Jinx gone wrong – part 3

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πŸŽƒJinx gone wrongπŸŽƒ

By Nwauwa Miriam
(Mimi CandyπŸ’•)

πŸ’•Chapter 3πŸ’•

~Hermione ~

The rest of the day went smoothly, no extraordinary event took place.

I want you to be there…

That kept ranging though my head the while time. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. Firstly, I wanted to go to the party, I wanted to experience all the thrills and excitement that Clara always enjoyed. Whenever she came back from any party, she would talk about it for hours without stopping, it made me slightly jealous and want to have a taste of it too. Secondly I won’t like to disappoint Jason. I mean it’s not everyday that your crush gets to invite you to a party.

Maybe I’m lucky after all…I mused, remembering what I had told Miss Riley earlier on.

I hope your luck keeps shining…

It definitely will…cause I’m going to the party….


“Oh my goodness Herm!” Clara squealed out as we got into the car. I plugged out my earpiece from my ears to look at her. I sighed in relief when I discovered that she was not giving any of her bitch friends a lift.

“What goodness?” I asked as I got into the front seat, leaving Chloe alone in the back. Seriously that girl gives me the creeps, she was always cold and dull. I hated people who didn’t like to have fun.

“There’s this party on Friday and…gosh!! Hot guys from the football team!! Oh my god..”
Ah-ah, today is gonna be different, Clara won’t be the only one going to the party now. I smiled inwardly to myself.

“I got invited, you know attendance is strictly by invitation, I’d have love it if we both went together.” She turned to look at me. I merely smiled at her.

“It’s okay babe, I’m also attending the party too.” I couldn’t keep off the wide grin from my face as I watched unbelief etch on her face.

“But the party is strictly by invitation and..and…”

“I got invited…” I tinged my voice with an air of mystery, I felt smug all of a sudden.

“Who?” Her voice had dropped.

“You know Jason Ace? That’s him…*

“Jason!!” She squealed again, my smile widened.

“Jason.” I cooed, everything about him was just perfect, even his name.
Ja-son, Ja-Son…

“He’s hot you know, are you guys a thing?”

“What? Puh-leez…I just talked to him for the first time today since we became locker neighbors since my 8th grade…we didn’t even talk for more than ten minutes, duh.”


“What?” I raised a brow.


The rest of the ride was made in silence.


I settled down on my bed to do my homework, soft music streamed out from my stereo speaker.
I’m very serious when it comes to my homework and school stuffs, I never get below a ‘B’ in class, so it’s safe to say that I’m brilliant.

“Harm! Come here!!” I heard Clara yell from her room.


The usual force that I’ve become so used to began to tug at my feet, forcing me to my feet. I was no longer in control of my legs, I just let it lead me out of my room to where Clara was.

“What?” I growled, angry that my homework had been interrupted.

She was submerged in a large heap of cloth, she lifted up her head to look at me, her face was red and sweaty.

“Oh please, I need your help Herm, I don’t know what to wear for the party.” She placed a finger on her forehead. I sighed loudly.

“But Clara the party is on Friday, today is just Wednesday, you have about two days, ugh! You just called me here for this?”

“Ple-aaasssssse! It’s not too early to start preparing now, you know I have a reputation to protect, I need to be prepared always.” She wiped her face with a handkerchief, before forcing a smile.
I rolled my eyes, why is she telling me that?

“But you’ve never asked me to help you pick a dress before, how am I suppose to know what type of dress code you like?” I was already becoming irritated by all this, now I’ll have to lose precious minutes trying to find her a dress.

She sighed loudly and stood up.

“I want you to help me find something… Flashy…brightly colored… You know, leaving enough skin exposed….”

Drawing all eyes on you… I mused drily.

“Alright, I get it, you want to go to the party half naked, …”

“Not half naked! Ugh! Hermione, you’re insufferable!” She stamped her feet impatient on the floor, a huge frown creasing her forehead.

“I have homework to do, so…”

“Just help me find something suitable, not to modest…”

Ttch! Whatever.

I bent down and began rummaging through the heap of cloth, the musky smell of fabrics making me slightly dizzy.

I picked out a royal blue empire waist silk dress, with pretty blue ribbons attached to it.

“How about this? It’ll look fine on you…”

“No!” She snapped, cutting me off. “I’ve worn it twice to a party, I want something new, fresh..”

I sighed and dug through clothes again.

“How about this sequined mini? It’ll bring out…”

“No! It’s below my knees, I want something that’s inches above my knees.”

I picked out this essential blue little dress, with wing collar. I immediately liked the dress.

“How about this one! I know…”

“No! The color is too dull, I want flashy bright colors.”

“Fine!” My tolerance level had reached its breaking point. I stood up, still holding the cloth.

“I’m done here! Why don’t you go get yourself new clothes, since it’s obvious that none of the clothes here catches your fancy!?” I nearly yelled at her.

“Ugh! Please bring your voice down! But you do have a point, I’m going shopping.”

“Better. Can I go now?” I asked, as I folded up the dress in my hand. Clara was already typing away on her phone, she didn’t even appear to have heard what I said.

“Clara?!” I raised my voice. She looked up from her phone.

“Huh? What?”

“Can I borrow this dress for the party?” A text popped on her phone, she turned back immediately to look at her phone.

“Uhm, yeah.” She said distractedly. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room, with the borrowed dress neatly tucked under my armpit.

I bumped into Chloe just outside the room. Her jet black hair framed her face and slid down sleekly over her shoulders and neck, she was dressed in a baggy T-shirt and nothing else.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there….” I muttered in apology.
She looked at me briefly, she didn’t even seem to be looking at me, she seemed to be looking through me. It gave me the chill, I deftly pressed myself against the wall and let her walk past me into Clara’s room.

I walked back into my room and after keeping the borrowed dress in a safe place, I proceeded with my homework.

β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°β•― 3β•°

The rest of the week went smoothly, I didn’t come late to classes, I didn’t get noticed neitherπŸ˜”
And sadly enough, I never got the chance to talk to Jason againπŸ˜”

But today was the party, so I’m super excited about it.
If my mom were alive, she wouldn’t have permitted me to go for the party. I don’t see anything wrong in going to the party. Nobody knows about my weird condition, sooo I’ll be treated like a normal human being.

The secret is to act like everything is fine, normal…then everyone will act normal to you.

Classes seemed so boring today, I couldn’t even pay attention to the lectures, I just couldn’t wait for the final bell to be rung.
Time seemed to crawl like a snail.

During lunch time, I didn’t go the cafeteria, I went outside.
I’m the school garden, there was this old,long, white bench. It was in a secluded place in the garden, some students didn’t even know about it, some that did didn’t think it was important.
Well to me, it was very important, I have my quiet time there whenever I decide to skip lunch in the cafe.

The place was so peaceful and serene, you get to see different species of butterfly with different colors, or the dusty smell of wet earth, or the sweet musical chirping of birds, or the gentle, calm breeze that seeped into your hair pores, making you give out a sigh of pleasure…

Today, I relaxed there, my head leaning on the old, worn out arm, cool music streaming into my ears….
I couldn’t have asked for anything else in the world…


The party was scheduled to begin by 8pm.
Here I am, it’s almost 7:30, I was still fiddling with my makeup. My hands were too shaky, that whenever I tried to apply the mascara, it smeared my eye bag.

“Aye aye aye…I can do this…” I wiped off the dark smudge underneath my eyes once more.

I took a deep breath to steady my frayed nerves. Then I calmly began to apply the mascara.

After I was done, I sprayed the perfume on my clothes generously.

“Great sister I have indeed…” I muttered under my breath as I walked out of my room.

Clara has ditched me for her bitch friends😠
I wish I had my own car, I wish I had my own fucking car😠

I stepped out of the house and flagged down a cab, it was already dark outside, I wondered how long the party would last.


I came out of the cab and paid my bill.
Geez, the party has started already?
I could hear loud music and ‘whoo-ing’ coming from the house, I adjusted the hem of the dress and walked into the house.


The first thing that struck me was the multi colored bulbs in the house, followed by the throngs of people who were dancing and gyrating to the sound of the music.

Oh my god!!

I pushed past sweaty dancing bodies, intent on finding either Clara or Jason.

“Hey babe, wanna dance?” I heard a husky voice behind me.

“No, thank you.” I said, turning to face the person.

“C’mon, liven up will you…”

“I said no!”I pushed him away from me, and continued my search.
I found Clara, she and her friends were seated around a table, on the table were different types of drinks, I didn’t need to be told that it was alcohol.

” hey Clara, hey girls!” I hailed when I got to there table,wearing my most coolest smile.

“Hey herm! I’m glad you made it!” Clara said excitedly.
She was perched atop the laps of this guy, I couldn’t see his face cause his head was bent towards his phone.

“Ah-ah! Clara’s little sister!” One of her friends, Blondie, cooed mockingly.

“Little? I’m a month older than her!” I snapped impatiently

“I didn’t know she got invited too…” Another brunette girl sneered.

“Yeah, I got invited by Jason.” I said confidently, I won’t let them belittle me with their saucy remarks.

“Really? Are you guys a thing now? Or was it a one night stand?” Blondie continued.

“That’s my business, you should mind yours, get it,?”

“Hey girl, chillax. We shouldn’t start the party on a bad note Now should we?” Blondie had braces on her teeth, she grinned so widely that I feared that the braces would snap out.

“That’s up to you.” I said shrugging.

“Drinks?” Brunette raised up one of the bottles on the table.
I wanted to decline and tell them I don’t drink, but that moment, the guy who was carrying Clara on his laps looked up to me.

My brain went haphazard and my thoughts became jumbled. This guy sitting in front of me was a Greek God (literally though)
Perfect face, perfect body, perfect everything.

I forgot to tell you guys that I have a weakness for very cutttte guys, and with one here, looking directly at me, phew!…. I grew hot all of a sudden.

“Sure…” I drawled out, giving the boy a little flirty smile.

I snatched the bottle from her, opened it and began to drink directly from it.

Shit! I shouldn’t have done that!

The liquor burnt my throat, I nearly choked on it. It was slightly bitter, Strong, powerful..perspicuous….


I heard loud cheering from the girls, I removed the bottle from my lips and set it on the table with a loud bang, taking a deep breath and licking my lips.

From my peripheral vision, I saw the cute guy smile. At me!! Wheeee!!!

“Oh my god! Clara!”

“Your sister is so cool, she drank half of the whisky!!”

Did I?
I picked up the bottle, sure enough I drank half of the content of the bottle

“Pttt! It’s no big deal, the alcoholic level in it is so little…”

“Wow,wow, wow, I think I’m liking you.”

I smiled, Clara’s friends were not so bad, easy to impress.

I felt someone put his hands around my waist and begin to grind his crotch against my butt.

“Hey! Let go!” I snapped impatiently.

“Dance with me, c’mom!” The voice was familiar.

I turned around to face him, wearing a smirk. I put my hands to his crotch and grabbed his balls, I squeezed it very hard, he groaned out in pain.

“You wanna keep this? Then get lost!” I snarled out viciously.

“Geez, easy..” He limped away.

“OMG! That’s so bad-ass!” Blondie shrieked excitedly.

“That was nothing seriously.” I said smiling and waving it aside.

“Come on girls, let’s go dance!!” Someone shrieked out,

Blondie to grab my hands.

“Let’s go dance herm!”

She led me out of the little room, we began to shriek and dance around, swinging our arms around.

This felt soooo right, finally, I belong…
Me? Dancing with the hot popular girls and boys in schoolπŸ˜„


After dancing for what seemed like forever, they all decided to play Truth or dare. I was already tired from dancing too much, and was a little bit tipsy…no drunk. I couldn’t control the wobbling of my feet, I just lurched aroung like a wounded donkey.

“C’mon herm! Let’s go play truth or dare..” Blondie, I later discovered that her name was Audrey, told me.

I smiled, I feel like talking, I just want to talk, talk about everything that had happened.

I felt myself being dragged into a little room, I gingerly stepped over drunken bodies that sprawled on the floor.

“I can do anything you want me to do.” I speech was slurred.

“Yeah, me too.” Audrey whispered too.

“All you have to do is just ask….”


Everything was just happening in a blur, we gathered around a table, they brought a funny looking bottle, they spined it around, anyone the head of the bottle pointed at was asked to either say the truth, or dared to do something.

I just watched the whole scene unfold, too drunk to bother about anything.

They spunned the bottle again, I could feel the tension in the air as the spin became more slower and slower and slower… Till it finally stopped, with its head pointing to me.

I sat up, quite startled.

All the eyes in the room turned to look at me. I gulped.

“Truth or dare?” It was Clara’s brunette friend, she had a wicked smile on her face.

“Dare.” My voice came out huskily, I licked my dry lips until it was moist again.

“I dare you to give Jason a lap dance.” Her voice echoed in my brain

Lap dance , lap dance…


I thought that this was supposed to be a dare? Why then was I feeling a force, propelling me to my feet…

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