Jinx Gone Wrong

🎃Jinx Gone Wrong🎃

✍🏻By Nwauwa Miriam Chigozirim

Mimi’s fantasy series🤩
Book #1


Guys, do you know what it is to obey every single command given to you? And there’s nothing you can do about it…

Do you know what it feels like to do things that’s irrelevant, simply because it’s a command?

Do you know what it feels like to experience pain, not just any pain…blinding, gut wrenching pain whenever I try to resist and disobey any command or order?

That has been my plight since I was born seventeen years ago..


Seventeen years ago, the witches of Haven were trying to subdue a rebel witch, sarafina, the rebel witch was very stubborn and refused to take orders from their new superior.

The witches decided to use the obedience spell on her. The obedience spell when cast on you, makes you obey every command from everybody.

And then there’s a bad side…

The spell could be rectified, so it’s safe to say that the spell lasted for…. Ever😪

What happens when the spell that was meant for Sarafina accidentally hits a pregnant woman?

What will be the fate of the woman and her baby?

Where will they get the antidote for the spell from?

Find out in this romance fantasy from author Mimi

Excerpt from the story.


When I entered the class, I realized, with a little gasp of horror, that lectures had already begun.

About 100+ pairs of eyes turned to look at me when I entered the class.

Blimey! Shoot me already😩

I made to sneak to my seat, hoping the teacher won’t notice my infamous entrance.

“Miss Hermione O’Connell?”
The teacher’s stern voice floated to me.


I turned around to look at her, pasting my most sweetest smile on my face.
Her wrinkled face wrinkled into more Iines.

“You’re two minutes late.” She said it as though it was a question..

Yeah, that’s because I was busy ogling at Jason😆

“I’m sorry ma’am, I got a little carried away by something on my way to class.” I said in my most gentle voice.
I heard a loud snicker, I rolled my eyes.
Dumb classmates!

“That’s no valid excuse Miss O’Connell.” She fumed.

“That’s why I’m sorry.” I said, unperturbed, my smile never leaving my face.

“Did you do your assignment?”

“Yes madam.”

“Show me.”

Geez, did she think I’m lying or something😒
I never joke with my assignment.
I brought it out and showed her, she looked it over and snorted loudly.

“You’re lucky you did your homework, Or else you’d have earned yourself a two hour detention.” She continued as she gave me back my book.

“I’m always lucky ma.” I said cheekily, diluting it with my sweet smile. The teaches teachers stare hardened.

“I hope your luck keep shining on.” She muttered.

“I hope so too.”

“Now hop to your sit!” She said sharply.

Shoot!! Not now!! That’s a fucking command!!

My legs suddenly seemed to have developed a mind of it’s own, I felt this urge, no, not urge, this force, impelling me to hop, hop, hop…

I tried to resist the urge, I felt immense pain on my ankle, pain, I felt like they were cutting my ankle with a thousands sharp saw. A sharp hiss of pain escaped my lips, I immediately stopped fighting the force. I began to hop to my seat, like a grasshopper.
The pain stopped immediately I started hopping.

The whole class erupted in laughter, some banged their fist on the table, laughing hard. I had to laugh, to cover up, I joined them and laughed.
Everyone thinks I’m intentionally doing this, they don’t know the pain I’m undergoing…

I hopped to my seat, immediately i reached my seat, the force let go of me. I slowly lowered my butt on the seat, my fake smile still plastered on my face.

“This is not a joke Miss O’Connell!” The teacher said, banging her fist on the table, trying to dispel the chaos in the classroom.

Yeah, I don’t find it funny too….
You wouldn’t want to miss this story guys…

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