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🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
♦ Episode:21 ♦
By success☘☘
. •ᴗ• TYLER’S POV •ᴗ•

I know there was something off about kyla today, she has been acting weird

And now i just can’t find her, she’s know where to be found 

She left me, she abandoned me, this is so unfair 

I stood up from the floor and staggered to the parking lot, i enter my car and zoom off 

I just lost interest in attending class i know if i attend class i won’t be able to concentrate

I got home there was no one at home 
I climb the stairs to my room, i off my school wears and undies and moved to the bathroom

I filled the jacuzzi with soapy water and i slide into it 

Kyla please come back soon, i don’t know were you went to but i beg you to return safely 

I slept off in the jacuzzi without knowing

♥✿ฺ✿ฺ♥ KYLA’S POV ♥✿ฺ✿ฺ♥

tears was coming out from my eyes like a running tap 

I heard what Tyler said in the garden and it broke my heart to tiny pieces which can’t be mend 

I did myself invisible when i saw him coming, tyler am very sorry for lying to you again

Am so sorry, i will be back for you, so stay strong and wait for me, i know what am going to do is not an easy task 

But i will try all more possible best to win this battle,so i can come back for you on time 

I disappear and i appear in my room 

What took you so long” Lena said ( the old lady )

Can we go “i told her 

Yes my princess”she said and stood up from my bed, she said some words and black substance filled my room and it later formed a poter 

She held my hand and we both walked into the poter

Good bye Tyler, i will be back for you

Inside the poter was all white and there was a great lights

Heavy wind blow and the force of the wind make us to go down down the poter without walking

And we appear in a wild field all the grass and flowers are all dead 

The sky are black, 

We are here my princess”she said

Is this the witch kingdom” i find myself saying and she nods 

The witch kingdom was once a beautiful place filled with peace and harmony until your uncle ruined everything” she said

Were are my parents” i said

They are in the palace cell “she said

So were are we heading to “i said

The hideout” she said

And were is the hideout located” i said

Lily am tired of this question and answer just wait until we get there”she said sternly and i rolled my eyes

She held my hand and we disappear and appear in a very beautiful place

Everywhere was so colorful despite the sky’s were dark i could still see how this place is 

So pretty, it looks like a paradise

Wow were are we ” i found myself saying

This is mya garden and the only place your uncle can’t touch

This has been our hideout for many years now, and we know we only have little time left in this place cause your uncle is planning on destroying this place”she said and started walking to the big flowers 

I walk behind her, she opened the flowers, and we came face to face with a very big tree when i mean big tree, and there was a house built on the tree 

Wow “i said turning around to take a proper view of it 

You like what you’re seeing she said
Yes is just too beautiful 😊


I woke up and find myself still in the jacuzzi, i stood up and tied a towel around my waist and walk out of the bathroom

Few minutes later i was clad in a peer of blue jeans trouser and black T-shirt i put on my slippers and walk down stairs

Tyler so you were at home all this while” my mom said 

Yes mom i was in the bathroom”i said walking to the exist door 

Where are going to” she ask 

Am coming back mom, i just want to see a friend”i said and walk out 

I enter my car and drove off to kyka house

I got there few minutes later, i rang the door bell two times and it was opened by her mom or rather her foster mom

Good day ma’am “i said and forced out a smile

How are you, and who are you looking for ” she said

Hmm kyla” i said and i saw sadness in her eyes

Come in “she said giving me way to come in 

I enter the house and we both walk to the sitting room 

Have a seat” she said and sat at the other couch

You see kyla is not around” she said
And my heartbeat increased

You sent her out to get something for you” i said with hope 

No honey, she traveled didn’t she told you” she said

No she didn’t”i said

Ain’t you her boyfriend, maybe she didn’t want to break your heart that’s why she didn’t tell you “she said
I nods and stood up 

Thank you ma”am, i will take my leave now”i told her and started walking away without waiting for her reply

I got into my car, i couldn’t hold the tears any longer and i let it go 

I cried, so i won’t be able to see my beautiful kyla again

I didn’t even ask when she’s coming back am just so shattered right now 

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