used it in a long time. I had not taken a bicycle ride since.
As I drove out the bicycle, I nearly bumped into Drew, who was also coming out with a bicycle.

“Hey! Are you blind?!” I yelled.
He looked at my face with a smirk, I mentally face palmed myself, I had stupidly forgotten to clean off the make up from my face.

“Whoa, you must have made a wrong turn. This ain’t the way to the the stadium.”

“I know.” I snapped at him. I pedaled away from him, knowing he’d follow.

“So er..what happened? Mr boring ditched you for another of his kind?” I nearly smiled at that. So he doesn’t think I’m boring after all😊

“Nope, he sprained his ankle and he’s not boring.” I said quietly, before serving around a bend. He did the same. I pedaled more faster to put a few distance between us, he also pedaled more faster, closing in on the gap.
I glared at him.

“And you fell for his cheap lies?” I didn’t say anything immediately, I just kept my foot on the pedal without pedaling. The fresh air that was seeking into my scalp was doing wonders.

“He’s not a liar. Uhm..okay, he might lie to other people, but he can’t lie to me.” I tried hard to keep my voice gentle and not yell at him.

“He lied. He didn’t sprain his ankle. He went to the game with another girl.” I immediately pressed on the brake, the bicycle tyre screeched loudly at the suddenness.

“And who are you to claim all omniscient? I don’t like way you’re making fun of Jason. I like him and that’s what matters, get it?” I clearly expressed my displeasure with a mean serious frown.
He raised his hands, Like as though in surrender.

“I’m sorry, I was just being helpful.”

“You call that being helpful? You’re nuts/” I had began to pedal again, more slowly this time.

“At least I’m not the one with a frog voice.” I rolled my eyes.

“Admit it, I sound way better than you.”

“Ttch, next stop, library.” He said rolling his eyes.

“I didn’t know you went to libraries,” I commented with a pleased grin.

“Well now you know, race you there.” He increased his speed, I laughed and pedaled harder and faster, trying to catch up with him.

Seems like he was in a good mood today, I thought to myself smilingly.
I was still smiling to myself when something happened.
Drew’ fell off his bicycle. It was as if the bicycle had become animated and had thrown him out.
“OMG! Are you okay?” I yelled as I rushed out of my own bicycle. I bent down to help him up.

“No, dummy,I just fell out of a bicycle, though it felt like I was thrown out,how can I. D okay?* he grumbled.

” I’m so sorry…uh…” I poked at his rib and then at his stomach. He laughed.

“What are you doing?, you’re tickling me.. ” he laughed some more. I sighed.

“I’m checking for any broken bone.*

” stop please… ” he said laughing more as I tickled him more. I enjourd listening to his laughter, it made me smile.

“Stop! Ouch!” I inspected the sore site. I was just under his knees, the force of the fall had scraped off the the fabric of his pants and also his knees, I could even make out the whiteness of his bone. Blood was already starting to drop off the wound.

“It’s not looking good.” I said, feeling sorry for him.

“Well…” I tore off the hem of his pants and tied it around the wound.

“That’ll keep it covered until we get a first aid kit.” I helped him to his bicycle.

“I’m not that badly wounded, so leave me to walk on my own.” He grumbled. I ignored his comment and put my hands more tightly around him. I looked into his face, wearing a frown. He had put all his weight on me, ugh! This 250+ pound of annoyance.

“You’re heavy!” I grunted out.

“You’re small. I just feel like I can crush you” he put his arms around my shoulders, almost pulling me closely to himself. My heart had fluttered madly when his arms closed around me

I helped him into his bicycle.

“Can you pedal? By yourself,?” I asked worriedly.

” I was thrown out from a bicycle, not from an helicopter, so of course, I can pedal. ” he said with so much sarcasm.

“Good ” I got on my own bicycle and we pedaled home.

I helped him into the house and let him slump heavily against a sofa.

“What happened?” Emily asked, coming out dressed in a bathrobe.

“He fell out from his bicycle.’ I told her grimly.

” I was thrown out from my bicycle. ” he chipped in grinning broadly at Emily.


“Aye. It felt like someone had thrown me out ”

“Can you quit talking and go bring a first aid kit in here?”I interrupted.
Emily ran off to go bring the first aid kit

” are you sure you didn’t break any bones? “

“You’re a very terrible doctor.” His eyes never left my face.

“I know,, saucy patient.”
Emily soon returned with a first aid kit, her hands were shaking.

“Will he be okay?” She whispered to me. I rolled my eyes.

“It’s just a bruise.”

“Oh I can’t look.” She moaned.

“Go get dressed scardy cat ” she was afraid of blood. She gratefully ran off. I opened the kit and dipped a cotton wool in generous measure of methylated spirit.

“Okay, just be still while I…” I bent over his knees and untied the rag we had used.

His hands stopped me.

“You shouldn’t bother, I can do it.” He said looking into my face.

“No, no I insist.”

“Okay.” He shrugged. I rolled my eyes, I had expected him to argue more with me.

“Shouldn’t I remove my pants first?” I could tell he was smiling.

“Ahem! Yeah…you should do that.” I replied in a gruff voice, looking away in embarrassment.

He quickly removed his pants, and sat down on the chair only in his boxers short.

“Keep still, it won’t hurt.” I said, gulping down saliva.

“That’s what they say to babies, and…” I pressed the soaked cotton wool to his wound, he cussed under his breath.

“You were saying?” I teased, wriggling my brows.

“Damn you Hermione.” He said through clenched teeth.



I watched her as she tended my wound, her hair had almost slipped out of the ribbon she had used to tie it.
On impulse, I reached out and freed up the remaining strands of hair from the ribbon. Her hair fell over her face, blocking her left eyes. She raised up a hand with a little smile, and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Now what was that for?” She asked, still smiling.
I didn’t know either, just like I don’t know how I had fallen out of my bicycle,or how my cloth had suddenly become magnetic and refused to leave my hands….

“I just thought you’d.. You’d look better that way.” I stammered, suddenly feeling awkward, sitting before her in my boxers short and shirt. She ran her hands through the bandaid on my skin.

“There, good as new.” She stood up quickly, disposing of the bloodied cotton and hand gloves that she’d used.

“Thanks?” I said, not standing up.

“You’re always welcome. Anytime…” Her smile was strained and she was avoiding my eyes.

“I’ll recommend that you take some ibuprofen for the pains.” She looked at her watch as she spoke. Like she was in a hurry to leave.

“I will.”

“Tell Emily I’ll call her will you?” She didn’t wait for a reply, she hurried out of the house. I wondered what was wrong. I thought she’d have stayed back to annoy me more. I touched the bandaid on my knees again. I needed a shower, let it not be that I’m getting attached to this Hermione girl.

💕Bonus chapter💕


🎀Next day at school🎀


The next day at school was not so eventful, Drew didn’t sit next to me, I guess I missed him a little, cos I had no one to annoy.
When it was time for lunch, I moved to his seat and banged my fist loudly on his desk. He looked up at me with a bland face.

“Hey, wanna have lunch with me?” I asked with my most brightest smile.

“Go annoy some poisonous reptiles and leave me alone.” Was his cold reply. My heart fell when I heard that.
He stood up and picked up his black bag and put it over his bag and walked out of the class.
I watched his retreating form sadly, he’s back to his anti social mood again. I sadly trudged to the cafeteria and ordered for a light snack. As i was looking for an empty table, I spotted Drew sitting in a table eating. He was talking to someone while eating. I peered closer at the girl, it was Clara!

I sighed inwardly and found an empty seat close to theirs and sat there. I bad just lost my appetite for the snacks i bought. I just picked on it, my eyes never leaving them. They were engrossed in their quiet animated conversation that they didn’t even notice me.
I even heard Drew laughing!!
How dare Clara?! How was she doing all this? Things that had taken real efforts. It felt so unfair.
I strained my ears to hear what they were saying.

I thought we were already becoming friends? I complained inwardly.

That doesn’t stop him from making more friends…. Inner me reminded me.

Oh shut up! I snapped at inner me, irritated.

Are you jealous?…

No silly, how can I be jealous? I have Jason, remember?… I shoved a French fry defiantly info my mouth and chewed on it as I glared at Drew’s back.

👹He wouldn’t have lunch with you, but he’s having lunch with her.

👼it’s a free world, he can have lunch with whomever he wants.

👹but you asked fursty…

👼just eat your fries sweetie and leave the cafe.

👹 no, you have to teach that Clara a lesson, why don’t you go pour your juice on her face.

Yeah, that sounds tempting… I grabbed my juice.

👼don’t do it, you’ll only make Drew not want to be friends with you.

I sighed, that’s right.
But it hurts, I wish I can go back in time and relive yesterday,, especially when he had put his arms around me.

Do you like Drew?… Inner me asked again.
I scoffed loudly.
I just want us to be friends, that’s all…

Inner mind…👀

That’s it! I’m leaving! I abandoned my snacks and walked out. I made sure to pass very close to their table, but still he didn’t even look up, he didn’t even spare me a glance.😌


School was over, I had decided to go to my haven, I was thinking I’d do my homework there before heading home.
On my way there, I was cornered by Cheryl and Audrey. They looked very angry and mean.

“What do you want?” I snapped impatiently, not in the mood for any stupid words exchange.

“So Carl isn’t enough for you, you’ve carried your whoring to Drew right?” Cheryl asked,her eyes flashing with anger. I sighed loudly.

“I’m not in the mood for your rubbish,” I snapped again and walked away from them.

“Stop right there Hermione!” Audrey called out loudly.
My legs were suddenly pinned down to the floor, I tried to move my legs, but it felt like it was held in place with lead.
I tried to force my legs up again, acute pain shot through my feet, spreading quickly to my ankle, a grunt of pain left my lips. I stopped fighting her order and stood still, the pain stopped.

“I let you go because your sister asked me to, but I’m not letting you off this one quickly slut/” Audrey exclaimed angrily. My impatience was fast turning to anger.

*and what are you going to do? “
Cheryl and Audrey laughed mockingly at me. Audrey stood in front of me and then she pinched my cheeks painfully, I held myself in check not to make any noise of pain.

“Don’t pinch me again.” I warned.

“And what are you going to do?” Challenge flashed in her eyes. “…man snatcher.. “
That snapped off the last thread of patience I had left. I struck out my hands,it caught Audrey’s eyes. She screamed in pain and held her injured face. I tried to move away from them, but the command was still holding me in place.

The two girls pounced on me, they overpowered me, but I managed to give Cheryl a vicious clawing on her face with my sharp nails, I gave Audrey another punch in her second eyes.
The girls hit me while I wailed loudly, hoping and praying that someone was close by to save me. I was getting weaker and weaker.
If it wasn’t for this damned command, I’d have given them the beating of their lives.
They punched my tummy countless times, my mouth bled and was even swollen from a cut.

“Someone’s coming!” Audrey shouted suddenly

“Let’s go!” Cheryl gave me a parting hard slap on my cheeks before joining Audrey. They both disappeared into the school’s garden.
I heard footstep approaching, my legs gave way underneath me and I fell. I still couldn’t move from that spot. I felt someone wrap his hands around me.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” Drew asked, raising me to my feet. He then turned me around so I could look into his face. The force holding my legs to the floor melted away at his touch.

“No,no! Those bitches! They dare attack me!” My whole body was sore. “I’ll teach them, I swear to god I’ll teach them..’

*who are they?”

“Audrey and Cheryl! They attacked me..” The cut in my mouth stung me.
I cussed out under my breath.

“Can you walk to the car?” That was when I noticed that his hands were on my waist, and it felt so damn good

“I..I.think so…”

“I don’t think so…” He bent down and lifted me off the floor, bridal style.

“Hey…” I giggled, ignoring the soreness in my body. I admired his strong muscles and the taut line of his jaws.
“What are you doing here?” I thought you’d gone home? ” I asked.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to come to the haven since I couldn’t come here in the afternoon.”

“Yeah , that’s because you were having lunch with Clara ” I couldn’t keep off the bitter edge off my voice.
He didn’t say anything, I wanted him to say something like: I swear, Clara forced me to have lunch with her…

But he didn’t say anything, his silence said a lot of things.
I sighed silently.

We were at the park lot, he was heading to his car, i wasn’t going to protest.

“Hermione… Are you okay?” I turned to know who had spoken. It was Jason.

“Isn’t it obvious she was hurt dummy.,” Drew growled out instead. I pinched his shoulder hard, warning him to be polite.

“I was attacked by Cheryl and Audrey.” I said morosely.
His brows knotted to a frown.

“Those girls,! You should report them to the principal “I laughed and then scoffed.

” the principal won’t believe me, I’ve got no evidence. “

“You must be in so much pain, I can drop you home if you want…” Jason turned to glare at Drew. I felt Drew’s grip tighten around me.

“That won’t be necessary, as you can see I’m..”

“I’d like that Jason.” I cut Drew off, smiling at Jason. Jadon smiled and spread out his arms, trying to take me from Drew’s arm. But Drew refused to let go. I turned to look at him, our faces were just few inches apart. I looked into his eyes.

“C’mon, let me go now.” I said softly.

“No.” He said firmly.

💕Another bonus chapter💕


I held Hermione more tightly, she squirmed in my hands, trying to wriggle out.

“C’mon,stop this…this drama and let go.” She commanded coldly, I saw that she was determined to go with him, and I was reluctant to let go. I just didn’t like this Jason guy, I felt like he was only using Hermione to get something.
I hesitantly put her down to her feet, before she could wobble to him, I held her wrist and whispered into her ears.

“You might want to check his ankle, to see if it was sprained. Like he told you yesterday.” Her eyes moved quickly to his ankle and then back to my face.

“That’s none of your business.” She said sharply, anger clouding her face. She slapped off my hands. I glared very hard at Jason, he avoided my eyes. I knew it, this guy was up to something.

I watched as he put his arms around her, then watched as he led her to his car.

Pttt, he can’t even carry her…I thought watching his back hostilely.

When they had walked a few more yards, he bent down and she got unto his back.
He was giving her a useless piggy back ride!
I’d have given her one if it had occurred to me. I watched as he put her gently into his car.

Useless! Useless!

I kicked at a pebble quite furiously as the car drove away.
Emily was already honking loudly at me,i knew she saw the whole scene. I walked back to the car.

“I’m driving.” I told her in a curt voice. She didn’t say anything, she just moved over to the other seat. As I put in the key, she commented; ‘she chose him over you.’

I was tempted to say but I just pressed my lips together.
He’s her crush, and I’m just someone she likes annoying, so it’s typical for her to chose her crush over me.

I ignited the car and pumped the gas very hard.
Emily was shrieking as i roughly swerved a sharp bend.

“You’re nuts Drew!”

“You’re gonna get us killed!”

“Oh Lord forgive me all my sins and accept me in your kingdom…”
I wasn’t even listening to her, I sighted the Sneak’s car and drove more quickly to side up with it.
I could see Hermione talking to him and smiling. She looked at the window and her smile disappeared when she saw me. She scowled at me and then wind up the window so that I was unable to see her anymore.

The drive home was made in silence, I didn’t over speed anymore and Emily didn’t talk to me.

As I swerved the car into the drive way, Sneak’s car also swerved in to Hermione’s drive way.
Emily got out of the car and banged the door furiously muttering curses under her breath. I ignored her and watched as Mr sneak helped Hermione out of the car.

What?! He’s going in with her?!

He’s even carrying her bridal style.
I watched as they disappeared into the car, how could they be alone in there? Clara and Chloe were not yet back from school.
What if that brute tried something stupid?

I waited in the car for about five minutes, he didn’t come out.
I was tempted to go and knock on their door.
👦why do you care if he’s doing anything with her? She’s old enough to make her own decisions.

Yeah, I sighed.
Why do I even care?
I got out of the car and went inside, straight to my room.

I had a very long shower, scrubbing and humming to myself.
I had spent about 15mins in the shower. When I came out and peered out of the window, his car was still parked in their driveway.

I decided to do my homework, trying not to occasionally go out to the window and checking to know if his car was there or not.

After I was done with my homework, I took a final peep in the window and realized with relief that his car was gone. I immediately rushed out of my room shouting to Emily who was busy coating her nail :I’ll be back soon!

I almost ran the short distance, so that when I pressed on the doorbell, I was quite out of breath.

I waited for a short while before the door opened.
Hermione stood by the door , dressed in a rugby club jersey and a pair of pale blue shorts. Her face was pale and drawn, get hair was a tangled mess.

*can I come in?”I asked, when I noticed she won’t talk to me.
She didn’t say anything, but opened the door more widely for me to come in. I walked past her into the sitting room. I looked around, the sitting room was tastefully furnished, I could see different framed photographs on the Wall.

“Why are you here? Why do you choose to ruin my chance with Jason?” She asked sullenly as she laid back on a sofa, drawing her legs closer to her body.

“Have you taken any painkillers?”
She nodded, her lips were no longer swollen, but they looked red and chapped.

“You’ve eaten yet?”

“Jason cooked up pasta for me.”

“Jason? And you ate it? What if he poisoned it?”

“Don’t start now.”

“Did you ask him about his broken ankle? I’m sure he must have given you a wonderful explanation for that.”

She stood up and walked to me, she bent over and grabbed my collar roughly.
She inched her face close to mine, I had no option than to look into her gray eyes which now seemed strained.

“Listen to me, I don’t give a damn if you’re the only person whom I can resist your command and who’s presence makes me able to resist other people’s command. I don’t care about that. But if you try and ruin my chances with Jason, I swear to God, I’ll kill you. You hear me?” She smiled coldly at me. I gulped down loudly.

Whoa, what a temper.

“Can you let go now?you’re choking me.” I said, removing her hands from mine. She sighed loudly.

“I didn’t mean that you know. I’m sorry, I can never kill someone. Just that you’re annoying.” She collapsed tiredly on the chair I was sitting in.

“I’m sorry too, I was only doing what I think it’s best. “
She smiled at me tiredly and then closed her eyes.

“You’re still sore?”

“Hmm-hmm” she said without opening her eyes. I looked at her pale face, then my stupid eyes strayed away from her face to the rest of her body. The shorts afforded me a generous view of her shapely creamy legs, the rugby club jersey had risen up a little bit, I could make out the hollow of her belly button. I cleared my throat loudly before my eyes could move upward further to her breasts.
Her eyes flew open.

“I’m sorry, I zoned off.” She sat down properly and the tempting sight was hidden once again under the jersey.

“You’re tired, you should get some sleep.” She nodded and started to head to her room.

“I should help you with your homework, you’re in no position to do that.”

“Awwn, that’s sweet of you. Thanks. My bag is on top of the table, you take out my books… Thanks once again.”

I was about to reply when the door flew open and Clara walked in with Chloe and one other girl i couldn’t recognize.

“Oh my god! Drew! You’re in my house!” She squealed excitedly and hugged me. I pushed her away from me. I saw Hermione looking at me, sadly. When she saw me looking at her,she turned away slowly and limped into her room

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