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. β™¦ Episode:20 β™¦
By success β˜˜β˜˜
β™₯Ο‰β™₯ KYLA’S POV β™₯Ο‰β™₯

I can’t just go without informing the people i love ” i said

Your foster parents is already aware about you leaving, and they know that you’re a witch so is time for us to go”she said 

I don’t know what she did a black substance filled my room the black substance came together and formed a big poter 

Is time “she said

Please can’t we just go tomorrow, i need to see someone, and besides you can’t just come out of the blue and expected me to follow you

At least you could have informed me on time, but right now am not going with you, we can go tomorrow but not today” i said and sat on my bed 

But we must go today” she said

Am ordering you now, cause you’re under me, we’re going tomorrow and that is finally”i said dismissing her 

Okay my princess”she said and disappear into thin air 

I breath a sigh of relief, so as from tomorrow i wont be able to see my tyler again, i won’t be able to kiss his lips again, i wont be able to tell him that i love him everyday πŸ˜­

This is so not good, how am i gonna cope in the so called witch kingdom do they eat the type of food i eat here 

I covered my face with my pillow and cry my eyes, this is so unfair in my own part 

I cried myself to sleep that night without eating anything

Next morning 

πŸ’” Tyler’s POVπŸ’”

I took my bath and i was clad in my school wears 

My phone ring, i picked it from the dressing table and my world was boldly written on the screen

I smiled without knowing

I press the receiver button, and place the phone in my right ear 

My world good morning” kyla said from the other end 

And her voice told me that she’s not okay 

Kyla your voice isn’t that bright what happened”i said worriedly 

Is nothing Tyler, is because i just woke up from sleep” she said and i could hear some sniffing in the background

Tyler just know that i love you so much, even if we won’t be too gather for sometime, but just know i love and cherish you okay” she said

And i swear i heard a loud sniff from the background

Kyla are you going somewhere, why are you crying”i said

Am not going anywhere and am not crying”she said

Are you sure that you’re okay”i asked 

Yes Tyler am very okay, can you come pick me up so we can go to school together”she said

Yeah sure” i said

Okay bye, am expecting you”she said and hang up 

I just feel like that there’s something kyla is not telling me, she’s keeping something from me 

I brush my hair and went downstairs

β—Žβ–Όβ—Ž kyla”s pov β—Žβ–Όβ—Ž

I cried immediately i end the call 

I sluggishly walk to the bathroom, took my bath and come out 

I put on my school wears, brush my hair and put some powder on my face cause my eyes was all puffy

I add a little lipstick on my lips cause my lips was dry

I took my back and walk down, i saw my parents in the dinning room 

I sat on the chair without bothering to greet them 

Kyla you don’t have to think about it too much okay, we understand what you’re going through that was why we didn’t came to your room yesterday

You’re going there to save your real parents, those people were the once who gave birth to you, and they’ve been waiting for so long for you to come and free them from the bondage they are in 

So way are you angry, won’t you at least be happy, ain’t you happy that you’re going to see your real parents” my dad said 

I know dad, but am going to miss you and mom, am going to miss my friends” i said

We understand you, but this is your fate you have to take the path, and we are going to miss you”my mom said hugging me and my dad joined the hug 

I ate breakfast and Tyler came and we went to school

How are you kyla hope you’re good” Tyler said holding my hand

Yes am so okay”i said and forced out a smile We started walking to the school building

I look at Tyler and he was smiling

Am sorry Tyler for not telling you the truth”i said in my mind 

Hmm Tyler i like that your necklace on your neck please can you give me”i said

He stopped walking and looked at me

But this necklace has been on my neck ever since why didn’t you say you want it” he said staring at my eyes

I know, but i just fall in love with it this morning” i said bating my lashes

Okay he said and unhook it from his neck and put it around my neck 

I love you Tyler”i said and kiss him on the lips 

I know you love me, so can we just go” he said 

Hmm you go am coming i think i forgot something in the car” i said

He looked at me for some seconds

Before saying okay be fast 

I turned my back and started walking away, am sorry Tyler for not telling you am leaving today, i just can’t bring myself to tell you and am sorry

I ran to the garden 

πŸ’” Tyler’s POVπŸ’”

I just feel like something isn’t right

I stopped walking and started running to the parking lot

I got there put couldn’t find kyla were could she has gone to 

I searched the whole parking lot but i couldn’t find kyla sweat was coming out from my head 

I ran to the garden, i searched everywhere but i still can’t find kyla 

KYLA!!! I shouted her name there was no reply

I fall to the ground,

Kyla please come out if you’re trying to pull a prank on me, you already won so please just come out wherever you are hiding”i said

But still there was no reply

I love you kyla, please just come out”i said in between sob 

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