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🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
. ♦ Episode:19 ♦
. by success☘☘
⊙_☉ KYLA’S POV ⊙_☉

Who are you kyla”. He stuttered 
Tears was falling out of my eyes already, i never wanted him to find out about me 

I wanted to keep me being a witch a secret from everyone but he just have to find out 

Why did my hair suddenly turn gold am losing Tyler little by little

Answer me kyla, are you truly a witch”he said making my heart to beat fast 

I slowly shake my head side way telling him no 

Why are you lying to me kyla, i thought we’re a couple, i thought we can tell each other our secret why keeping yours away from me 

Or don’t you trust me enough for you to tell me what’s happening to you don’t you trust me” he yelled and slowly sat on the chair

His eyes are all red, his hair is in great mess, i stare at his eyes and i could see pain, shattered heart 

Am sorry Tyler for causing you so much pain”i said kneeling down beside him 

Don’t apologize, i don’t want you to apologize all i want you to do is tell me the truth about you, tell who you really are, that’s all i ask from you”he said with a broken heart 

Okay i will tell you everything and how it all started” i said cleaning his eyes

I stood up from the floor and sat beside him on the chair

Am a witch Tyler, and am sorry for not telling you, i was scared of losing you, i was scared of losing people around me Tyler, cause i love you so much”i said crying

Okay did you you became a witch, did you fell from the sky or something, just make me understand you please, am going crazy trying to understand you kyla please tell everything how it all started”he said with an hoping mind 

When i did my 18yrs birthday, that was when i started experiencing some changes in my body

My hair and eye changes color at night, i grow more beautiful each day
My skin started to glow and i was so confused at that time 

There was nobody for me to confide in, no body to tell the changes have being experiencing, sometimes i would fall and my body wont touch the ground 

A lot of things really happened to me and one day i saw an old woman in my room when i came back from school, she told me that am a witch”i said

Why didn’t you tell your parents about it” he said holding my hand 

Cause i don’t want them to worry about me, they have their problem of their own, and besides they ain’t my real parents” i said i look at him and he was wearing a confused look 

You see my real parents are witch when there was a great war in our kingdom i was sent to earth to stay”i said 

Oh he breath out and use his left hand to push his hair backwards making him to look charming i swallowed a lump in my throat

Are you going back to your kingdom someday” he said staring at me 

No am not going back” i lied and smiled a nervous smile

He hugged me and i was surprised i thought he was gonna freak out when he heard that am a witch and here we are he is hugging me really tight i rapped my hand around his neck and hugged him 

We slowly disengaged from the hug 

So what can you do, show me what a witch can do”he said with a smile

Are you not scared that am a witch”i said

No am not, i know you can’t harm me, and no matter who you are even if you’re a vampire i will still love and cherish you cause you’re my world”he said making tears to fell off from my eyes

Don’t cry my princess” he said and rest my head on he chest and used his free hand to rob my head 

Thank you Tyler for loving me, thank you for not hating me “i said

He peck my head 

Let’s go somewhere quite”he said

Where are we going” i said
Is a surprise” he said and dragged me up from the chair

Are we leaving school”i ask cause we were walking to the direction of the parking lot

Yes, i want to rest my head he said and opened the car door for me 

I got in and he close the door he past round and sat on the driver seat 

He started the car and drove off

Where are you taking me to”i ask at of curiosity

My house” he said with a lip side smile

We got to a big and beautiful house
The house is just too beautiful

Is your mom and sister at home, i said

Nope the house is all urs “he said and smiled

We climb the stairs to his room , he opened the door and i walk in 

The room is way too beautiful in a boyish form, his king sized bed was at the middle of the room 

The room was painted in a creamy color, a big plasma TV was hanged at the right side of the room

There were two doors in the room, i guess one to be his bathroom and the other to be his closet 

The room is smelling nice, i walked to the bed and sat on it 

Baby am going to bath would you like to tag along”he said and wink at me 

No i don’t, and thanks for asking”i said and turn on the TV 

He walked to the bathroom and i focused on my TV 

I heard the opening of a door so i turned to the direction

O M G, Tyler look so breath taking he tied a white towel around his waist

Droplet of water was falling from his body, he has abs and packs and the water on his body made him look extremely handsome

You like the view in front of you right”he said and walk closer to me 

I swallowed hard, he brought his head closer to mine and i brought mine closer to his 

We were about to kiss when his room door was opened, we both looked to the direction and i saw a little beautiful girl

She closed her eyes with her hands 

I didn’t see anything, you can go back to what you were doing”she said still closing her eyes

Lola are many times would i told you to knock before entry my room” Tyler said

I was in a hurry and i totally forgot to knock, mom needs you down and miss you’re so beautiful when you blush” lola said and ran out of the room 

Leaving me speechless, that girl is just too smart

Sorry” Tyler said removing my hair from my face and tuck it beside my ear 

Is nothing” i said and gave him a quick kiss on his lips

He walk to his closet and put on a red short and a white T-shirt

My handsome boyfriend

We both went downstairs to see his mom 

His mom was watching a k-drama 
Good afternoon mom”i said

Good afternoon my child you look so beautiful in real life” she said and i laughed, lola also laughed

So you’re the reason my son almost went mad”she said and laugh

Mom ” tyler yelled

Come seat my dear “she said and dragged me to a chair 

Mom when i went to call Tyler, he was about kissing her”lola said pointing at me 

You guys ain’t allowed to kiss” his mom said and tyler hit lola in her head 

She stick out her tongue to him and me and his mom laughed 

I later want home that afternoon after having so much fun with them 
His mom and sister are very funny

And i like them alot, i lay on my bed 
Princess kyla” someone said besides me and i jumped out of the bed in fear 

I look at the bed and i saw the old lady 

You scared me” i told her 
Sorry if i scared you my princess”she said with a chuckle

Why are you here i managed to say 

I came to inform you that today you’re going to the witch kingdom to prepare”she said with a smile

WHAT!! i yelled

Yes my child cause the black and red moon is closed”she said

So am leaving earth today”i said

Yes we’re leaving right this minute”she said and hold my hand 

I was already crying😭


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