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🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
. 🕵 unedited 🕵

♦ EPISODE:18 ♦
. by success🌸🌸
ಠ_ಠ Tara’s POV ಠ_ಠ

Are you sure about what you just told me”my dad asked me

Yes dad 101% sure that kyla is the lost princess we have been searching for”i said He laughed

So you’re still alive lily, no wonder the prophecy is saying that the princess will defeat me on the day of the black and red moon 

She’s still a teenager girl who grow up on earth, she can’t possibly defeat me, cause am in possession of all power am using black power

So why would the prophecy have it that, that little teen will defeat me” my dad said, he say some words and the sky turned black and white

Dad when is the black and red moon” i asked looking at my handsome dad 

I look like my dad in appearance, behavior and all, i don’t think that i resemble my mom in anyway

When i was little my dad killed my mom saying she was gonna betray him in the future

Nobody knows when that will, but when is close the prophecy book will say so and there will be aloud noise like the roar of an lion, it will make the great bird of Zack fly from it tree and disappear into the thin air”my dad said

Wow so all that will happen, so what does the bird of Zack signify”i said touch my dad feet 

It signify great war, cause we can only see the black and red moon when there is no peace in the kingdom so the black and red moon stands for balance” he said and i nod my head 

This is gonna be a great war” i said

When are you going back to earth”he said

Today, cause tomorrow we have school and i don’t want to miss anything cause our final exam is around the corner” i said

Okay don’t forget to put an eye on that kyla girl” he said

Yes daddy, i will take my leave now”i said standing up 

Am going to miss you”my dad said giving me a hug 

He opened a great poter for me 
Bye daddy”i said and walk into the poter and i find myself in my room 

I fell on my bed and stared at my rolling fan 

When i was 8yrs old that was when my dad bring me to earth after he killed my mom, he took me to his friend house who didn’t have a child non a wife, he took good care of me as if am his daughter

Tara when did you came back” my foster dad said opening my room dad 

Just now dad” i said smiling at him 
Okay am making dinner i will call you anytime soon” he said and walk away and I slept off 

乂❤ Kyla’s POV ❤乂

Yesterday was a awesome day for me, i so much love my boyfriend

Tyler is the romantic type, he is caring, funny and playful, when i was with ryker we didn’t go out on a date not to talk of playing

Tyler is everything to me, Tyler is my world and it sometimes sad my heart that every soon i won’t be here 

It will be so painful as hell that i won’t stay beside my love, it will break my heart that i won’t see my parents again

Some times i wish all this things never happened, i wish i was a human then i will be with the ones i love till i grow old 

But all this is just a wish, i don’t know way i was born a witch 

Tyler i don’t want to leave you i said to myself crying

Are you okay” i heard my mom voice from out side my room 

I cleared my throat before answering her 

Yes mom am okay, do you want me to help you with something” i said

No my child you have been indoors since morning and am worried”she said

Am fine mom”i told

Okay “she said i heard her footsteps walking away from my door until it fades away 

Anytime i remember how me and Tyler date went i can’t just help it but to smile

Cause that was an awesome date 
I kissed him at any given opportunity i find, don’t call me a spoilt girl

Cause i just want to enjoy my boyfriend before i leave him, i don’t even know if i would return to earth again

So i just want to enjoy my boyfriend i want to feel happy before i go 

I ate dinner took my bath and lay on my bed, my phone ring i picked it up i can see my world boldly written on it 

I smiled i received the call and place it on my left ear

How is my baby doing”i heard Tyler voice from the other end making me to blush

Your baby is not fine” i said and eat on my bottom lips 

Why what happened”he said
Cause i was missing you”i told him and he chuckled

My baby is missing me” he sang beautifully in my ear making me to laugh

Don’t you miss me ” i said
I miss you honey that’s why am calling you now to hear your angelic voice” he said

Don’t miss me too much”i said

We talked for 1hr 30mins before we said our goodbye and i fell asleep


I took my bath that morning and put on my uniform

My hair has gone back to normal which is dark brown but it’s still glowing my eyes has also gone back to normal which is black

I took my backpack and match downstairs

Good morning mom, dad”i greeted my parents

Good morning sunshine” my dad said
Kissing me on both cheeks

How are you my princess”my mom said

Am okay mom ” i said serving myself my food, which is Spanish omelet, bread and coffee

I ate my food and went to school

Hi Lilian” i said sitting beside her in the class

You look happy today”she said with a smile making me to smile 

Yeah i guess am really happy” i said with a chuckle

So why are you happy “she said
Cause me and Tyler is now dating”i said

Does that mean you broke up with ryker ” she said looking at me 

Yes i did ” i said

I thought you loved him, you have feelings for him”she said

The feelings i have for him was infatuation” i said

Anyway am happy that you’re happy”she said and hug me 

I looked at Tyler seat he is yet to come, i stood up and walked out of the class

I saw Tyler in the hallway and i gave him a very tight hug

I missed you ” i said and he laughed
I also missed you too” he said and peck me in the head 

Lets go to the garden” i said
Ain’t we having class this morning”he asked 

Nope we are having free periods till 9am ” i told him 

Wow perfect”he said and hold my hands and we both walk to the garden

We sat close to each other in the chair

My mom and sister want to see you”he said 

Awww will she like me when she sees me”i said

Why won’t she like you, she’s already in love with you pretty face when she sees the picture we both took”he said 

I smiled okay i will come to your house after school” i said he wasn’t saying anything i raised my head to see him looking at my hair 

Ky–la yo-ur hai–ir is turning to gold” he stutter 

I packed a hand full of my hair and it was turning gold little by little

Kyla why is your hair turning gold”he yelled and a tears fell from his eyes


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