Who am i – part 25

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. unedited
. SEMI final

By success

Tyler’s POV

We came out at a open field, the grass were all dead even the tree around were dead

Where are we” i ask Tara

In my kingdom” she said with a smirk

She cast a spell and we both disappear, to a big build they were some strange people putting on a hoodie they all stood at every corner of the building

Who are them ” i said pointing at them

They’re the guard” she said walking to the building

Who are they guarding, is it kyla”i said and she laugh

You fool they ain’t guarding any kyla they’re guarding me and my dad”she said

He looked confused and that brought a big smile to my face

You see Tyler you just made my plan easy, cause am using you to bring kyla here and that will be her end”she said

And what do you mean by that are you against her” i said

You talk too much” she said and talk in another language

I couldn’t opened my mouth it looks like my both lips were gum i can’t move my mouth muscle

I look at her she was laughing

You better follow me” she said walking away i have no option than to follow her

We got to the sitting room of the building, there was a big chair like a king chair at the center of the room

And there was couch around it

Dad am back “Tara yelled it was not up to a minute before a man and a young lady walk down the stairs

The man look like Tara alot and i guess his her father because of the resemblance

They walk forward towards me,

So is this lilly boyfriend” the man said looking at me in the eyes

Yes he is dad” Tara said with a smile

I just stare on without saying a thing to them

Good job my child, you’re really the daughter of your father” the man said

Am proud of you Tara ” the lady beside the man said

Tara was so full of pride, she was so happy and i was confused

Is time to go bring the little princess”the man said looking at the young lady beside him

Yes my love, let the game begin” she said and turned to a old lady and i was so shocked to the bone

She disappear into the thin air

Kyla POV

I was lying down on a wooden bed my head resting on a soft feather pillow

My head was filled with so much thoughts, so much doubts, everyone is relying on me, everyone seems to believe I will defeat my evil uncle and rescue both my parents and the kingdom from him

The problem is I don’t seem to share there thoughts, I’m very afraid I will fail and let everyone down

I have never been in a battle whereas my uncle is use to battle and war, he is use to killing people and he is filled with evil and has the power of black magic

I’m trying to be strong but my heart is racing so fast I can hear it, I wish I wasn’t the princess, I wish I wasn’t a witch….

I was busy feeling pity for myself when a bright light shone inside the room where I was which in fact was the inside of a tree

It was hard to believe I am inside a tree

Out from the light came an old woman and I recognize her, she is Lena my guardian angel

I lifted my head from the wooden bed, I knew she has some information for me
ā€œ Kyle my child, my beautiful princess ā€ she said and I smiled briefly

I was still scared but there was something about Lena that makes me feel calm, I knew is my friend and someone I can trust she also gave me some measure of strength to overcome my fears

ā€œ it is time my child, it is time to face your destiny, the red moon and black moon will arrive soon, you most face your evil uncle the king tonight and I am sure you will defeat him and free the kingdom from his evil rule ā€ she said

ā€œ what if I fail? What if I am not strong enough to defeat my uncle, what if__ ā€

She cuts me short

ā€œ no more if’s you won’t fail my child, I know this because everyone is counting on you and all our spirits and the spirit of your parents will guide you and be with you

You will come out of this battle victorious my child ā€ she said

I told you she was my strength and her words gave me the strength I needed at that moment

I don’t know what I will ever do without Lena by my side, I would be totally lost

I know the prophecy said someone I trust will betray me but I really doubt Lena can ever betray me……

Kora kora” i yelled her name and she came few minutes

You called for me” she said and greeted lena

Yes am going with lena to the palace
So you guys have to follow shortly before the black and red moon will be out and you know what that means” i told her

Yes i do, we will come shortly”she said and gave be a fighting hug
Be careful she muttered

I nod my head and we pull out from the hug

Lena stretched out a hand to me and I came down the bed and took hold of her hand

ā€œ ƉtƶƓÅŗ ďisĆ£perx ā€ she cast a spell and a bright light shone into the room and we both disappeared ….

We appeared in a big building, they were people at different corner in the building

Is this the palace” i said and she nods

We were surrounded by the palace guard, they were looking at us as if they will kill us anytime soon

I looked at lena and she wear a calmed face making me to wonder if she’s not afraid

Well well well look who we have here” i heard a famine voice at my back to see tara

I was so shocked what is she doing here what business does she have here in the witch kingdom

Close your mouth before a flying insert will enter ” she said with a smirk and lena chuckled

I closed the mouth i never new i opened

I guess you’re really surprised to see me ” she said still looking at me

I said nothing i was just staring at her and she continued talking

My dad is your uncle which means we are cousin and enemy at same time ” she said with a lip side smile that irritate me

So you’re also a witch” i said

You IQ is too low, yes am a witch and am going to be the one that will defeat you, cause you’re powerless in my front” she said with a smirk

I just smiled inside of me cause it looks like she don’t know what am made off

Sehxu suĆ© nvuĆ¼” she shouted and my head felt too heavy for my neck to carry i slowly dropped to the floor


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