Who am i – Final episode

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🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
. πŸ•΅ UNEDITED πŸ•΅
By success


Kyla’s POV

I was yet finished speaking when Tara cast a spell on me, a very painful one at that

My head became to heavy for my neck and the rest of my body and it dropped me down on the ground

β€œ Ahhhhhhhh ” I screamed in pains as I fell to the ground

β€œ ah ah ah ah ” Tara made an evil laugh

β€œ the great princess and hero of the people is so easy defeated, I told you you were no match for me and now time for me to destroy you ” she mocked and bragged at the same time

Her spell on me was very painful but it was fleeting also, it didn’t last that long and after some seconds of much pains I felt the pains going away

But Tara was about casting another spell on me and I could tell this one would be a deadly spell the way she squeezed her face with much anger and hate written all over it

β€œ ELTΓ– GRŘJVN__ ” before she could complete the words to a spell I cast my own quick spell

β€œ QwΓ¨ TELŠÏ! ” I screamed still lying on the floor


A wind like force slammed Tara throwing her a great distance backwards

She flew and slammed into the door leading to the king courtroom where the king sat on his mighty throne

The force carried her tumbling for some distance before she finally stopped

I tried getting up to my feet but almost immediately the palace guards had surrounded me with there sharp and pointy weapons aimed at me and they wanted to strike me dead….

β€œ Γ‰li tuoΕ›Ε›ii ” Lena cast a spell and all the guards that surrounded me dropped to the floor

β€œ get up my child ” she said stretching out a hand to me, I held her stretched out hand and she lifted me up to my feet

β€œ thank you ” I said and she smiled

β€œ this is where my journey stops, this is all the help I can provide, I wish I can but I can’t follow you into the courtroom of the king

You will have to face him alone, remember all what I have thought you, remember all the training you have had and remember that you have the spirit guarding you

Remember__ ” she said the last word then disappear away

β€œ No, No, no
I need you Lena, come back ” I said but she was gone

I took a deep breath in then walked to towards the door of the king courtroom

I walked into the king chambers and there he was seated on his throne…. My Evil Uncle, The King

He was a charming man, really handsome truth be told but at that point all I could see was an evil man who had custody of my parents and kingdom

I walked slowly to meet him passing Tara his daughter who was still lying unconscious on the floor and the king seemed rather calm

He had this smile on his face as I approached his throne and his quietness and calmness was making me uncomfortable, it seems I was heading to a trap

So I started talking to reduce my tension

β€œ Uncle, I demand you release my parents and step down from the throne because it’s not yours, this kingdom has suffered enough from your hands it’s time for them to be free ” I said but then he started laughing

He laughed harder and harder making me look stupid wondering why he was laughing

β€œ Uncle! ” I screamed stopping his laughter

β€œ I will defeat you ” I said sounding really confident but deep down I was really scared

He smirked at me, and I didn’t know Tara was up already in fact she was never unconscious she just pretended she was

β€œ VeΓ© ToΓ» LΓ–SÁ! ” she screamed from behind me a very deadly spell

I felt a great force picking me up from the ground and it felt as my whole body was on fire πŸ”₯

I saw myself smashing hard against the wall of the palace

β€œ Ahhhhhhhh ” I screamed and groaned in pain

The pain was intense and I felt as if I’m about to die

I could see Tara walking slowly towards me her right arm out stretched to my direction and she started moving and twisting the fingers of her out stretched arm

and as she moved and twisted her fingers I felt the bones of all my body twisting and bending

β€œ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” I cried out in pain

The pain was intense and unbearable but Tara was enjoying every bit of it, the smile on her face was very broad

β€œ after killing you I will kill your stupid boyfriend Tyler ” she said but she shouldn’t have said that

Something sparked inside me, I didn’t know where that power and anger came from but all I know was the anger was burning and a great power filled me

β€œ Noooooo!!! ” I screamed out and only my screams alone sent her flying and the glasses of the palace windows shattered

My hair turned white and I was floating in the air…

Tara flew and landed on the ground but she was quick to get up on her feet

β€œ No! I can’t accept you are more powerful than me, I have black magic ” she yelled

And she started casting a spell and great flames came from her hands and covered me completely

She laughed and smiled evilly as she thought she was winning and that I was dead but I flew out of the flames unburnt and unharmed and Tara smile and laughter face became that of shock

I stretched my arm towards her and bolts of lightning came forth from my hand and struck her

β€œ ahhhhhhhhhhh ” she screamed out and fell down

β€œ Taraaaaaaaaaaaa! ” her father, my evil uncle screamed out standing up from his throne

He ran to where his daughter lay unconscious on the floor smoke coming out from her body

He bent down and picked her up holding her tight to himself

β€œ Tara, oh Tara my princess, Tara, my beautiful child..” he said sorrowfully

She wasn’t dead but she was badly hurt and although she deserves that and more I felt pity for her

I never wanted to hurt anyone not even her and her evil father, they should have done the right thing and this would have not have happened…

After weeping for his daughter my Uncle turned his head to my direction, great anger written all over his face

β€œ you are dead ” he growled angrily at me

I swallowed

I could feel this great power within me yet I was very much afraid of what my uncle could do to me

He seemed very angry and his eyes had gone black complete black he floated up in the air like me

β€œ so you think you are powerful enough to take me on ” he said with great anger and I swallowed hard

β€œ I am on the right side and the spirits are with me I will not fail ” I said out loud at least to gain some confidence

I laughed scornfully at me β€œ you fool, you will end up like your parents, No even worse than them ” he said then stretched out his right arm at my direction

Blast of dark red flames shoot from his hand coming at me with great speed

I quickly fired him with my lightening bolts and both our powers colided together coursing a big loud blast


I forced of the blast rushed me backwards I had to struggle unless the force would have threw me away

I regained my balance in the air but there was no time to think as he shoot another deadly shoot of burning flames from his hand

β€œ Ahhhhhhh ” I screamed shooting my lightening bolts at him this time with both hands

Once again our powers colided and it was a tussle between both my lightening bolts and his fire flames

Our powers keep pushing against each other I was using two hands but he only used one hand

He laughed at me as he could see I was struggling to keep up

β€œ you are weak! And I will end your life ” he said then increased the force of his fire flames

It was too much for me to handle, he was just too strong and his fire flames pushed against my lightening bolts and blast me hard


” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” I screamed as I saw myself been hit by his fire flames

The force sent me back smashing against the wall of the palace and outside to the other side creating a huge hole on the wall

I landed outside the palace completely dazed and in much pain, my eyes sight where blurring and as I looked up above the sky I saw my uncle flying out from the palace from the hole I created

He was seeing eight of him because my eyes where not functioning properly at that time

Up above him I could see the two moon, the black and the red moon and gradually the black moon was covering the red moon evidence that I was losing and he was winning the battle….

At this point Kora and the rest of the villages had arrived to the scene and they watched in horror as my uncle was about to end my life

Seizing hold of me with his black magic, he lifted me up without laying a finger on me

I couldn’t move not even blink my eyes

β€œ you all came at the right time, just in time to watch me kill your beloved princess, your hero

β€œ All your dreams of being free from my rule will all die with her and if anyone wishes to die along side her I will gladly grant them there wish ” he said and everyone bow there head down in fear

β€œ I believe in you Kyle! ” Kora was the only one who shout out and still had faith in me in everyone present

I don’t really blame the rest of them for not having faith in me I myself had lost faith in myself

β€œ I will kill you next β€œ my uncle said glaring at Kora

Then he magically flung me against a building

I smashed hard on the wall and fall to the ground bleeding all over my body

Nose, mouth even my ears

β€œ I will kill you and my stupid brother your father but I will keep your mum, she will make one good sex slave β€œ he said and started laughing and once again just like when his daughter Tara said he was going to kill Tyler I was engroved by anger

I was so angry my whole eyes turned white and it was sparking as if two electrical charged wires are coming in contact together

I flew back up, to be honest I wasn’t in complete control of myself at this point

β€œ this is possible!
I have defeated you β€œ my uncle said in shock

They he tried to surprise me by blasting out from the sky with his fire flames but I was extremely fast and I dodged it and struck him with my lightening bolts

β€œ ahhhhhhhhhhh β€œ he screamed as he fell to the ground

On landing on the ground I still blast him a couple of times with my lightening bolts and I was about giving him the death blow when__

β€œ STOP! ” I heard someone shout

I turned to the direction the shout came from and I saw my guardian angel Lena placing a knife on the throat of the love of my life Tyler

β€œ STOP
Unless I will kill him ” she warned but I was really confused about what was happening

β€œ please don’t harm him ” I pleaded β€œ why are you doing this? ” I asked

β€œ because I love him ” she said then transformed from an old woman to a beautiful young lady

β€œ surrender yourself unless the boy dies ” she warned again

β€œ Don’t do it Kyle! ” Tyler yelled

β€œ Shut up you fool ” Lena screamed at him giving him a hot slap then was about to slice his neck with the knife

β€œ please stop don’t hurt him, I will do whatever you ask just don’t harm him ” I pleaded the more

She smiled at me then magically place a hand on my palm

β€œ Stab your heart with it then the boy lives, you have my word ” she said

β€œ don’t do it Kyle, don’t! ” Tyler screamed

Lena was the one the prophecy spoke of betraying me, it was hard to believe but that’s what is happening right now but there was no way I was letting Tyler die because of me so I drew the knife towards my chest and was about stabbing myself with it….

β€œ Nooooooo ” Tyler screamed as I was about stabbing myself then he stepped on Lena toe really hard which made her scream and let go of him briefly

I saw the opportunity and I threw the knife in my hand and it went into her chest

She gasped and stare at me before she fell to the ground died

I looked up to see Tyler staring at me
With this expression

He stretched forth his hand towards me and i took it, he gently embraced me and muttered something in my ear

I thought i lost you kyla, i thought i won’t get to see you again” he said in between sobs

I just embrace him back, i looked up at the sky and the moon as turned bloody red which signify that i already defeated my uncle

We both unlocked from the hug and kora run to me and hugged me

You did it lilly, you brought balance back to this kingdom”she said and i smiled

My eyes caught my uncle trying to stand up from the floor, he won’t escape me

I walk over to him, i stretched my hand upward and my uncle stood up
Dropping his knee to the floor

In a kneeing position, he stared into my eyes as if he was trying to read my mind

I place my hand on his head

Please don’t take my power please my child” he pleaded with me but i pay deaf ear to him

QΔ“aw jquΓ’Γ΄ zuΓΊv sueee nnuvΓΌ” i said and a great light shone on my uncle and he fall to the ground weak cause his power have been taking

Kora brought tara and i also collected her power

Is time to go bring my parents, we walk into the palace underground there was alot of cell in the underground we came to the cell my parents are

And i unlock it and step into the cell
They were both backing me, staring outside

Mom, dad i called them and they both turned to look at me

I look just like my mom

I ran to them and embraced them
My child you came back for us my dad said

We pull out from the hug and i smiled at them

You look beautiful my child” my mom said and hug me again


hope you all enjoyed this story

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