Jinx gone wrong – part 18

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🎃Jinx Gone Wrong🎃

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

💕Chapter 18💕


I hated the smile that was fully etched on Emily’s face, it made me feel guilty, like I had done something wrong.

“We were… Uhm…” Hermione stammered in an annoying way.

“Having a mud fight.” I completed, daring Emily with my eyes to try and contradict what I had said.

“Yeah, with mud.” Hermione added unnecessary, smiling and nodding.

“OK, that’s very much obvious. But the part of you guys almost kissing and Drew, were you not pinning her to the tree?” She wriggled her brow at me. I just sighed.

“You can conclude whatever you saw in your head, I’m outta here.” I walked away, then stopped and turned around to look at Hermione.

“And you, don’t ever throw mud balls at me again, get it?”

Her response was a girlish giggle that I found annoying. I ignored them and walked back into the house. I need a goddam shower and a change of clothes.

While I was in the shower, I found myself smiling as I remembered the way Hermione had screamed when I had thrown a very big mud ball at her.
I was soon laughing loudly when I remembered how stiff her hair had been and how ugly bits of mud had been sticking out of her hair.

Damn funny girl.

I was done with scrubbing my body, I tied a towel around my waistnl and walked out of the bathroom.

I nearly screamed in shock when I saw a muddied figure bent over the little heap that my muddy clothes had made.
I breathed in relief when I saw it was only Hermione. She stood up straight holding my clothes in her hands.
She smiled nervously when she saw me and I noticed how she was making a great effort not to let her eyes wander through my body.

“I..I didn’t expect you to be out of the shower, so…so soon…” She stammered, avoiding my eyes too.
I wiped off the tiny tickle of water that was intent on clouding my vision.

“What are you doing here?” I ignored her stammering and tried to make my face look mean.
Seriously I was beginning to find her presence so overbearing and I wanted to have as little contact with her as possible.

She inhaled loudly and straightened her shoulder,as though that would give her the confidence to face me.

“I..I just thought it’d be okay if..if I help you wash your dirty clothes.”

“You thought?”

“Erh..yeah, since I..made your clothes.. Dirty? So…I thought I should make it up..by…by.washing them…for you of course.” She finished and looked into my face, smiling broadly.
I nodded slightly.

“I see.”

“Great, I’ll just go and put it in the washing machine and…”

“But I don’t think it’s necessary.” I cut her off quickly.

“Why?, I don’t mind doing it for you.”

“But I do, so…” I took careful steps towards her, careful not to slip and fall. She seemed to cringe at my presence.
I tried to collect the cloths from her, she held it tightly. I sighed and looked into her face. She had washed off the mud from her face so I was able to see the bright flush in her cheeks. I tried again to collect the clothes, she still held it , even more tightly.

“Uhm…let go of my clothes.” Her gray eyes flickered quickly to my face in panic.

“Sorry I..I can’t.” She gasped out.

“What do you mean you can’t?” I tried to forcefully drag out the clothes from her, coming even closer to her,but the clothes didn’t budge.

“I..I think it’s stuck.” She was breathing quickly, I could tell by the way her shoulders were heaving.


“To my hands! I can’t get it off!” She nearly screamed at me. Her eyes had widened and she looked like she was freaking out.
I couldn’t understand what she was saying, how can the clothes be stuck in her hands?
I tried again, using all the efforts I could muster, that was enough to knock down somebody.

Still the clothes refused to budge. A puzzled frown knitted my brows together.

“Well, since the clothes don’t want to come back to me, you might as well…go wash it.”

“How am I going to wash it? When it won’t even leave my hands?!” She seemed to have lost her cool ‘cos she was now yelling at me.

“Alright, calm down. No need to freak out, I’m sure…” I tried to pull out my hands from the clothes, but it was though the clothes had suddenly become magnetic and my hands couldn’t get away from it.

“Okay, what just happened now?” I said struggling to pull out my hands, but it wouldn’t budge.

“What? What?”she yelled in frenzy.

” my hands, it’s stuck too. ”
She rolled her eyes.

“Oh God, I shouldn’t have picked up this damn clothes,I should have just remained in the yard and not.. And not…”

“Shut up please.”

“Excuse me? We are stuck here. And what’s more? We are stuck to your muddied smelly clothes.”she shot at me, looking angry.

” so this is my fault? ” I asked, finding her anger amusing.

“For Christ sake who knows what demonic spell you must have casted on the clothes.” The side of her lips curled up as she glared at me.

“Spell? Magic? Pttt, there’s no such thing as magic.”
I’m Sure there must be an Intelligent scientific explanation for this strange occurrence.
Yeah maybe your bones just happened to have turned into magnets and then, and then what?

“Yeah, whatever, what are we going to do? You’re not even dressed, what if..if that towel happened to just..fall?” She whispered the last part. I lazily raised a brow at her and I nearly laughed at the look on her face.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t mind it at all, since that won’t be the first time it’s happening.” I drawled out. She managed a scoff before looking away, her cheeks stained.

“What are we going to do?” She asked in exasperation again.

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” I snapped in irritation.

“Maybe if you’d pull more tightly, use your..your manly strength, this muscles shouldn’t be there for no reason.”

“Very funny.” I commented drily with no smile on my face.

“Alright, think up a better idea.” She said, her shoulders slumping in dejection.

I began to think hard. If only I could get a saw or something sharp.

And how do you intend to hold the saw? Since both of your habds are stuck…
My mind asked.

Then my mind flashed back to what she had drunkenly told me yesterday. If what she had said was true, then I’ll command her to get the hands out of the cloth.

“So, I have an idea.”
She turned her head to look into my face, her brows raised to say that she was listening.

“About what you told me yesterday…”

“Uhm that… You..you should just forget about that… I..I.was drunk…”
She kept on blabbing, I could tell she was lying, the way her eyes kept darting to and fro my face and the door.

“I..don’t even remember what I had told you yesterday, but just forget about it okay?’

” okay I guess.”

“Good.” She finally looked into my face and smiled slightly in embarrassment.
I also smiled slightly at her, she seemed surprised, ‘cos her own smile disappeared ea little frown replaced it. I too was surprised at my smile.

“So, get your hands off the clothes. Now.” I ordered gently with a smile. She looked into my face with alarm and surprise.

“You…” Her face was strained, like as though she was struggling with something.

“Now.” I added, more urgently. She struggled for about five seconds and then her hands were freed from the clothes.
I was surprised.
It worked!! She didn’t lie.

She was looking at her freed up hands like as though she hadn’t used them in ages. Then she turned a surprised face to me.

“You..how… Wh..what was that?”

“I just freed out your hands, now free mine.” I cut her off.

“But, but how?”

“Release me from this. Now.” I commanded again. She took two steps towards me and began to untie some invisible knots that I couldn’t see.
While she untied the knots, she kept her stare fixed on my face. I couldn’t fathom the look on her face.

“Your stare is creepy.” I pointed out.

“You shouldn’t do that often you know.” She said, her voice was mean, serious? I just don’t know where to place it

“Do what?”

“Commanding me,”

“Well, I’m doing it for our own good. I just want you out of my room.”

“You shouldn’t tell anybody else, please.” The clothes fell out of my hands and she took a step backwards.

“I won’t. I don’t gossip.”


*I said I won’t. “

I groaned loudly and slapped my forehead.

“Just shut up, you’re so annoying.”


Arrghhh! I just felt like pushing a plug into her mouth.

“Please shut up.” She shut her mouth and pouted slightly.

“Don’t use it against me please.”

“If you say please one more time, I swear I’ll…” I whined my mouth, unable to think of anything else to say. She pushed her face closer to mine, stifling a smile.
“Hit me, go ahead strong man. You couldn’t even untie us from a piece of cloth.”
I balled my hands into fist and said nothing.

“You should leave now, don’t come here again “

“I don’t want to ever come here too, strange things happen whenever I’m here.” She scoffed and turned to leave.

“Wait.” I called before I could stop myself. She turned slowly in anticipation. I pointed to the clothes.

“Since you wanted to wash them, you can go ahead and go..go wash them, I don’t mind.”
She glared at me before running out of the room.
I found myself laughing as the door slammed after her.


I had worn my clothes and was relaxing in bed. I had gotten rid of those clothes, I couldn’t wear them again, who knows, it might even get stuck on my body and I’ll remove it again.
I was listening to some music in my phone, since I had moved to California, I had began to listen more of rap song than soft blues.

My head was bobbing up and down to the cool lyrics of a song when a message buzzed in on my WhatsApp.
I cursed the darned ring tone that interrupted my song under my breath. I was reluctant at first to read the message since I was still feeling angry.
After a few minutes I read the message.

💬nice DP.
I rolled my eyes, it was an unknown number. Someone obviously wanted me to talk.

I decided to ignore the message. I started to relax again in the bed. Another message popped in loudly again.
Can’t someone ever get peace in this house.

I read the message.
💬what are you doing?
I decided to know who it was. I checked the unknown number’s dp. I sighed loudly when I saw the brownish red hair and gray eyes.

💬Minding my own business.
I texted back, hoping she’d leave mec alone to enjoy my song.

💬I’m just bored here.
She sent the text with a picture. I downloaded the picture. She was lying in bed, her very obvious wet hair spread out like a mat on the pillow, her gray eyes looked into the camera with so much intensity, I almost felt like she was looking through me to my soul. Her lips were almost in a half pout. I noticed the whiteness of her skin as the strap of her cloth slipped out of one shoulder. I stared at the picture for a few more seconds then turned the phone away.
I decided to send a voice note instead of typing.

♪ Don’t ever send me a pics again.
I clicked on send.

Then i recorded another voice note.

♪ and stop messaging me,how did you get my number in the first place?

A message popped in.
It was a voice note from her.

♪ I got your number from Emily, she said you’re bored, I should keep you company, since I’m bored too. Why should I not send you any pictures? I like sending pictures..

I sighed and recorded another voice note.

♪ I’m not bored, and don’t send me any pictures of your ugly face again.

A message buzzed in again.
This time it was a video.

Arh, this girl is so insufferable.

I nevertheless watched the video.

🎦Hey.. She smiled at the camera , her wet hair sticking to her face and framing it.🎦?yiu shouldn’t be rude you know…she brushed off strands from her face. 🎦i really want us to be friends, you’re not a bad person. She smiled broadly and the video ended.
A little smile lifted up the corner of my lips.

I decided I wasn’t going to send any video, I sent a voice note instead.

♪well, you’re very bad to be with, so no thanks,, we can’t be friends.
I pressed the ‘send’ button.

A messaged popped in again.

A voice note.

♪ okay-laugh-, but at least chat with me.


♪ you’re too proud-scoffs

💬i know.

♪ I’m bored.

💬i know

♪ maybe I should just sing for you, to annoy you.
I immediately sat up in bed.

I sent a voice note immediately.

♪ don’t even think about sending me any stupid voice note of you singing.
Before I could even press ‘send’ she had sent the voice note.
I groaned in annoyance and played her voice note.

🎶hold my hands and fly

🎶never say goodbye

I began to laugh loudly, her voice was very terrible and unpleasant to the ears. Damn this girl, why did she always make me laugh. I was laughing so hard and holding my stomach.. I sent her a voice note of me laughing.

♩ don’t ever sing again, you voice can wake up the dead.

Her reply was instantaneous. She sent a video.
🎦ptt,..she stuck out her tongue at me…I’m sure I sound better than you…
The video ended.
A little smile touched my lips as I rewatched the video.

Another video came in.

I also played that one.

😂hey, so hope you’re no longer bored? …she smiled at the camera again.. No, at me…the video ended.
I replayed the video again and again, my smile refusing to leave my lips.

I typed instead.
She sent a sad emoji as a response

I smiled and quickly logged out.
I replayed the first video she had sent me, then the second one.
I even zoomed the picture she had sent to me. Why was her skin so dsmn creamy?

I laughed loudly.

Why does she sound so terrible when singing?

🎶Hold my hand and fly

🎶Never say goodbye

🎶Cross the open sky

🎶Leave the world behind

🎶I will be alright

🎶If you stay by my side

🎶Spring and summer

🎶Love and laughter

🎶We’ll live happy ever after

🎶We’ll fly higher than we thought we’d be

🎶Because you showed me

🎶How to .

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