Drama queen – part 6

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[Flower boys House🎸]

“What happened last night?” Mr Park, Spark5 assistant manager asked as the six of them settled on the couches of the sitting room.

No one answered.

Michel was chewing gum, J guy and Best were licking lollipop, while TedyA was playing games on his phone.

“I will repeat, what happened here last night? Why do you want the new employee fired? I thought it’s signed no more firing of employees who haven’t worked up to three months? ” he asked.

Best removed the lollipop in his mouth, glanced at Michel and cleared his throat. “I will say the reason.”

“She let Li Sugar in and that’s the reason. Now are you okay?” Michel cut in.

Best put back the lollipop in his mouth.

‘Like why was he silent since, was he waiting for me to take the lollipop off my mouth?’

Mr Park widened his eyes. “Really? Then she deserve more than a sack letter.” he said.

The flower boys looked at themselves.

“That Sugar, She has no idea how we all turned into heart doctors trying to stitch a broken heart. How dare she step her heels into this house!” he barked.

Michel glanced at Mr Park

TedyA coughed. ‘he shouldn’t be saying this in front of Michel.’

“That’s okay Mr Park.” Best said.

“I’m signing the letter without further delay.” he said, then grabbed a landline and made a call.

📞”If you are Bora, get yourself to the sitting room right now!”

[Li Sugar’s home🏡]

She drove in and came down from the car🚗.
It’s been four months that she visited.

She got to the door and rang the door bell, in no time the door was opened by a maid who bowed immediately. “Welcome Ma’am.”

Sugar walked in and scanned the sitting room. “Where’s my mom?” she asked the maid.

“Upstairs, in her room.” The maid answered.
Li Sugar turned and used the staircase. She got to her mother’s room.

She had called her hours ago, alerting her of her coming in few hours time.

She opened the door and walked in to see her mom leg crossed on a sofa, drinking wine.

“Mom.” Li Sugar called. Mrs Li Anna turned and when she saw it’s her most favorite daughter, she smiled widely.

“My sugar.. You have arrived. I was waiting impatiently for you. I have missed you. Come here.”

Li sugar went over and hugged her.

“As you can see, I’m here all by myself. Have a seat and get a drink. What did you bring for mummy? You have no idea how proud I feel to have a beautiful superstar idol as my daughter.”

“I got you nothing mom, I’m sorry. I came here to pour out my pains to you mom. I know you can tell me what to do and how to do it. It’s eating me up.” Sugar said.

Mrs Anna sat up on the sofa. “What’s the matter dear? Talk to me.”

“Mom I broke up with Leo and I want Michel back.” Sugar said.

Mrs Anna dropped the glass of wine on the table, stood up, walked to her daughter and sat down beside her on the bed.

Putting her arm around her, she asked, “What happened sweetie?”

“Why are you asking mom, of course you are aware of everything. It was a game. It was supposed to be three months but I got carried away. But now, I’ve gotten myself back and all I think about is Michel. I want him back to me mom, what do I do?” Sugar cried.

Mrs Anna exhaled and went on a short break of thoughts then smiled at her daughter.

“It won’t be easy dear.” she said.

“I know. Michel banged the door on me last night that I went to apologize to him.” Sugar said.

Mrs Anna cupped Sugar’s leff cheek on her palm.

“It would be pretty hard for him to accept you soon but if you keep going to him and doing every possible best to have him back, he will definitely accept you back.”

“How mom. What and what do I do?” Sugar asked.

“Do he have a girlfriend?” she asked.
“No mom. Not at all.” Sugar answered.
“Wow.. Have you thought of the reason why he haven’t?”
“Of course. My mind would always end up telling me he’s waiting to have me back. I know he still love me mom. He was madly in love with me those years we dated. I thought he was cheating on me that day but I was wrong.” Sugar said.

“Well, I think so too. You only need to make him accept you back. And this are the things you should do.

[Silver house] (Hours later. Around 6pm.🕐)

The man threw Mona Lisa’s luggage outside for the third time.

“This is the last time you’ll bring that inside here. Get yourself away from this house.” He said.

“I can’t. This is my house. I can’t leave here, I have no where else to go.” Mona said.

“Well I don’t care if you do or not. All I want you to do is get going. Leave this house. Find your brother and sort out with him. Ahh I’m so sick and tired of talking to you. The owners of this house is moving in tomorrow. You must not be around this house when they arrive.” he said.

“I can’t reach my brother… How do you expect me to look for him. Please let me stay in for today then I will go in search of my brother tomorrow.” Mona pleaded.

“No way. You can’t. I can’t let you into this house. Just go away.. Aigoo I’m so exhausted with talking.” he said and locked the doors.

“Don’t think of staying in this compound either. Just leave this place totally..” he said and with that, he walked away, into his car and drove off.

Mona exhaled and patted Blue. “Don’t worry blue. I will make sure we don’t sleep outside the cold.”

“Meow meow..” Blue responded.

No matter what, you can’t restrict a house owner from her own house. Mona Lisa dragged her luggage and headed to a secret door that led to the kitchen.

It will take a very smart eyed person to notice that a door is there.

When she got there, she lowered down and crawled under the step and got to the circular door. She unbolted it and pushing it open, she smiled.

“Get in first.” she told blue and dropped her in, then crawled back to her luggage and found a way of dragging it along as she crawled back to the door and got in then carried the box inside. She closed the door, bolted it and exhaled.

“Thank goodness for this door.”

She stood up and went over to the fridge. The spacious kitchen have been refurnished in a very delicious way.
She opened the refrigerator and her hungry stomach grumbled at the sight of the filled up refrigerator.

She grabbed the fastest food she could cook and proceeded to cook it on the new cooker and pot.

Mona Lisa is a novice when it comes to cooking.
She only knows how to prepare fast foods.

About fifteen minutes later, she turned off the cooker and poured the noodles into a beautiful plate.

She settled on the dinning table and began eating. She had given Blue her food two hours ago so she wouldn’t bother about her.

She ate hungrily and in no time, she was done. She smiled, happy that the hunger is gone. At least that one is settled.

She washed the pot and dishes then came to the sitting room.

“It doesn’t even look like silver house again. It’s like paradise. Everything has changed. I wonder the wealthy family that are moving in tomorrow.”

Then she gritted her teeth. “Tenten I will catch you and you will smell my wrath!”

She rushed to her phone and called his lines again but it was still unreachable. She angrily threw the phone away.

“I swear Tenten I will kill you and I will make sure dad doesn’t forgive you for this!”

Since she haven’t taken her bathe, she dragged her luggage along as she headed upstairs and opened her bedroom and the first thing her eyes landed on was a cute large sketch frame of flower boy, TedyA on the wall.

“Ah, the new owner of my room must be a top fan of him.”

She smiled and opened her box. She brought out her clothes to wear for the night and headed to the bathroom to bathe.

She walked in and saw that the bathroom has totally changed. The spoilt bathtub has been replaced. The slightly broken mirror too.

She smiled and exhaled.
“They worked everything really fast..”

She stretched her hand to the beaker to take her toothbrush then when she found none, it hit her. For a second, she had forgotten herself.

It all still look like a dream to her.

“I remember coming back with my toothbrush.” she said and walked back to her box. Searching, she found it but then no toothpaste.

“Ahhhhh! I’m going insane!!” she cried and flung the toothbrush away.

Blue rushed for the toothbrush.


Li Sugar pulled into blinks house and getting down, she saw Leo’s parked car.

“What’s he doing here?” she asked herself as sudden anger filled up inside of her.

She grabbed her bag and locked the door with a remote control then headed to the door.

She used the door code and it opened.
Walking in, she met Leo Bethel sitting on a couch with a glass of drink in his hand.

Angel and Bebé where not in the sitting room.

Leo smiled as she walked in. He had been waiting for her for close to two hours.

He dropped the glass of drink he held on the table and stood up.

“Hi babe.” he said, taking few steps close to her.

Li sugar rolled her eyes and tucked her artificial blonde hair behind her ear.

“What are you doing in here, Leo?” she questioned.

Leo smiled and took off the eyeglass he wore.

“Of course I’m here to see you. Let’s talk Sugar.”
“Talk about what?”
“About you and I.”
“There’s nothing to talk about you and I because there’s nothing between you and I anymore. Can’t you get that and get the hell outta my face Leo?”

Leo smiled and walked back to his drink. He took it and sipped and turned back to Sugar who stood staring at him with him total contempt.

“Do you really want me to get off your face Li Sugar?” Leo asked.

“Do I have to repeat myself a million times huh?”

Leo sipped from the glass then smiled.

“Fine I will…”said and, walked back to her and grabbed her by the waist. “…I will let you go back to him but nothing can stop me from having sex with you, nothing.”

Li Sugar angrily pushed him away from her body thus causing the glass of drink he held to fall off his hand and shatter on the floor.

“Are you insane?” she asked.

Leo smiled and turned his back on her as he stared at the Blinkqueenz frames on the wall.

“Maybe I am but you are the one who’s insanity is going to be misery by the time your sextapes are uploaded in all the social media that you can think of.” he said.

Li sugar rushed to him and stood at his front. “What are you talking about Leo?”

He smiled and pushed his hair back. “You heard me clearly Sugar. An idol’s private life is gonna go viral for millions to watch if you mess up with me.”

She slapped him.

“How dare you do that to me you bastard! How dare you!”

she raised her hand to slap him again but he grabbed her arm and looking into her enraged eyes, he said, “I’m sure you don’t wanna die anytime soon. If you don’t wanna loose both your life and Michel, then oblige to my request.”

She forced her hand off his grip.

“You are insane Leo. You took videos of our sex life? How could you do that Leo. How could you even think of such!” Li Sugar asked, trying to hold back the tears gathering in her eyes.

Leo laughed.

“Well I knew that someday you are gonna say that you are going back to him. And you have no idea how much hatred I have for that ‘him’ He can’t have all the nice things, you know. You should be happy that I’m letting you go back to him. All I want from you…” he stepped close to her and place his hand on her cheek then moved it down to her neck. “…is your body on my bed anytime I want it to be.”

Li Sugar took his hand off her neck.

“You are worse than a demon Leo. You hide your devil coat behind Angel’s garment. I thought I could trust you on this but how could you even think of threatening me.”

“I have no other choice.. You have no choice at all but to do it.” he said.

“Leo what are you doing? How much do you want and I will give it to you, let’s sit and talk this out. I can’t do what you are telling me to Leo. I don’t wanna go back to Michel and still be cheating on him with you or anybody else.” Sugar said.

Leo chuckled. “How much you say? Do I look like I need your f**king money?”

He exhaled and placed his hand on her cheek again “Babe, I miss the way we kiss, your body on mine and….specially, the way we make love. I can’t stand loosing that. We just have to keep going or else there would be a little trouble which you won’t like. I give you tonight to think about it. Tomorrow, we are meeting for a crazy and hot moment together. You can’t escape this. If you are doubting about the videos. I’m gonna send them to you tonight. I want you babe.”

He tried to kiss her neck but she dodged it.

Leo smiled, gave up and wore back his glasses.

“I will see you tomorrow and about Angel and Bebé, they are out. I think they left the whole house for us to talk without bothering about their presence.” he said.

“Do they know about the sextapes?” She asked.

“Of course not. Goodnight Sugar.” he said and with that, he left.

Li Sugar threw herself on the couch and scattered her hair in frustration.

“God.. What have I done to myself! What have I really done to myself.” she cried.


Michel was writing a new song in his room when one of his phones began ringing.

He went for it and sighed when he saw the caller.

His grandmother.

He hope she isn’t going to start up the topic of him visiting home. Well it’s obvious.

Nevertheless, he have to pick up the call and he did.

“Hello Halmeoni (grandmother).” he spoke first.

📲”You stubborn child. Did you just call me Halmeoni with that mouth of yours uh? How dare you even call me that when you don’t come to see how I’m fairing and how your mother is fairing.” Her tiny old aged voice hurled.

Michel sighed. “Halmeoni I’ve been very busy lately and I’m still very busy. I can’t visit home for now but I will try to visit soon.” he said.

📲”Don’t open your mouth to give me excuses. I am very ill.. Come and see me tomorrow or else just forget that you ever had a grandmother.” she said.

Michel exhaled. “It’s fine halmeoni. Please don’t be sick OK. I will come tomorrow to see you.” he said.

📲”Better. Goodnight my grandson.” she said.

“Goodnight halmeoni. Take care of yourself.” he said then he had his mom’s voice say.

“mother are you not asleep yet?”

“Aigooo you scared me with your sudden presence. I am about to.” Halmeoni said then dropped the line.

Michel exhaled.

It isn’t about his mom. His dad is the reason he doesn’t visit home.

He went back to the song he was working on.

📝…You came, you made me fall in love with you but then you broke my heart.

If I had known your intentions, I would have never called you

Baby baby babyyyy ..

I would not had told you.

I love you, I’ve fallen in love with you..📝

Why’s he getting a heartbreak song instead of Love song that he had in mind to write?

That isn’t what xspark needs them to sing this time.
They have dropped a lot of that already this year.
He’s certain xspark wont approve it.

He tore out the paper and trashed it.
[Silver House]

Mona Lisa couldn’t get a sleep even though she was lying on a king size comfy bed rather than her tiny bed.

She tossed and turned on the bed, thinking of how to go with her miserable life.

Tenten! Someone she called her brother and Rose, someone she took as her best friend. They tricked her, betrayed her and sold the only thing her father left her.

What does she do! If only she can get them.

She rolled off the duvet on her body and sat up.

“What do I do?” she asked the empty room. “Tell me what do I do?”

She got out of the bed and slide her feet into her slippers.

“How can I let go of you my beautiful bedroom.” she asked as she began touching the repainted walls.

“How can I let you slide off my hold.”

She ran out of the bedroom, ran pass the corridor and stopped by the staircase. She grabbed the handrail and shouted on top of her voice.


Then she exhaled and headed back to her room but halted as a thought crossed her mind.

“I haven’t checked how the other rooms to know how they look.” she said.

Then she grabbed the doorknob of the first door and opened it.

In Silver House they are ten bedrooms.

Her father was a wealthy architect.. but before he died, his business crumbled.
Her mother died first because she was down with cancer and there was no money for her to hospital bills.

She died in the hospital.. That was five years ago and then her father joined her five months later. It was the worse year in Mona’s life.

The necklace on her neck was the only thing her mom left her and silver house is the only thing her dad left her and her brother! Her brother!

Remembering all this, she couldn’t open the door again, she slumped down on the floor and bursted into tears.

She fell asleep right there.

(Next day⛅)

she heard noises around her.

She struggled to open her eyes and when she did.. She saw the estate agent man and the workers staring at her…

She screamed in fright on seeing them and they screamed in fright too, wondering how she got in.




🎻Song: Justin Bieber – Never say Never🎶

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Rejoice Jeremiah✅
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